by Bill Dean and students
May 19, 2020
SWPPP Internship Program
by Bill Dean and students

Several students will present what they have accomplished. They will each join our zoom meeting and present their findings and solutions. Their parents and  teachers will be welcome to join our meeting.

BCK Programs is focused on providing environmental education to students.  All our programs are designed to have students participate in activities that provide meaningful solutions along with data valuable to schools, cities and hopefully the state. But even more important, these programs help change people’s behavior to make responsible decisions and motivate them to take actions toward improving our environment.
During this meeting you will hear from the next generation of environmental stewards, what they have accomplished at their schools and the passion they bring to making a difference in our world.
Two students from Ocean Knoll will talk about a stormwater problem they identified at their school and how they worked with District Facilities staff to resolve it.
Two 4th grade students from Flora Vista will talk about the Trash Amendment Action Plan they participated in, and the actions they took and the outcomes it produced.


Guests are invited to join this meeting that will be held online. Please RVSP here to receive the meeting link.