Posted on Mar 16, 2015
Oona Barcello talked about the amazing story of biodynamic wine.

Amazing!  The story of Biodynamic Wine.

You think you know a lot about wines?  Think again.  Our sommelier in training Oona Barcello gave us a fascinating look into how these vintners are producing very successful wines! 

The effort and dedication that goes into producing a Biodynamic wine, makes organic wines look like child's play,

The picture above shows some of the tools and elements that go into making a Biodynamic wine.  But this shows just the beginning foundation.  Planting, pruning, harvesting follows a strict regiment that relies on the stars in the sky.

In France, the highest rated wines are produced by estates that follow the intensive bio dynamic regimen.  Want to learn more?  Just attend an ECO Rotary meeting and talk to Oona.