DISTRICT 5390    
                                                     Under the Big Sky of Montana

Our District Governor

Roy Beekman
RI President Huang   District Governor's Kalispell Club Website

Shelter Box Schedule

 Shelter Box Schedule - Check this schedule before planning to use the Shelter Box.  If it is available, contact Bill Spath or Arlene Weber for scheduling and to arrange pickup.

RI Club & District Support

The Rotary International Club and District Support Representatives for our district and clubs are:
Julie Aubry        Coordinator    847-866-3249      julie.aubry@rotary.org
James Damato   Supervisor     847-8665-3405    james.damato@rotary.org


Web Administrator:  PDG Arlene Weber, Rotary Club of Whitehall
District Mailing Address:  Rotary District 5390, PO Box 1091, Billings, MT   59103
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