Happy Bucks
  • David S. was happy that the Berlin police successfully recovered his daughter Katie's wallet, which had been stolen. She got her passport and cards back, and the only loss was about 100 euros.
  • Chuck was happy that Lobsterfest went well. He dropped the leftover food at Siloam this morning and they were happy to have it. Also, Westgrove won't be needing any more newspaper donations until September.
  • Iain is looking forward to driving to Rochester Wednesday morning to see his daughter Hannah graduate from Residency. 
  • Jim was happy for the Lobsterfest support, and is glad it's over.
  • Lloyd was pleased with the COACH presentation of $1,000 from our club.
  • Ed Thompson had two happy bucks. He golfed with his grandchildren on Father's Day, and he was happy to see Jim Jr. again.
  • Rod had $5 to offer as he has now edited 1,000 bulletins. His first, #324 was on June 21, 1999, and he just produced #1,324. Twenty five years. Rod recounted articles from that first bulletin like how Lobsterfest that year had to be re-scheduled when the lobster spoiled enroute, and he recited a cowboy poem that he wrote about the cowboy poet who visited the club. 
Birthdays - Jim Forestell Jr. is having a birthday on Thursday. And we sang.

LLoyd's raffle ticket was drawn, but not the blue marble. 

Next week is the changeover meeting. Please invite as many as possible to be part of the meeting. We look forward to the coming year under Cathy’s leadership.

Before we go…

Piece of string walks into a bar. Bartender asks “Are you 18? Piece of string settles on a stool and gives itself a shake and looks the bartender straight in the eye. Nope I’m a Frayed knot