Appleton-Fox Cities Loss to 3-2-1 Club Tempered by Service-Oriented Interclub

Posted by Anthony Snyder
After a decade of wins by the Appleton-Fox Cities Kiwanis in the annual Kiwanis Trivia Night, the 2017 team feel to defeat to the Appleton 3-2-1 Club.  In a show of good sportsmanship, Appleton-Fox Cities members volunteered at the 3-2-1 Club's electronic recycling event on May 13th at Festival on Northland Avenue.
Fox Cities President Anthony Snyder said, "If only we had used the 1980s edition of Trivia Pursuit instead of that blue box ancient original version. I mean, I went to a public school. I'm not sure they taught history."
The stinging loss by 1 point was tempered by the awesome Interclub event where Fox Cities handed over the engraved Kiwanis prize to the victorious 3-2-1 group.  Members enjoyed a glorious sunny day and a chance to help send hundreds of pounds of electronic items into the recycling stream vs. the landfill.
The annual Kiwanis trivia night has been an ongoing event between Appleton-Fox Cities Kiwanis, the Appleton 3-2-1 Club, the Neenah-Menasha Roundtable and the Golden K. Typically held in March, the event highlights good sportsmanship, a good time and only some slight cheating.