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Bulletin 1223 - 13 Dec 2021
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Meeting Report

Following an hour of fellowship, President Doug started the proceedings at 6:30 PM by reading the Land Acknowledgement Statement, which was followed by the members all singing O Canada. Invited guests – councillor Kevin Klein and wife Heather, DG Dan Sutton and wife Peggy as well as Carol Vandale and Roger Murray, representing MLA Myrna Driedger and husband Hal (who were unable to attend) - were welcomed by President Doug.

Mentioning that for 2020’s Christmas we all met via Zoom while enjoying meals delivered from Breezy Bend’s kitchen, President Doug observed how wonderful it was to have this Christmas dinner party in person while conforming to the provincial COVID19 mandates. (Charleswood Rotary Club meetings were on Zoom between Christmas in 2020 Christmas and about mid-September of 2021.)

The club’s activities in the past year were summarized as information for spouses and guests:

  • Funding the Westgrove School Breakfast Program (as well as footwear for students)
  • Donating socks to the Fit Feet on the Street program of Canadian Footwear.
  • Providing Post Secondary Scholarships to the three area High Schools,
  • Funding youth to attend RYLA - (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly) and MUNA - (Model United Nations Assembly) both of which are virtual events during the Covid pandemic.
  • Manning a full schedule of the Salvation Army Kettle at the Charleswood Liquor Mart (In 2020, we provided financial assistance only.).
  • Supporting STARS Air Ambulance in Manitoba.
  • Supporting international programs such as Polio Plus (eradicating Polio around the world) and Shelter Box (providing temporary shelter and living essentials required in disaster areas).
  • Funding support for the District 5550 Ripple Effect Program that renovates and builds new schools, as well as providing water, sanitation and teachers to schools in remote areas in Guatemala.
  • Funding 1000 Survival Gardens, in remote South Africa by providing a simple and easy way to transport water long distances as well as gardening supplies to make it easier for a family and community to be self sustaining.
  • Funding the purchase of 5 efficient cooking stove installations through Stove Team International to eliminate the toxic smoke from the indoor open flames typically used to prepare food in rural Central America.
  • Planning the Enhancement of the Assiniboine Forest using the resources of the Rotary Club of Charleswood Charitable Foundation (RCCCF, chaired by Jack Wilson) and donors like the City of Winnipeg and numerous individuals.

Club Financing – has relied on the annual Lobster Fest held at the Eric Coy Arena. It was cancelled in 2020 (due to COVID concerns), but this year, under the guidance of Jim Forestell and his committee, a very successful Drive-Through Lobster Fest was held at the Varsity View Community Centre in the fall. Personal donations as well as member-solicited business donations, have put the club in an acceptable financial position for 2022!


DG Dan began his brief message by presenting a certificate from The Rotary Foundation for the club’s donations to Polio Plus.

He commended the club for working towards the elimination of poverty in our area. The district, consisting of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and NW Ontario, has the three worst poverty rates in Canada. Poverty can be seen everywhere, not just among adults but with children as well. Another goal of the Rotary District 5550 is the environment and our club’s involvement with the Assiniboine Forest falls within that area. He congratulated the club for the service it provides to the youth in the community.


“We pause to consider all we have to be grateful for:

  • For the wonders of the natural world and the beauty of each season in turn.
  • For the resources of this world, to be valued and used wisely.
  • For the people around the globe with whom we share a common humanity and desire for a better, more peaceful world.
  • For the connection with family and friends who nurture and support us each day, especially those gathered with us today.
  • For the food we are about to share and for all who brought it to us.
  • For the future and all the opportunities that are before us.

We acknowledge all these things today with appreciation and gratitude.


After the meal, Jack and Murr organized each table of diners in three different contests – the first one being a Word Search game, another was a Word Jumble game and the third was to find a word related to Christmas or Hanukkah for each letter of the alphabet. A bit of brain exercise! Winners of each contest were rewarded with treats.

This in turn was followed by a visit from a jolly Santa Claus who greeted every table with a hearty “Merry Christmas” and presented everyone with a candy cane.


Chuck Crocker thanked members for bringing 284 pairs of socks (to donate to the Fit Feet on the Street program organized by Canadian Footwear) and for food donations to the Westgrove School Breakfast program provided before the Xmas party.

  • 50 boxes of cereal
  • 1 case (20) fruit cups
  • 1 case (34) granola bars
  • 3 boxes (6) granola bars
  • 4 boxes Ritz Crackers
  • 2 1L apple juice
  • 2 Ramen noodles
  • 2 cream of wheat cereal
  • 1 box oatmeal cookies
  • 2 jars WOW Butter
  • 4 jars Strawberry jam
  • 1 jar Cheez Whiz
  • 4 Toques (not food but I’m sure they can use them!)
  • Cash donations totaling $150

Items donated by members as of Dec 13th – the club will be purchasing and delivering more food items in the new year.


After the meal, President Doug thanked all the individuals that made this evening’s Christmas party a success:

  • The Breezy Bend management and staff
  • The club’s Christmas Party Planning Committee, (Jack, Mike, Iain, Lorraine, PDG Nancy and Doug)
  • Rod & Dory for setting up and running the photo area
  • Dave and Nancy Morris for their donation of the wine for each table
  • Everyone who came and made this dinner a success.
Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Schedule
18 DecChuckGlennKevin KEd To
Please contact Ed Toews if you can fill one of the vacant time slots.
Sarges Corner

To begin with, Sarge Mike asked one person seated at each table to introduce the guests at his or her table. After this had been done, Sarge Mike announced that all the Happy Bucks were FREE tonight.


  • PDG Ed was very happy because this week the Rotary Club of Charleswood Charitable Foundation (RCCCF) has had $8000 donated towards the Assiniboine Forest Enhancement program and then yesterday a cheque with another $8000 donation arrived.
  • President Doug informed members that a sizeable contribution ($150,000) to the Forest has also come from the City of Winnipeg, thanks to the guidance of Councillor Klein.
  • PDG Jim was pleased to inform the gathering that this Sunday, he and Lorraine will be celebrating their 57th year of marriage.
  • Muriel Sutherland had two “happy bucks” – one for having won the club’s Chase the Ace lottery of $2500 and the second one for having given $1500 back to the club.
  • Chuck was delighted to be able to hear his granddaughter and the Winnipeg Youth Chorus sing in a Christmas concert this year. (Last year’s concert had to be cancelled due to COVID.)
  • John was pleased with the results of the Grey Cup game played in Hamilton the previous day – “Guess who won!”
  • Iain was happy about his birthday, but refused to be regaled with a group Happy Birthday song.
  • Darvin reported that his grandson was at Portage and Main on Sunday after the Grey Cup game, celebrating along with many other fans, and had his picture in the Free Press.
  • President Doug informed us that his 30 year old son and his daughter’s almost one year old granddaughter will both be celebrating their birthdays on December 16th and they will all be getting together for cake and presents.
  • Cathy proudly advised us that her granddaughter is also in a choir - in her daycare (2-3 year olds) and their concert was virtual – and so adorable!
  • Darvin was happy to report that Sunday was a great day for sports (making reference to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers winning the Grey Cup). What made it even greater for Darvin was that he had a curling game on Sunday (his team doesn’t win very often), and this time his team won by a score of 14 to 2.
  • Al was delighted to report that he and wife Pat recently came back from Alberta where they had a fun visit with their youngest daughter and her 20 month old son (who wishes he were 2 years old!).
  • Kristy was pleased to have celebrated her son’s 16th birthday on Friday with the family (unlike last year). Kristy’s birthday is coming up soon as well (December 19th - but she rejected a Happy Birthday song, too). She is planning to surprise her husband with a trip to Vancouver to visit friends for his January 7th birthday.

50-50 DRAW

In keeping with the spirit of the season, the person with the lucky ticket number (drawn by Councillor Kevin Klein) did not need to find the lucky blue marble in the bag of marbles and was the recipient of the entire pot of cash, not 50%. The winner of this generous draw was Kristy. Congratulations!


Our next club meeting will take place on Monday, January 10th, 2022.

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