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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 5:30 PM
Elite Financial Management
5420 LBJ Freeway
Suite 275
Dallas, TX  75240
United States
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District 5810 E-Club Welcome

 Club President: Linda Elliott
   Club Treasurer: Cory Walden
   Club Secretary: John Hendry
The Rotary E-Club of North Texas is the home club of Rotary District 5810's District Governor Bill Dendy. We are a hybrid club that meets live at Elite Financial Management at 5420 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75240, located at Lincoln Centre II, or you can join us digitally every Tuesday at 5:30 via Rotary.Webex.com. To log in via webex.com, simply enter your username and email address, follow instructions to download the Webex application to your computer or device, and then you are in. Our club has a variety of wonderful speakers every Tuesday for serving, mentoring, or educational purposes. We cannot think of a better way to get involved in your community than to join a Rotary Club.
E-Club Stories, News & Events
Rotary of North Texas is growing with it's vibrant economy, and along with the area so is Rotary of North Texas. In this video, our very own club member and District Governor Bill Dendy shares why this district is one of the best for any new member to the community. On behalf of the District Governor, we would like to welcome you to Rotary of North Texas.

On Tuesday, June 21st, we celebrated incoming officers with a Private Celebration at the Dendy Residence. Take a look at some of the pictures for the evening as we welcome a year to remember.

In this discussion of The Rotary E-Club of District 5810, we speak with Award Winning Graphic Designer Murry Whiteman as he tells us about his journey with graphics, art, and Hollywood. From Star Wars to Conan the Barbarian, you don't want to miss this discussion filled with Jewels.

Do you rely on social media to bring awareness to your business, or as a source of leads? In this discussion of The Rotary E-Club of District 5810, speaker and specialist Gary Kissel discusses strategies with LinkedIn to network yourself professionally. 
Join us online on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm CT via Rotary.WebEx.com, or at Elite Financial Management at the Lincoln Centre in Dallas .To log in via webex, go to Rotary.Webex.Com, click "join," enter your name and email, and you are in!

In this discussion of The Rotary E-Club of District 5810, we speak with PDG Pete Snider (2202-2003) as he discusses the impact The Rotary Foundation had upon his life and Rotary. 
Join us online on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm CT via Rotary.WebEx.com, or at Elite Financial Management at the Lincoln Centre in Dallas .To log in via webex, go to Rotary.Webex.Com, click "join," enter your name and email, and you are in!

On January 24th, all incoming President Elects for District 5810 were invited to Dinner with the District Governor Elect Bill Dendy. After horderves and dinner, District Governor Elect Bill Dendy spoke about the initiatives for this year, global grants, public relations, and every club getting a media presentation that will help them recruit new Rotarians. Below are pictures from this years event! This years theme "Rotary Serving Humanity."

Does presenting your service or product make your business? Then don't miss Presentainer Dave VanHoose of Speaking Empire as he gives the advice that has made Billions of profit dollars for companies and presenters around the world. 

We were delighted to hear International President Ravi Ravindran speak to District 5810 this year at The Sheraton Hotel, hosted by The Rotary Club of Dallas. If you missed this event, click "Play" and watch his presentation below.

The Rotary E-Club of District 5810 had a blast at The Texas Discovery Gardens this year where participating clubs and Rotarians help give 15 special needs kids with Child Protective Services a pleasant surprise. Santa Claus showed up to deliver gifts and a special day was made. Thanks to Chick-Fil-A for delivering the food, Rotarians, Child Protective Services, and all sponsors who made this event possible. Watch this video and recap the highlights to this years event.


Dear Rotarians & Friends,

It is with pleasure that we welcome you to the Rotary E-Club of Dallas. Our Club started as the North Dallas Rotary Evening Club, otherwise known as the "Happy Hour" Club. We meet every Tuesday evening from 5:30-6:30 PM at Elite Financial Management located inside the Lincoln Towers across from the Galleria. Rotary is a global network of business leaders and professionals who place service to others above service to self. This year our focus is "Be a Gift to the World. As an E-Club we are a hybrid group with members joining us from around the world... and it's easy..... We meet every Tuesday at Elite Financial Management or online via webex.com. To join us, simply go to Rotary.Webex.com , click 'Join,' enter your name and email address and you are in. If you have any question how to log-in and join us,  don't hesistate to call Chris at 817-948-7409 or Club President Rick Shaw at 214-668-7709. We look forward to you joining us at Elite Financial Management or Webex.com.







Attend Rotary Meetings in REAL TIME or Make Up On Line      

Join us online live Tuesday evenings from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM CST using WebEx.   It's easy and it's free!

We have been streamlining the process to sign in and view our meetings.
There is a new url to use that is much easier to remember and there is no longer a need for a password.

Just go to http://rotary.webex.com then add your name and email address and you are in. When registering for the meeting, please add your Rotary Club in the field for Company Name. 

To  view our meetings as a makeup, click the MEETING MAKE-UP link on the left of the HOME screen; there, you will be directed to our DONATE page and then lead to our VIDEO LIST. 

Once, you have completed the ENTIRE video, please print off the Confirmation page and have it signed by someone from our Club. If you are not in the area, please email one of the club members and they will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,

The Rotary E-Club of District 5810




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