Thursday, March 25th, our club was visited by Alamo Elementary Principal Leah Abate and Coach Tim Bailey (K-Kids Advisor / Sponsor).
Kiwanis Club of Baytown is a Partner in Education with Alamo Elementary and Principal Abate listed the many ways the partnership has beneficial - back to School events and monthly snacks for staff; purchasing 200 prs of earphones to be used with Ipads for individual study; providing new bikes for perfect attendance rewards; and awareness ribbons for Red Ribbon week just to name a few.
Coach Bailey discussed K-Kids' activities, responsibilities and goals. One very important responsibility the group of 10 students has is to raise, lower and fold the US flag on a daily basis. It fills our hearts to know citizen pride is being fostered at such a young age.
PIE (Partners in Education) is a program offered through the Baytown Chamber of Commerce. The Kiwanis lead representative for PIE is Harvey Oyler - and we want to thank him for his outstanding work in keeping us connected with the students at Alamo Elementary.
Shown L to R: Coach Tim Bailey, Kiwanian Harvey Oyler and Principal Leah Abate