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August 5th was another wonderful meeting!
Check it out...
Vice President of Program, Roger Davis, greets our speaker Ambassador Frank Baxter and his guest, Robert Landis! Ambassador Baxter gave us the run down on Public Education!
Melissa Dagodag presented a Community & Youth Grant to Linda Jackson of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera. Linda sang her "thank you" to us and received a standing ovation!
Past President, Judy Neveau, was delighted to meet one of our newest members, Scott Gaynor!


Greg Hargrave exchanged club banners with  Arjan J Groot Baltink who brought a banner from the Rotary Club of Dalian, China!







Suzan Allbritton and Jillian Alexander were among the July & August birthday group!




Treasurer, Jay Smith and Vice President of Programs, Roger Davis were also admitting to another birthday!




Ann Greenspun & Carol Powell were also in the birthday group, treasuring their chocolate gifts!

Thank you, greeters!!

Kathy Shepard and Nora Bohn did a fabulous job as our Pat Bofird can attest!



On July 29th we had a full and interesting meeting! Our speaker was from St. John's Hospital, we gave an award to a Firefighter, and we had lots of wonderful guests! Check it out...
Marcel Loh, President and CEO of Providence St. John's Hospital, gave a comprehensive talk about health care, and how St. John's is meeting new challenges!
Leprechaun of the Month: President Connie is recognizing Rotarians who go the extra mile, and this time the award goes to Bill Powell! Thank you Bill, for encouraging others to take on assignments and tasks for the club!
President Connie also recognized Iao Katagiri, our resident angel behind the scenes! (She should get an award every day!) Iao made sure the activity update slideshow went on and table signs were made even while she was away for a couple weeks on vacation!

We have such wonderful, smiling faces at our meetings...


LA5's JT Warring joined us with Myo Min Tun, who is a part of Rotary International's clean water project in Myanmar!



Timur Berberoglu, President Connie Maguire, Andrew Lustig, and Larry Mortorff...Larry brought Andrew as his guest. Looks like he had fun!



David Rosenfeld, Tammy Andrews, Roger Davis, and Roger's guest Fred Hamberg!




We are always so glad to see Bob Klein, and even more excited to see his lovely wife JoAnn!




And they brought former Rotarian John Miller to lunch as well! When you coming back to us, John??


Public Service Recognition!!

On the day of our public service awards, the fire department's honoree, Captain Rob Erdmann, was responding to an emergency call.  Joe Metoyer, Donna Byrd, and Julie Thomas presented Rob with his award, along with Battalion Chief Frank Evaro and Fire Chief Bill Watkins.



July 22nd was an exciting day! We had a fun Champagne reception before the meeting, and Jeanie Buss, the President of the LA Lakers, was our speaker, and we had a lot of fun guests! Check it out...
Jeanie Buss and President Connie go way back!
What a wonderful experience to have Connie interview Jeanie about her life and the Lakers!
President Connie exchanged flags with Exchange Students Valentina Rossi and Cameron Robson!

Champagne Reception! Check out who showed to celebrate before the luncheon...


Tom Woods, Matt Williams, and Kathy Shepard





Larry Mortorff, Palle Jensen, John Dravillas, and John's guests James Valerio and Harry Wong






Honorary member Patricia Farris, Len Lanzi, and Past President Jack Gregory



More champagne smiles!


Roger Davis, Ken Waltzer, President-ElectTom Larmore, Kai-Li Quigley & her host Hal Quigley, and Suzan Allbritton




Deborah Williams, Carol Powell, Hal Quigley, Bill Powell, and Adam Lichtl




Melissa Berberoglu decided she should definitely attend more meetings with Timur!

What sweet ladies...

RoseMary Regalbuto, Susan Gabriel Potter and Diane Margolin



July 15th was an incredible day! Our speaker, Dydine Umayang, was a Rwandan Genocide Survivor, so our program was very powerful. Also, Past President Tom Loo gave out the rest of the Dethroning awards, and we gave money to two non-profit organizations! Check it out...
Rwandan Genocide Survivor, Dydine Umayang, spoke bravely and brilliantly about her experience in genocide. She was but a small child of 3 or 4 years old when she was separated from her family. She ended up in a line to be killed, but was miraculously saved and managed to survive through to tell her tale today.  
Melissa Dagodag presented a check from our Rotary Community & Youth Grants Committee to Jonathan Bijur of the reDiscover Center!
And from the same committee, Gita Runkle presented a check to Ashley Powell of Vista del Mar Family Services.



One of our newest members, Kurtis Magee, handled our Guest Introductions for the day! Way to jump right in, Kurtis!







Carol Jackson, doing her best Stevie Wonder impression, was wonderful enough to provide us with piano accompaniment for the day!







Our President-Elect is one of our favorite song leaders! Thank you Tom, for always entertaining us and honoring us with your voice.




More awards! Past President/Past Emperor Tom Loo passed out the Dethroning awards to those who were unable to make it to the event! 











Drew Fleming won the Herb Spurgin award! He wasn't able to attend the Dethroning, but we wouldn't have been able to recognize him anyway, with his newly grown facial hair.

Sharon Perlmutter Gavin had been on vacation, but came home to receive a President's Award!
Stan Fox won the Austin Jennings Award! Go Stan!
Timur Berberoglu also received a President's Award for his energetic production of several activities for members last year.  We should all get awards for finally being able to spell his name correctly!


Dydine said something quite lovely when talking about race...she said, "A garden is beautiful with multiple colors, not just one."

May each human being remember to appreciate all the colors in our gardens.



On June 28th, Rotary got called to quickly donate to Upward Bound House and these amazing Rotarian women took on the project! Check it out...
Suzan Allbritton rallied the gals and stands here in front of the newly furnished kitchen.
Carol Powell and Donna Byrd came to the call and sit here on one of the newly furnished beds.
What great lamps!
And shower curtain and towels for the bathroom...
And super cute place settings!
Rotary is so happy to be able to donate these furnishings to the family moving in! On to the next helpful project!

June 10th was a day for honoring a lot of amazing people! We gave out awards to our public servants, gave money to a non-profit, and posthumously honored a former Rotary president with the Four Way Test Award! Check it out...
Eric Ruhman and Elza Ruhman accept the Four Way Test Award from Mr. Santa Monica/Past President Nat Trives, in honor of Lionel Ruhman, Eric's dad and Elza's husband. Diane Margolin had some wonderful memories of Lionel to share.
Mitch Kraus presented a check to the Surf Bus Foundation, accepted by Allie Reynolds and Marion Clark!
Santa Monica Mayor Tony Vasquez was delighted to join in the Rotary salute to public service employees! Irene Gonzalez-Castillo introduced the educator of the year, Lori Orum.




Sergeant Mike Braaten (right) was the honored Police Officer of the year. Deputy Chief Al Venegas and Rotarian Joe Metoyer join him.




Lori Orum, principal of Edison Language Academy, was honored as educator of the year.  She is joined here by Rotarian Donna Byrd, school board member Dr. Maria Leon-Vazquez, Irene Gonzalez-Castillo, Dennis Hernandez, school board president Laurie Lieberman, Mayor Tony Vazquez, and Rotarian Joe Metoyer!



Santa Monica Big Blue Bus nominated Jabryan Donald as the transit employee of the year. Pictured here is Tim McCormick (last year's honoree), Latisha Donald, Jabryan Donald, Getty Modica, and Jimm Famolare!





Rotarian Ann Greenspun welcomed back Rosemary Smith, widow of our beloved former member, Clyde Smith!

Rotarians Nora Straight Bohn and David Rosenfeld welcome back our former member LaVonne Lawson! It was so great to have her there again!
Past President Judy Neveau's guest was the new chief of Santa Monica College's police department, Johnnie Adams!
We love seeing former member Alonzo Hill at a meeting!
Same goes for Past President and now Honorary Member John Lehne, and his lovely wife Kay!


And for something completely different...

The incoming and outgoing boards, along with the past presidents, met at the Emperor's home for one last meeting of the year. Check out the sweet jackets that Tom got his board for all their hard work this year...what a nice guy!

Past President George Collins, Emperor Tom Loo, VP Larry Mortorff, Treasurer Glenn Ricard, Director Susan Annett, Director Roger Davis, Incoming President Connie Maguire, Director Barb Bishop, & Director David Rosenfeld

Thank you to Emperor Tom Loo for working so hard this year, and spoiling all your board members!!



June 3rd was a wonderful day! We had the amazing Keith Erickson as our speaker, we gave away a grant and a scholarship, and more! Check it out...
Steve Taub (a member of Beverly Hills Rotary but who calls our club his second home) was able to invite our gracious speaker, Keith Erickson! They pose here with our Emperor and President, Tom Loo.
Vice President Sharon Perlmutter Gavin presented a check for $2500 to Molly Maher from the Westside Family Health Center!
Duniya Syed accepted a scholarship award from Susan Annett! Tom Larmore & Ken Kutcher pose on the left and right, as their company sponsored the scholarship through their company, Harding, Larmore, Kutcher & Kozal, LLP!




Past President Nat Trives was fined because he's been fitted by Hugo Boss for his role at the Chamber of Commerce Dinner on June 15th where our members Iao Katagiri and Dee Menzies will be honored!





And since Nat claimed he only did it because Chamber President Laurel Rosen asked him to, our Emperor Tom Loo fined her as well!





Visiting from Redding, CA were  Rotarian Tiger and Susie Michiels!

And Lisa Alexander brought a prospective member, Ariane Grogny!


And Nora is ecstatic to be newly married! She is now a Bohn! :)



On May 29th, Rotary went to the races!
It was a wild rush!
Thank you to Steve Taub who made it possible to have such a fun Santa Anita experience! He invited Lafitte Pincay, Jr to speak to us. Lafitte is the second-most winningest jockey in history! 
Thank you also to Emperor Tom Loo and Event Chair Timur Berberoglu, who were instrumental in creating this fantastic day! Thank you for all your hard work, gentlemen!


Susan Annett, Marilyn Leoni, and Pat Bofird look happy and relaxed...





As does the lovely RoseMary Regalbuto...





But not as happy as Jolly and Patty Gissell, who have smiles on their winning faces!





Roger and Joy Davis are also wearing their winning smiles...they bet and won on the very first race!




Greg & Terry Hargrave had a fun time on the stable tour before the races started...





And so did Monty McCormick!




Linnekens Family selfie time!





Pat & George Collins and Paul & Marilyn Leoni had a blast! (Both Pat Collins and Andrea Gressinger have injuries, but that wasn't going to stop them from attending this fun day!




David Rosenfeld had to be enjoying himself with such a beautiful woman on his arm!




Drew Flemming enjoyed the yummy lunch buffet!

The Rotary section was right at the head of the home stretch! What a view...

Thanks to Iao Katagiri for all the amazing pictures from this day!


A special highlight...

The third race of the day was dedicated to the Rotary Club of Santa Monica! Tom and Timur were invited to the Winner's Circle!



There is nothing better than giving money to kids for their college educations!!
May 20th was Scholarship Day! It brought much excitement, and a big crowd of wonderful people!
Here are all our scholarship reciepients and their families! We gave away over $10,000 to these exceptional students!
Past scholarship recipient Daniel Kolko came back to express his gratitude for the support from Rotary that has helped open the door to educational achievement for him at USC!
Guest introducer Deborah Williams exchanged club banners with Keith Muras from the Risborough club in England!



Past President Dee Menzies (who was our first woman president!) will be honored with the Bob Gabriel Community Service Award at the Chamber of Commerce Dinner on June 15! Way to go, Dee!!



And poor Stan Fox was fined AGAIN for allowing Mimi (a homeless woman who is now a movie star) to call his laundromat home for many years!







Melissa Dagodag brought Ronnie Roy! (Yes, Len, we see your cute face back there!)




Nick Goehner brought Joshua Mabie!




And Kurtis Magee was back for the second week! His host Bret Carter wasn't around, so Mitchell Kraus generously stepped in to introduce him!

We are so proud of our scholarship recipients! But not as proud as their families! :)

Recipient Maurice Wilkes with his beautiful family!


Recipient Alex Spanos with his dad George! (Alex was Founding President of our SaMoHi Interact Club!)


Recipient Zain Delawalla and his lovely family!


And thank you to Susan Annett and David Snow for putting this amazing day together!!

Susan Annett and David Snow with Citizenship Awardees Celeste Delgadillo, Siri Storstein-Norgaard, and Golden Gonzales-Palmer!

Susan Annett with recipient Carlos Bustos!




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