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Matching contributions for "ENd polio now" for


Dear District 5520 Rotarians:
District 5520 has been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to enhance the results of our End Polio Rotary Day on October 25th.  A Rotarian, who wishes to be anonymous, has agreed to match our End Polio contributions, up to $20,000.  On top of that, The Gates Foundation has also agreed to match contributions to End Polio two for one.  That means that a $100 contribution from your club or individual will be matched by our donor to total $200. The Gates Foundation will then double that amount and donate an additional $400.  Therefore your $100 donation will end up as a $600 donation to the End Polio program.  Such a deal. 
This is an outstanding opportunity for Rotarians in District 5520 to change the world by helping to eradicate polio.  In order to ensure the District match, please report all donations to Earl Waid at earl@rioranchomagazine.com.
Less than one month to our Rotary Day.  By now each club should have ordered posters and brochures from the RI Foundation website and secured permission from their local retailer to set up their table.  We have a generic press release that can be used to notify your community.  Send me an email and I will send you the news release.  Also let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached by phone at 505-250-9070 or by email at earl@rioranchomagazine.com.
Good luck and lets make this event successful and fun.
Thanks for your service,
Lonnie and Earl

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Rotary Theme Month Story

October is Vocational Service Month
In his autobiography, Paul Harris wrote “Each Rotarian is a connecting link between the Idealism of Rotary and his trade or profession”. Although he was not talking directly of vocational service, he must have the second avenue of service in mind as Rotary’s classification principle closely identifies a Rotarian with his/her occupation or vocation.
A person joins Rotary as a representative of his/her business or profession. Hence, each club member has an obligation to his/her fellow Rotarians. At the same time, each Rotarian is obligated to exemplify the spirit of Rotary to others, in particular those associated with him/her. Vocational service emphasizes the need for each Rotarian to personally fulfil his/her service in the daily relationships with his/her fellow workers and associates.
The basic question concerning vocational service that every Rotarian should ask is: “What can I do in my daily work to be a little more helpful and friendly to others?” This is especially important since vocational service should be a living and daily experience.
Founder Paul Harris had an idea that friendship and business could be mixed and that by doing so would result in more business and friendship for everyone involved. As such, every Rotarian should personally contribute to society through his/her business or profession.
They Profit Most Who Serve Best
It is now realised that “Vocational Service” is one of the many reasons for Rotary’s success. Yet, this second avenue of service in Rotary is often neglected. If we want our club to grow, we must keep vocational service in the forefront — in our planning and to take action. Ideas alone are useless unless put in action. Do what is right and put “Service Above Self”.
Vocational service simply applies Rotary’s concept of service to business, the profession and the workplace. Before Rotarians go about putting the principles of vocational service into practice, they need to reflect on their daily relations, with employees, suppliers and peers. Otherwise, how can they apply the words of the second Object of Rotary, which instructs them to understand and practice.
High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying by each profession to serve society call upon each Rotarian to examine what he/she is doing to fulfil this part of the Object of Rotary. Since this is subjective, only the individual Rotarian knows how loosely he/she is living up to his/her ideal. While the Rotarian is encouraged to individually practice vocational service on his/her own, many clubs have developed practical collective activities and programmes designed to give each member more opportunities and responsibilities in the second avenue of service.
The objectives of vocational service are best exemplified if Rotarians work in accordance with the following guiding principles.
These four areas of responsibilities are generally recognised and seen as an inseparable whole.
a)    To Shareholders and Principals
To protect shareholders’ and principals’ interests and provide a fair and reasonable return.
b)    To Employees and Associates
To provide, promote and encourage:-
·         Good and safe conditions of work;
·         Good and competitive terms and conditions of service;
·         Physical and mental development and best use of human talent and equal opportunity employment; and
·         The involvement of employees in the planning and direction of their work
c)     To Customers and General Public
To develop and provide products and services which offer value in terms of price, costs and quality, supported by the requisite professional, technological and commercial expertise.
d)    To Community and Society
To conduct business as responsible members of the community and society, observing applicable laws of the country and giving due regard to safety and environmental standards and societal aspirations.
Profitability and productivity are essential to discharging these responsibilities and staying in business. It is a measure both of efficiency and of the ultimate value that people place on one’s products and services. Without profits and productivity, it would not be possible to fulfil the responsibilities outlined above.
We must exercise honesty, loyalty and integrity in all aspects of our business; avoiding conflicts of interest between our personal and official activities in the conduct of our business. The offer, payment, soliciting and acceptance of bribes in any form and any unprofessional and unfair conduct are unacceptable practices.
4.     WELFARE
It should be our policy to conduct our activities in such a way as to take into account the health and safety of others, and to give proper regard to the safety and conservation of the environment.
The most important contribution that we can make to the social and material progress of a country is in performing our basic activities as efficiently as possible. In addition, we need to recognise and take a constructive interest in societal matters which may not be directly related to our business. We must endeavour to take advantage of the opportunities available to be involved in community educational and youth programmes.
Fellow Rotarians, the future of Rotary is now in our hands.
Originally published @ Rotary eClub One

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