Posted on Feb 05, 2015
Solana Beach ECO Rotarians travel to Ensenada to help with 1000 Smiles Project.

ECO Rotarians arrive in Ensenada! Oona Barcelo and Bret Vonder Reith in front, Andi Kosnar, Lynn Stevens, Dick Stevens and Carl Kosnar in back.

1000 Smiles performs major surgery on children with Cleft Palates.  Rotarians help others with oral hygene.  Here Rotarians are distributing tooth brushes and tooth paste to families.

Families from all over Baja travel to Ensenada to seek help from 1000 Smiles and Rotarians.  Bret Vonder Reith, Master Chef, prepares his famous baloney sandwiches.

Oona Barcelo and Lynn Stevens conduct a lesson in good Oral Hygene.  Children and parents both learn techniques and importance in order to maintain a healthy smile.