Dynamic Learners, Inc., represented by co-founder Dr. Joan Ickes and Board Director Karen Coffey, visited our club today to discuss the widespread presence of functional illiteracy in our community, our state, our nation!
Dr. Ickes noted that, "Illiteracy is defined as one's inability to read or perform math above a 5th grade level." Dynamic Learners, Inc. is an after-school resource that addresses many factors, including dyslexia and language barriers, that can contribute to functional illiteracy. Board Director Karen Coffey added that the program works cohesively with each school district so as to be a partner in the students' education, not a replacement.
Dynamic Learners, Inc. offers scholarships to qualified students, and accepts donations to those scholarships as well. For more program or donation information, they can be found at www.learnerdynamics.com.