Part of Kiwanis is to recognize our members for their dedication to our community. Here are some of our award winnners:

Past Kiwanis Award Winners

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George F. Hixson Fellowship Award is a Kiwanis International award presented to a Kiwanian that during the year has gone above and beyond what is expected. Past Hixson award winners are:

2017 Sherm Jansen
2016 Dawn Malcolm
2016 Sarah Long-Radloff
2015 John Polansky
2014 Chris Church
2013 Tom Suttner
2012 Sara Schnell
2011 Mary Ann Wepfer
2010 Bill Unke
2009 Linda Breitzman
2009 Jay Stephany
2007 John Day
2007 Dawn Sonnenberg
2005 Terry Bergman
2005 John Burgland
2004 Rex Myers
2004 Dan Hohnberger
2003 William Rounds
2002 Ron Steindorf
2002 Keith Zentner
2001 Thomas Wilson
2001 Richard Buran
2001 Jeffrey Walters
2001 Jean Long-Manteufel
2001 Gregory Bell
2001 George Kettleson
2001 David Ahrens
2000 Tony Simon
2000 Ronald Hoffman
2000 Paul Shrode
2000 Leland Ester
1999 Mary Jane Heid-Verkuilen
1999 Kenneth Jahnke
1999 Kenneth (Tim) DuVall
1998 Virginia Hardt
1998 Richard Adams
1997 Thomas Rigden
1997 Marvin Hollfelder
1996 James Pierce
1986 Kenneth (Tim) DuVall
The Walter Zeller Fellowship Award is a Kiwanis International award that is a very special opportunity designed exclusively for The Eliminate Project to honor those who shared Walter Zeller's commitment to service.  Past Walter Zeller Fellowship award winners are:

2015 Paul Shrode
2015 Jay Stephany
2014 Paul Shrode
2013 John Polansky

The Case Van Kleef Fellowship Award is a WI/Upper Michigan District award presented to an outstanding Kiwanian of our club. Past Case Van Kleef award winners are:

2017 John Day
2017 Paul Shrode
2012 Jean Long Manteufel
2008 Jean Long Manteufel
2005 James Pierce
2005 Kenneth (Tim) DuVall

The Tim DuVall Kiwanian of the Year award is presented to a member of the club who has demonstrated outstanding service to the club and to the community within the Kiwanis year.  Past Kiwanians of the year include:

2017 Rosemarie Dick
2016 Paul Shrode
2015 Harriet Redman
2014 Dawn Malcom
2013 Renee Waterman
2012 John Polansky
2011 Laurie Lewis, Kathy Keshemberg
2010 Mary Ann Wepfer
2009 Kurt Eggebrecht
2008 James Pierce
2007 Jay Stephany
2006 Marv Hollfelder
2005 Linda Breitzman
2004 Jean Long Manteufel
2002 Tom Suttner
2000 Stuart Belden and Pat Bieser
1998 Tom Hennessy
1997 Ron Steindorf
1996 Tom Hennessy
1995 Paul Shrode and Dan Hohnberger
1992 Ken Jahnke
1991 Dennis Quinlan
1985 Tom Rigden
1984 Dick Adams
1982 Jeff Walters

The Ruby K Award is awarded to Kiwanians that in their Kiwanis career recruit five or more new members. Multiple Ruby K Awards can be earned as a Kiwanian recruits new members.
Dan Hohnberger
Dawn Sonnenberg (2)
Gayle Hardt
James Pierce
Jean Long Manteufel (3)
Kenneth (Tim) DuVall (4)
Ruth Ann Heeter
Thomas Rigden
Mary Ann Wepfer
Annie Koleske
Linda Breitzman (2)