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If you can read this…..Then a teacher had a positive influence in your life

How did a DG, a PDG, and a Zone Coordinator almost become trapped in an underground parking lot?  It all started the week before when I received a phone call from PRIP Wilf Wilkinson asking me if I would be interested in participating in a meeting with Prime Minister Harper and Bill Gates?  Would I?  That was a rhetorical question.  But, could I round up some of our district 7040 leaders and some of the Ottawa area presidents very quickly because everyone had to be cleared and personally invited by the Prime Minister’s office?  Within two days the list was prepared and by 9:30 am Friday, February 20 everyone had received a personalized invitation for Wednesday the 25th.
At 10:30 that Friday I got a message about whether I would be able to get some Ottawa Rotarians together for a 110th Rotary Anniversary celebration on Parliament Hill hosted by MP Brad Butt (Mississauga-Streetsville).  Again, the messages went out, and replies started coming back.  This time the administrative assistant for the Rotary Club of Ottawa, Margot Nicholls, helped in coordination.  I thought that I ought to let Wilf and Bob Scott know, just in case they were able to attend.  I got a phone call from Lynda Ryder, Zone 24E coordinator. I explained that the list for Wednesday was full, but would she be interested in Monday, and the answer was yes.
I Googled the street view of the building where the meeting was going to be and noticed there was underground parking.  When we got there, we could not see any public parking signs and thought the door would not open automatically, but lo and behold, the DG Rotary mobile must have influenced the sensors and we got in.  We had a short discussion about whether we really should be there but felt it was a great parking spot.  As we were going up though, every door locked behind us.  We came up behind the building security area and had numerous questions about how we got there and why we were there.  All was explained; security check was done; and a temporary pass issued.
We had a great lunch.  I was so proud of the 35 Rotarians from almost every Ottawa club who showed up.  Tom Wilkinson, PDG from 7820 and Wilf’s brother was there, as was a Youth Exchange student from D7820.  There were a few speeches.  Wilf presented one of his ties to Brad Butt who told us that he would wear it the following day when he got up in Parliament to talk about Rotary’s anniversary.  Watch Brad’s speech here, with the tie.  Some of us talked about why we were Rotarians and what Rotary meant to us.
Now as for the DG - me; PDG - Bette Miller; and Zone Coordinator - Lynda Ryder, we were assured that if we took the correct elevator down, we would be able to get out of the building.  There were a few anxious moments when we came out because we did not know if the door was going to open for us.  Once again, the Rotary mobile came through and we were on our way home.
On Wednesday, February 25, we were on our way to Ottawa again.  The discussion with the Prime Minister and Bill Gates was at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, established by His Highness the Aga Khan.  Twenty-one Rotarians, mostly Past District Governors and Club Presidents attended, but we were also able to have our District Rotaract Representative, Natasha Farrugia with us.  During the conversation there was an announcement of a new round of funding for immunization campaigns to fight polio & tetanus. The Toronto Star did an excellent article about the event, with actual quotes from the Prime Minister that we heard him say.  He mentioned that he needed to say this because his wife would kill him if he didn’t:
 “We in the educated, advanced, medically advanced, sophisticated part of the world, we have a responsibility when it comes to this, not just a responsibility to vaccinate our children — which I think every parent has a responsibility to do — and not just a responsibility to encourage that widespread vaccination so we’re not putting other kids at risk.
“But we have a responsibility to set an example, for God’s sake. We know these medical interventions work and as an advanced, educated society it is completely irresponsible of people in this society to communicate anything other than that anywhere else in the world.”
In another quote, Bill Gates was talking about diseases that were getting close to being eradicated and then he mentioned “… polio, through the leadership of Rotary, we are so very, very close."
For pictures of the event, go to our District 7040 Facebook page.  It was quite a week in the life of your District Governor.

As we celebrate Rotary International’s Literacy theme during March, each club in our District is challenged to ask themselves the following question, 
What project(s) does our club have to support literacy?
Last fall’s article focused on some literacy statistics internationally, nationally and within our District. The plan for District literacy was also summarized.  
The District literacy plan includes encouraging clubs to consider taking on the Dictionary4Life project which the Rotary Club of West Ottawa is offering to expand and administer. I am very pleased to report that the Rotary Clubs of Prescott and Kingston-Waterfront have ordered dictionaries for this coming fall in addition to the continuing 8 Ottawa area clubs (West Ottawa, Nepean- Kanata, Ottawa Bytown, Ottawa, Stittsville, Orleans, South Nepean, Ottawa South) that are already involved in the project.  The District order was our largest order to date for 1,096 books. As you assess your club’s literacy projects please consider the Dictionary4Life project.  If you’d like evidence of how you can make a difference in a Grade 3 student’s life please view the winning one-minute video at http://youtu.be/uCwcZQKQ6nE
“For most of us reading and writing are as natural as breathing.  But nearly 800 million adults worldwide lack the literacy skills needed to complete a job application, understand a child’s report card, or read a prescription.” (Source: Rotary International and the International Reading Association Literacy Project Guide) This latter document is an excellent guide for any club looking to either start a project or augment an already vibrant literacy program within your club.
Your club might consider one or more of these successful Rotary club literacy projects:
Improve access to books and learning materials
  • Book donations
  • Dictionary donations
  • Library support
Support schools and teachers
  • Adopt a school
  • Teacher training
Enhance classroom learning
  •  Early childhood literacy
  • Adult literacy
  • Student mentoring
  • Concentrated language encounter (CLE)
Promote community development
  • Improve community health
  • Address special needs
(Source: Rotary International and the International Reading Association Literacy Project Guide)
As always, I would be pleased to speak to any District 7040 club about literacy. Please contact me at lindaflynn@bell.net.

Once again this year, D7040 is calling for applications for the District 7040 Global Grant Scholarship ($30,000) and for the Rotary Peace Fellowships (Master's Degree program as well as Certificate program).
Applications are due for both on April 15 with interviews for the Global Grant Scholarship taking place on Saturday April 25, 2015 and interviews for the Rotary Peace Fellowships taking place on Saturday May 9, 2015.
Application forms and details are found on the District 7040 website.
For more information please contact Katie Burke

Every year, World Rotaract Week honors the chartering of the first club in North Carolina, USA, on March 13, 1968. Rotaract, for ages 18-30, was officially inaugurated during January 1968 under R.I. President Luther Hodges. World Rotaract Week, observed annually the week of March 13th is designed to foster Rotaract-Rotary activities in celebration of the founding of the Rotaract program. It is a time for celebrating the success and importance of the Rotaract program.
This event is also an excellent opportunity to inform members of your community about the amazing work that Rotaract clubs do, and give them an opportunity to get involved.  Rotaract clubs and their sponsor Rotary club have the freedom to explore a variety of methods of participating in World Rotaract Week. Rotaractors can decide the best way for their club to celebrate the Rotaract program – completing one, two or an entire week’s worth of activities. After the club has completed its World Rotaract Week commemorative events, the sponsor Rotary club can download a certificate of recognition for presentation to the Rotaract club.
Suggestions to commemorate Rotaract’s anniversary:  
  • Invite Rotaractors to Rotary club meetings and vice versa.
  • Conduct a joint project with a Rotary club.
  • Encourage a nearby Rotary club to sponsor a new Rotaract club in its area.
  • Plan a literacy day to be held annually.
  • Give a presentation about Rotaract to a Rotary club that does not sponsor a Rotaract club.
  • Publicize Rotaract in local media.
  • Encourage cross-promotion between Interact, Rotary Youth Exchange, RYLA, and other community youth organizations.
  • Partner with international Rotaract clubs.
  • Establish monitoring programs between Rotaractors and Interactors, as well as, with Rotarians.
  • Introduce potential members from Interact by inviting them to a meeting or a project.
Participating clubs can receive special recognition from Rotary International. 

The Rotary Foundation’s funding system is called SHARE because the name defines what the system does:
(1) Rotarians SHARE their resources with their fellow Rotarians around the world;
(2) The Rotary Foundation Trustees SHARE some of their decision-making responsibilities with the 540 Rotary Districts; and
(3) Rotarians SHARE Rotary with the world through their Rotary Foundation.


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