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October is Vocational Service Month.  But what exactly does that mean?  

From An Introduction to Vocational Service:  “The concept of vocational service is rooted in the Second Object (of Rotary), which calls on Rotarians to ‘encourage and foster.’ 

  • High ethical standards in business and professions
  • The recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations
  • The dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society.

Vocation is essentially a Rotarian’s profession, career, work experience and life experiences.

Rotary International recognizes that Rotarians possess diverse skills, knowledge, experience and training which can all be put to good use in service locally and around the world.  When Rotary Clubs recruit members, vocation is taken into consideration when assessing their suitability to join Rotary.  The result is that Rotary Clubs are composed of members with a cross section of vocational skills.

Rotaract clubs can provide opportunities for vocational service for young adults.  These young men and women are often in the process of working towards developing their particular vocation.  By engaging in service in their communities or around the world, a Rotaractor may also enhance their vocational development.

Often, Rotarians engage in service activities that are not necessarily related to their individual vocation.  In essence, their life experiences can contribute to their ability to provide service.  When I participated in a Rotaplast mission to Nepal, there were many non-medical Rotarians who did everything from clerical work, to transporting the children to and from pre and post op rooms, taking identification photos and caring for children before and after their surgeries.  These tasks were not each Rotarian's particular vocation but, their support was extremely important and integral to making the surgical mission a success.

Over the years, Vocational guidelines have evolved in order to meet the needs of the community in which the Rotary clubs serves.  Clubs rely on their member’s vocational skills to assist with a variety of projects and service opportunities.   Even so, willing hands of any vocation are always valuable assets.




2014-2015 Rotary International President Gary C. K. Huang has a vision for Rotarians to LIGHT UP ROTARY by participating in Rotary Days


Rotary District 5080 Governor Norm McCarvell and EAG Jerri Anderson worked with the Area 5 Rotary Clubs of District 5080 as they supported the "Grand Finale" event of THE FESTIVAL at Sandpoint, Idaho on Sunday August 17, 2014. This exceptional venue allowed Rotarians to collaborate with musicians and present approximately 3,000 Festival attendees with World Class Symphony Music and an introduction to ROTARY!

The Non-Rotary public in the region became better aware of local Rotary hands-on community projects.  Rotarians distributed Rotary International brochures and enjoyed great conversations about the work of ordinary Rotary members doing extraordinary humanitarian work until the fireworks marked the end of an amazing celebration. 
Rotarians will continue to LIGHT UP ROTARY!

Joining in the District 5080 Area 5 Rotary Days Celebration: Rotary Club of Sandpoint, Ponderay Rotary Club, Newport Priest River Rotary Club, Bonners Ferry Rotary Club & Lakeland Sunrise Rotary Club



“This is an email from Youth Exchange Student Maya to Youth Exchange Officer Wendy of Nelson, BC.  This is a terrific endorsement of our District’s Youth Exchange Program” – District Governor Norm


Hello Wendy!

.... if you would like, I can start sending you monthly emails/updates about what I am up to on my exchange!

So far, I have done TONS of stuff. My host family takes me to a new place almost every weekend, and I have been doing lots of local exploring with the other exchange students. So far I have visited Geneve, Bern, Lucerne and many small mountains and villages around Switzerland. My host club has given me a G/A, which is basically a golden ticket to getting around Switzerland. It allows me to take any bus, train, tram or gondola at no cost. It is AMAZING.

I recently finished my 3 week deutsch course (german language course), which was great! In this course, we were 13 students from Argentina, Columbia, Norway, China, Canada, USA, Brazil, Thailand and Ecuador. I loved this course because I make some friends whom I am now very close with, and my German improved immensely.

This past weekend ROTEX took all of the Rotary exchange students to Mt. Rigi, which is a huge mountain about 2 hours from my city. We spend 2 days in the mountains, and woke up at 4:30am on Sunday to hike the mountain and watch the sunrise. It was amazing but very very cold! I have attached a picture of our group of exchange students in Switzerland! In November I have another ROTEX weekend where we will be traveling to Zermatt, where the Matterhorn mountain is!

My school is really great as well. I have made lots of Swiss friends who take me out to do lots of new things! Right now in school we are doing a “Studentwoche”, which is basically a week where we get to choose a subject and we get to study that subject for the whole 5 days. I chose theatre, and it is very fun! Next week I get 2 weeks off school which is when I will be traveling to Greece with my host family.

Tschüss! (That means goodbye in German)





Past District Governor, Bob Carroll,  presented Carolyn, wife of Dr. Frank Walchak of RC of Spokane Aurora Northwest, with the 2013-14 Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award.  Only non-Rotarian spouses can be recommended or receive this award that was created to recognize spouses and partners of Rotarians who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service through Rotary.  A maximum of 100 recipients may be selected each year.  Carolyn was overwhelmed and honored to receive this well-deserved award.  She has accompanied and co-ordinated the work of Dr. Walchak and others on 23 Rotoplast missions.





Rotary Friendship Exchange video of District 5080's recent RFE to Rotary District 2430 - Turkey.  A short video on our experiences and the incredible opportunity presented by Rotary RFEs

I should just add bit of a back story to the video’s opening song.  We spent a fair bit of time writing the song – trying to do our best to capture the spirit and energy of the team.  It was a lot of fun and then with the help of our exchange student we were fortunate to be introduced to Josh who offered to help out with the guitar and vocals.  He took a few artistic liberties and had a few challenges, but overall – pretty impressive for an 18-year who just graduated from high school.  It’s not perfect, but after about 10 takes – he was pretty tired so we took the best version.​



Governor-elect Mike and MaryAnn made their annual trek to Kimberley to share lobsters at Lobsterfest.  

What a great fundraising evening!.  $20,000 for the Rotary Spray Park!  (press photo)





Here is a picture of the Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee meeting held in July in Castlegar. The Committee dealt with a myriad of details related to the Point System, record keeping, and ideas for future exchanges.

Pictured  Left to right: Sheila Hart (Nelson Daybreak, Alexia Turner, Castlegar Sunrise, Linda Krahn, RFE Chair, Brenda Balahura, R/C Castlegar Sunrise & RFE Co-Chair, Cathy Korolek, ADG, Grand Forks and Joan Cooke, Waneta Trail. Missing from picture: Jackie Nance of Colville, Steve Verby, Sandpoint, Greg Ehman, Golden. 



Hi Rotary friends:

Many of you are not aware of the opportunity and enjoyment provided through Rotary Fellowships and Action Groups (RAGs).  Below is a reprint from the recent International Travel and Hosting Fellowship (ITHF) Newsletter.  It provides just one example of how you can travel the world at greatly reduced costs through Rotary colleagues.  There are a variety of interest groups available based on hobbies or vocations, so you can engage and enjoy your Rotary involvement by searching for a RAG or Fellowship of interest to you.


District Governor Elect, Mike Dalessi, shared opening remarks at RLYA on June 28th, 2014 and shared a picture of Counsellors Sheila Hart and Mike Cassidy.  There were 49 young adult campers participating plus the staff. Despite the thunder and pouring rain on opening day, everyone had a fabulous and fun time. ​ Does anyone else have some pictures?




Congratulations are in order to recognize Heidi Romich, your Assistant Governor in Area 3 and a member of Cranbrook Rotary Club.

Heidi repurposed her restaurant to become both 'The Heid Out' and 'Fisher Peak Brewing Co.'  Now she has been named the 'Business Person of the Year' by the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce. 

Drop by and meet Heidi and try out the "Ultimate Burger".  You will be amazed by both.




This Matching Grant was a joint project between the Rotary Club of Spokane Valley Sunrise and the Rotary Club of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The project objective was to update an elementary school library to include some 700 new books (literature and reference), shelving to hold the books and 15 computers for the children to use for research and to enhance their learning experience. 

Grant Financing:

$ 5,010    Spokane Valley Sunrise
$ 5,010    District Foundation Block Grant
$    118    RC of Tegucigalpa
$10,138    Total Project

  To see the finished project CLICK HERE



Congratulations to the New Graduates of the Rotary Leadership Institute!!!




Here in Invermere, we are in a mad rush to get a “Vote for Invermere” day going viral....

The club is raising upwards of $300,000. to build a Splash Park, --- it’s a big deal, and we could use the Power of Rotary’s network.

Kraft Canada and TSN are sponsoring a $25,000. prize to the community who gets the most votes.  570 applications were submitted Canada wide – two community project selections per province were chosen – and Invermere’s Rotary project is the Finalist in B.C. against Pemberton.

Not that we have anything against Pemberton, but of course we want to win, and likely need upwards of 200,000 votes to get there.

Continuous voting is the key on JULY 11th..............HELLLLLPPPP !!!!!




Monday May 20, the members of the Group Study Exchange Team from Rotary District 4510 in Brazil arrived in Cranbrook. They were greeted by several local Rotarians and friends of D-5080 at the airport. The team, consisting of Team Leader is Mauricio De Agostinho, team members Dirce Aparecida Bedun, Flavia Marson Cacao, Giovana Franzolin Lopes and Fernando Cesar De Lima were happy to be at their destination after a very long series of flights. They were accompanied by our own PDG Sandra Roberts who was returning home after her successful venture with our GSE team in the same district.

The Brazilians were gathered up and transported to the St. Eugene Mission Resort for a tour of the facilities and some well deserved rest. After overnighting at the Resort, they will begin their travels throughout our district, including attendance at our District Conference in Colville, WA.

When they visit your club, please continue to extend the warm D-5080 welcome they received at their arrival.



The Coeur d’Alene Sunrise Club held its raffle drawing for the quilt made in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa and one of the tickets purchased at the district assembly was the winning ticket!  Carol Caroll is the proud owner of a beautiful quilt made at the Mzansi Zulu Quilt Centre.

     A little background:  Our club has been supporting this quilt center that was established by two former members of the Hilton & Howick Rotary Club.  The center teaches Zulu ladies and men to quilt for the craft market.  The area where they live is desperately poor and the high incidence of HIV/AIDS is awful.  Our club partnered with the Hilton & Howick club to establish a pre-school for AIDS orphans seven years ago.  It is still going strong.

     The quilt center founders, Rick & Elisabeth Baratta, have moved back to the US but are still involved with the quilting program.  The Sunrise club has been selling these unique quilts and sending the money back to the quilters for seven years.  Last year they gifted a quilt to our club as a thank you for our support.  We decided to raffle the quilt for PolioPlus.

     Thank you for helping us raise $2000 for PolioPlus!





In February 2R013, District Governor Michelle Lee and her husband Dirk were joined by Greg and Kristie Ehman of Golden, BC and Frank and Robyn Vanden Broek of Cranbrook, BC to take part in the first every Rotary Friendship Exchange to Pakistan.  A Rotary Friendship Exchange in an incredible opportunity for Rotarians and their spouses to experience, first-hand, the hospitality and culture of another country.  An RFE is an incredible way to develop friends, bridge cultures and create lasting memories. 

The RFE to Pakistan was exceptional.  The warmth and hospitality of the Pakistan people was truly heart-warming.  The guests were treated to a number of sites, projects and club meetings, as well as the incredible opportunity to take part in numerous polio campaigns.  It was truly inspiring to see all the work that was being done by Rotary in Pakistan to put an end to polio forever.  It was a great message that we could bring back to our clubs and to remind our members that the fight against polio is close, but we must not stop short of the finish line.  

The team also worked to put together a video for the Rotary Friendship Exchange video contest that highlights our trip and our experiences.  We have just heard that the video has been named a finalist with final judging to be completed by mid-April.  The video can be found here:

 If you are interested in hearing more about the opportunity to take part in a Rotary Friendship Exchange, please contact your Club or your District Representatives (Greg Ehman, Linda Krahn, Sheila Hart, Scott Owen and Andy Doman)




PDG Ron Ross offers your club this opportunity to make a difference in a library in Honduras.  READ ON:

There is a large public school, built in 1948 in downtown Tegucigalpa, that is called The United States School, that has a library called the Abraham Lincoln Library, that is sadly in need of books. I have attached a picture of the front of the school, and the sign in front of the library. Mike Balahura and I met with the Principal, Librarian and Vice Principal.Image

I’m looking for a Rotary Club in the US, that will take on the project, working with Dr. Roberto Tinoco of the Rotary Club of Tegucigalpa, that will take this on as an International Project. It probably fits a District Matching Grant, or Community Grant. It won’t fly as a Global Grant (I don’t think) because TRF seems totally opposed to buying “stuff”. It could be done in stages. They need books, in both Spanish and English.

Attached are pictures of typical books. Most are dated 1980, and as you can see, are pretty dog eared with tape on the tape, to hold them together. This is an inner city school, with many of our Market Children in attendance, so they don’t have I-Phones, I-Pads, Kimbles,  Nooks, and other ways to get reading materials. They need books, preferably new books in Spanish. The government has recently decreed that English should be taught starting in grade 1, but as yet, there are few students who can read English, but a few English Books would be helpful. They could be rejects from libraries in the US or Canada.

I know that the CDA clubs participated in the Guatemala Book Project, so I wondered if they might be interested in this one. It seems a shame that “Abe’s Library” should be in such sad shape, with no decent books, thus no readers.

INTERESTED??  Contact Karen Cook at  for more information




Greetings from Chattaroy, Washington. 

Carol and I are about to start the new Rotary year with visits and board meetings to each club in District 5080.  After two and one half years of preparation, we are looking forward to spending time with all of our clubs and sharing the message of our new Rotary International President, Ron Burton.  The Rotary theme for 2013-2014 is “Engage Rotary Change Lives”.  This theme sets a clear tone for our time together.  The emphasis of these visits will be to share our Rotary story and to hear your Rotary stories.  Like President Burton, I believe that the building of strong relationships in Rotary lies in our telling not only what our Rotary journey has been but why the experience has been so impactful.  There are various avenues of service available in Rotary and no one opportunity touches everyone equally.  What has it been for you?  Why do you do this work?  What is the impact on you and the world you serve?  So, between now and the end of January, we will be coming your way.  We anticipate a year where the words “Engage Rotary Change Lives” will have deeper meaning because of our time together. 

One more thing, we all have people serving in new capacities all over the District.  Whether it’s your Assistant Governor, Club President or new board members, voice your support of these dedicated leaders as they serve your club’s efforts.  They all will appreciate your help. 

Thank you for all you do for Rotary and the world. 

Bob Carroll
District Governor 2013-2014


Most of us remember the months of the year, as they normally show on a calendar, but how many have wondered what the month was in the Rotary Year ?

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