Our club is supporting Produce Good with donation, but also with participating in their activities! End of May and beginning of June some members went picking blueberries to avoid waste.

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad have a small U-Pick Blueberries field. In late March and April, guests of The Flower Fields are invited to pick fresh blueberries from the field’s small blueberry patch to take home and enjoy. Unfortunately with the actual pandemic situation the field wasn't able to open to the public this year. So they contacted Produce Good to salvage the blueberries and they were donated to Kitchens For Good!

Almost every day of the week during a few weeks in May and beginning of June, a little group of volunteers spent 2 hours picking the blueberries. Our member Valentine went once alone on a sunny day, and a couple weeks later other members joined on a less sunny day...

The field is covered with a net to protect the fruits from the birds. Compared to last year without the net, the owner told us that they have 5 times more blueberries available for pick up!
Matching the colors of the blueberries!
Fashion? housekeeping considerations of blueberry stains?
Going around the field with this bags and those 6 boxes to fill up
And putting a little net
Finally organized in bigger box ready for transportation to Kitchens for Good
Mike chose a theme with mask and gloves assorted!
Julie and Amélie physical distancing, just enough to be able to chat while working!
Niels enjoying, like all of us, the perks of picking the fruit, we can taste them!
Mark and Niels
A scary Scarecrow to protect the fruits!
Job well done! Amélie, Valentine, Niels and Julie