RC of Winnipeg-Charleswood Supporting Youth in D5550
The Rotary Club of Winnipeg-Charleswood has joined with Urban Stable and Westgrove School to provide funding for a unique program that aims to help students who are struggling with social, emotional, behavioural, or learning difficulties to attend a life-changing equine experiential learning pilot program this fall at Urban Stable.
The Urban Stable equine facilitated learning program engages with at risk youth to empower them on a long-term journey of emotional and social skill development.
Horses offer a unique form of experiential learning as students develop mutual trust and respect through consistency, empathy, genuineness, clear communication and leadership. The program’s main focus is the development of critical life skills, which are naturally facilitated through the student’s participation and learning process together with the student’s ability to connect to their horse and their peers.
“Urban Stable is thrilled to be collaborating on this pilot program together with RC of Wpg-Charleswood and Westgrove School for grades 4 / 5. Having the larger group of students in one program is somewhat new to us at Urban Stable and we are excited that we have been able to explore this opportunity together to reach more students that are struggling in school. 
When the students first attended the pilot program, they were very excited and nervous, being unsure of the horses. Since that first class, we have seen the students grow in their confidence, build teamwork and problem-solving skills, develop self-awareness of their energy, and are able to control and self-regulate their behaviours and energy levels. The students have been brave to step outside their comfort zones to try new things with the horses and are finding out they can do hard things and be successful. The joy and sense of accomplishment we can see in their eyes at the end of class is a wonder to behold.  
We have completed our third week of this pilot program and we have had 100% student attendance and engagement which sometimes can be a struggle in the younger students. We will be conducting a survey at the end of the pilot project asking for student, school, and volunteer feedback.”         
 Hayley Edwards,    Acting Executive Director, Urban Stable
*Photos of Westgrove School students with Haley Edwards and staff from Urban Stable during one of their sessions with the wonderful horses of the facility. RC of Wpg-Charleswood members Chuck Crocker, Jack Wilson and Doug McKenzie.