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February is World Understanding Month.  True understanding of the world around us is crucial to Rotary's central mission of "Service above Self".
Rotary International will be 110 years old on February 23rd.  Rotary has become a guiding light of World Understanding that crosses all geographic, political, religious, and countries borders.
In Rotary, World Understanding is being achieved through acts of support, kindness, compassion and fellowship. This is achieved by Rotarians taking the opportunity to serve at locally and abroad through hands-on training and projects and the financial commitments to support those activities.
Marvel Fast Hathaway was born January 24, 1915 on a farm owned by her grandparents, Nickolas and Catharina Fast, in Bridgewater Township, Ohio to her father, Glen Henry Fast, and his wife, Bertha.
At age 12, she and her family moved to Bryan, Ohio, where her dad was the Clerk of Common Pleas Court.
In 1935, after graduation from Bryan High School, Marvel married her H.S. sweetheart, Richard Lee Hathaway. He later graduated from the University of Chicago, where his father and grandfather had also graduated from University.  The couple settled in Chicago where Richard worked for the Continental Rubber Company of Erie, PA and the Thermoid Rubber Company of Trenton, NJ.  Two sons were born while they lived in Chicago: John R (Jack) in June 1941 and David Lee in June 1943.
"An Evening with Rick King"
February 26th, 2015
No Host Reception....5:30 p.m.  Dinner Seating 6:00 p.m.
Place:  Red Lion Inn at the Park
      Riverfront Ballroom
Tickets are $40 each and can be purchased through the Rotary office at 509-534-8998 or by sending a check to the address below.  Credit Cards are accepted, Visa/MasterCard/American Express.  Please call and talk to Suzy.
We are asking for Table Captains to host tables of eight.  A Table Captain will be responsible for filling the seats at their table (and yes, that means either buying or selling the eight tickets involved). 
Our dinner menu is exceptional.  The Red Lion is going above and beyond to make this a special event!  

Rotary International President-elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran announces his presidential theme 'Be a Gift to the World.'

Using their talents, expertise, and leadership, Rotary members worldwide are asked to be gifts to the world this upcoming 2015-16 Rotary year.

Rotary International President-elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran called Sunday's address to incoming district governors the "most significant moment of my life."

"All of you have been given so many gifts. And you have now been given this great gift: one year to take all your talents, all your gifts, everything that you are and can become -- and Be a Gift to the World," said Ravindran, revealing his presidential theme at the annual five-day training meeting in San Diego, California, USA. "You have one year to take that potential and turn it into reality. One year to lead the clubs in your district and transform the lives of others. The time is so short, yet there is so much to be done."

Rotary International President-elect K.R. "Ravi announces his presidential theme 'Be a Gift to the World.'

Need a gift idea for the Rotarian or relative that already has “TOO MUCH STUFF”.
You can give them the satisfaction of donating $120 to enable a primary school student, or $225 to enable a secondary school student, to attend the public school system in Honduras. You will receive a letter to put under the tree, and they will receive a certificate with a picture of the child/youth that you sponsor on their behalf, after the Rotarians take their picture in January 2015.
It’s easy too.
Go to this new brand website for the HELP Honduras Program that is funded by over 25 Rotary Clubs in 5 districts.


Pend d’Oreille Bay Trail Grant Stabilization of Banks and Trail Bed 

The project took place in Sandpoint, Idaho, USA on The Humbird Mill Section of The Pend d’Oreille Bay Trail.  Work began in June 2014 and was completed in late September 2014 with the installation of The Rotary Wheel. A dedication ceremony was held November 13, 2014.  Large boulders and rock were brought in to stabilize a bank of the trail that was heavily impacted by erosion.  The boulders were set in such a way as to create “The Rotary Sitting Wall”. The trail bed was stabilized and bollards and signage were installed at the entrance to the trail.  “The Rotary Sitting Wall” addressed the erosion providing a safer environment for all trail users. 

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2014-2015 Rotary International President Gary C. K. Huang has a vision for Rotarians to LIGHT UP ROTARY by participating in Rotary Days


Rotary District 5080 Governor Norm McCarvell and EAG Jerri Anderson worked with the Area 5 Rotary Clubs of District 5080 as they supported the "Grand Finale" event of THE FESTIVAL at Sandpoint, Idaho on Sunday August 17, 2014. This exceptional venue allowed Rotarians to collaborate with musicians and present approximately 3,000 Festival attendees with World Class Symphony Music and an introduction to ROTARY!



“This is an email from Youth Exchange Student Maya to Youth Exchange Officer Wendy of Nelson, BC.  This is a terrific endorsement of our District’s Youth Exchange Program” – District Governor Norm


Hello Wendy!

.... if you would like, I can start sending you monthly emails/updates about what I am up to on my exchange!

So far, I have done TONS of stuff. My host family takes me to a new place almost every weekend, and I have been doing lots of local exploring with the other exchange students. So far I have visited Geneve, Bern, Lucerne and many small mountains and villages around Switzerland. My host club has given me a G/A, which is basically a golden ticket to getting around Switzerland. It allows me to take any bus, train, tram or gondola at no cost. It is AMAZING.



Past District Governor, Bob Carroll,  presented Carolyn, wife of Dr. Frank Walchak of RC of Spokane Aurora Northwest, with the 2013-14 Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award.  Only non-Rotarian spouses can be recommended or receive this award that was created to recognize spouses and partners of Rotarians who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service through Rotary.  A maximum of 100 recipients may be selected each year.  Carolyn was overwhelmed and honored to receive this well-deserved award.  She has accompanied and co-ordinated the work of Dr. Walchak and others on 23 Rotoplast missions.





Rotary Friendship Exchange video of District 5080's recent RFE to Rotary District 2430 - Turkey.  A short video on our experiences and the incredible opportunity presented by Rotary RFEs

I should just add bit of a back story to the video’s opening song.  We spent a fair bit of time writing the song – trying to do our best to capture the spirit and energy of the team.  It was a lot of fun and then with the help of our exchange student we were fortunate to be introduced to Josh who offered to help out with the guitar and vocals.  He took a few artistic liberties and had a few challenges, but overall – pretty impressive for an 18-year who just graduated from high school.  It’s not perfect, but after about 10 takes – he was pretty tired so we took the best version.​




Here is a picture of the Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee meeting held in July in Castlegar. The Committee dealt with a myriad of details related to the Point System, record keeping, and ideas for future exchanges.

Pictured  Left to right: Sheila Hart (Nelson Daybreak, Alexia Turner, Castlegar Sunrise, Linda Krahn, RFE Chair, Brenda Balahura, R/C Castlegar Sunrise & RFE Co-Chair, Cathy Korolek, ADG, Grand Forks and Joan Cooke, Waneta Trail. Missing from picture: Jackie Nance of Colville, Steve Verby, Sandpoint, Greg Ehman, Golden. 



Hi Rotary friends:

Many of you are not aware of the opportunity and enjoyment provided through Rotary Fellowships and Action Groups (RAGs).  Below is a reprint from the recent International Travel and Hosting Fellowship (ITHF) Newsletter.  It provides just one example of how you can travel the world at greatly reduced costs through Rotary colleagues.  There are a variety of interest groups available based on hobbies or vocations, so you can engage and enjoy your Rotary involvement by searching for a RAG or Fellowship of interest to you.


District Governor Elect, Mike Dalessi, shared opening remarks at RLYA on June 28th, 2014 and shared a picture of Counsellors Sheila Hart and Mike Cassidy.  There were 49 young adult campers participating plus the staff. Despite the thunder and pouring rain on opening day, everyone had a fabulous and fun time. ​ Does anyone else have some pictures?



Most of us remember the months of the year, as they normally show on a calendar, but how many have wondered what the month was in the Rotary Year ?

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