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September is New Generations Month

What is a New Generation Rotary Club? Why do we need them?

September is New Generations Month. We all know that the New Generations programs of Rotary include those for youth and young adults, such as Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Interact, Rotaract and Student Rotarians of the Month among other programs.

But what is a New Generations Rotary Club (NGRC)? First, they aren't defined by Rotary, so, in some respects, the NGRC is what the Rotarians in that club want it to be. Second, unless it is included in a pilot program of Rotary International, any NGRC must comply with all the requirements of a "regular" Rotary Club.
So far, what's the difference? Well, nothing and everything. The main differences are (1) an orientation toward younger Rotarians and (2) a willingness to try non-traditional methods to attract and keep those younger Rotarians.
A NGRC's focus on younger Rotarians seeks those not just younger in age, but those who are "younger" in their career, in their financial development, in their activity level, or perhaps in their attitude.
Non-traditional aspects of a NGRC can include meeting times (generally late afternoon or early evening "Cocktail clubs", Fridays or weekends), meeting credits for service and fellowship opportunities, meeting locations (low cost, limited meal or cocktail options), low cost of membership, and stressing smaller hands-on service projects instead of check-writing.
Surprisingly, Club Boards have the power to do all this without any exemption from the R.I. Constitution & Standard Club Bylaws. These are simply new Rotary clubs, appealing to an under-served group, with members finding a way to serve their communities and world.
Existing Rotary clubs (and District Extension Committees) should survey their community and see if a NGRC would be feasible. It is a great way to provide more service opportunities in your town, while aiding the overall Rotary membership effort.
You can contact the District 5520 New Generations Chair PDG Bobby Wallace for more information.




In an effort to increase membership by 100,000 this year, RI President Gary C.K. Huang is urging clubs and districts to organize fun, informal community events called Rotary Days.

"We need to showcase our good work to everyone in the community," says Huang. "Rotary Days need to be fun and all-inclusive... Let's give people the opportunity to experience what it's like to make a difference."

Any club, big or small, can host a Rotary Day. Neighboring clubs can pool their resources and co-host an event, and entire districts can come together for a large-scale Rotary Day. In fact, several clubs and districts already have hosted picnics, concerts, parades, and other Rotary Day events. In addition, the Rotary Board of Directors and other senior leaders will facilitate several national Rotary Days in 2014-15.

Check out the new  for additional information, including tips about planning a Rotary Day, a calendar of Rotary Days scheduled around the world, information on how to receive a special award from your district governor, and details about a worldwide video contest.


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