Posted by Glenn Campbell on Jun 10, 2024

President Iain Scott thanked Anya for ringing the bell, read the Land Acknowledgement and we all sang O'Canada.

President Iain asked Jim Forestell to provide a Lobsterfest update. Jim was pleased to advise that despite early signs of slower sales, we came very close to the total meals from last year. We actually sold more lobster tickets and fewer chicken meals. Thanks to all for the hard work.

Chair Announcements

On his weekend in London, Iain had the opportunity to meet a friend of the family who is heavily involved in Rotary in a small village in England. His club provides support to a school in Ghana along with local community projects such as cleaning up the primary school gardens and support for the homeless.

Like other Rotary clubs he saw that membership is an important topic to continue providing the support that Rotary does. Iain explained some of the projects we are involved in and he welcomed the sharing of ideas. The friend is now the proud owner of a couple of Forest bags which he will take back to his club.

On social media you find most of the Rotary clubs that exist. Iain has followed over 100 of them and would encourage all of us to like their pages as that way you get an insight into what is working with other clubs.


This Friday heralds our most important fundraiser — Lobsterfest. The weather looks great and ticket sales have been brisk.

Iain dropped off a poster at ADM storage and DiNardis.

Please check your times for volunteering and bring sunscreen and a hat as it will be warm.


While away, Iain received a call from a resident of 95 Paget. If you remember last year Iain picked up a bunch of leftovers from their garage sale. Well this year they called to say they had 35 boxes of household goods and wanted to donate it to the Ukrainians. They were going to go to the website and register and requires a pickup.

Nancy Hansen reminds us that Crea8ery in the exchange across the road from Canadian Footwear is looking for reusable bags. They will use them for pottery items etc that are too heavy for a paper bag. Nancy kindly donated their reusable bags which Iain will deliver to Crea8ery tomorrow. He also bought 20 at 33 cents each from Walmart which were dropped off today.

Mandy provided an update on the Bridge of Hope project.

Club Finances - Dave Morris

Dave announced that the Board has agreed to maintain the club fees ($240) for the upcoming Rotary year. Our finances are sound. The satellite club works slightly differently. Nancy Hansen, President will handle the collection of fees from the that club.

"Public speaking is a useful tool. Some people go through their whole life without that experience. Some make a determined effort by joining Toastmasters… I came by it naturally… I once worked at a bicycle factory and soon thereafter they made me a spokesperson."