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Chartered August 1936

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Bay Club Santa Clara
3250 Central Expressway
Vista Room
Santa Clara, CA  95050
United States
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Last week U.S. Army veteran Jeremiah Pauley presented his account of being severely wounded in the Iraq conflict and his struggle to overcome his physical and mental injuries. The Wounded Warrior Project is what he turned to for help in facing the challenges associated with injuries sustained while in combat situations. His story was very touching and demonstrated what the project can do to help wounded soldiers through extremely difficult times.  Following his talk, and a standing ovation, the Club presented Jeremiah with a $1500 donation to the Project.
Congratulations to Susan Lucas & Marguerite Padovoni. Susan Lucas returned from here European Tour and announced her engagement to the person that our Club acted as match maker and Marguerite who earned her Blue Badge following her Red Badge personal presentation.
It was also announced during the meeting that John Mlnarik’s young daughter will be undergoing heart surgery in early October. John has organized a Blood Drive in support of the operation. Visit   https://www.sbcdonor.org/index.cfm?group=op&expand=13708&zc=95051 to sign up for a donation. The date is Aug 13 and the location is at the Mlnarik Law Office.
The speaker for this week is the Honorable Robert Cartwright. Mr. Cartwright is the Icelandic Consulate General for San Francisco which serves the citizens of Iceland located in the area and Iceland’s business and travel interests. So, as Andy Ratermann says “…it will be a really cool talk”.
Please note that the Club’s Foundation Board Meeting in on Aug 20th. Board chairman Anton Morec has asked that any requests for foundation funding be submitted to him along with an attached budget. Requests to date include ELC and Steps for Success.
See you all on Thursday.
  • Santa Clara Rotary Board Meeting August 20, 6:30 PM, Holders Country Inn on Saratoga Ave
  • Santa Clara Rotary Foundation Board (SCRF) Meeting August 25, 6:00 PM, Hay Market Restaurant
  • Santa Clara Art & Wine Sept 13-14, 2014
  • Rotary Day At the A’s: Sept 20, 2014
  • Steps to Success: Oct. 4 & Oct. 11, 2014

Last week was a busy week for the Club.  The speaker for the day was the Honorable Kevin Sheahan of Limerick Ireland who spoke about the economic development taking place in Ireland. He was also presented with an Earthquakes jersey signed by the team. His gift to the Club was a bottle of scotch which was auctioned off for $250. The Club also hosted him at Earthquakes game on Aug 2 which was attend by several Rotarians and marked the first public event at Levis Stadium. I hope everyone got home with ease.
The inaugural TBT was launched with Past President Bill Carver presiding and as I understand it he was pretty light on the fines. Thank you Bill for filling-in and I hope you had fun.
Bob Gustke was recognized for his outstanding 55 years as a member of the Club. Congratulations Bob and thanks for your many contributions.
This week’s speaker is Jeremiah Pauley of the Wounded Warriors Project.  The Wounded Warriors Project is designed to help wounded military personnel adjust and succeed despite injuries received while serving their country. Jeremiah is himself a wounded warrior. To learn more about the project visit:
See you all on Thursday
  • ELC Committee Meeting Aug 7, 7:30 AM Denny’s Restaurant in Santa Clara
  • Santa Clara Art & Wine Sept 13-14, 2014    
  • Rotary Day At the A’s: Sept 20, 2014
  • Steps to Success: Oct. 4 & Oct. 11, 2014

This past week we were fortunate to learn about the new San Francisco 49ers Museum along with the 49ers STEM program for youth. 49ers Museum Director, Jesse Lovejoy, gave us an early peak of the new Museum at Levi Stadium, which will be opening in August. The Museum is unlike any other in the NFL with 11 gallery and exhibit spaces depicting the history and heritage of the NFL team. More information about the museum can be found at http://www.levisstadium.com/museum/. Special pricing is available for residents of Santa Clara. The Museum will be open daily. On game days a game ticket is required.
Jesse also spoke about the new STEM Leadership Institute the 49ers Foundation is sponsoring in collaboration with Chevron, the Santa Clara Unified School District, and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math The STEM curriculum targets 7th graders and is designed to teach the students how the components of STEM can be applied to everyday life.  The initial ribbon cutting for the Institute took place on July 18, 2014 at the Chevron STEM Zone interactive classroom at Santa Clara’s Cabrillo Middle School. To learn more about STEM visit: http://www.levisstadium.com/2014/07/49ers-foundation-launch-stem-leadership-institute/.
At this week’s meeting our guest speaker is the City & County Mayor of Limerick Ireland. Limerick is a Santa Clara Sister City and the home of our own Club’s sister Club.  The Honorable Kevin Sheahan is in the area this week and he will not only speak at our meeting but will be our guest at the August 2nd Earthquakes’ soccer game being held at Levi Stadium.  Being Irish this is sure to be an entertaining and informative meeting. The meeting this week may also have historical significance so plan on attending.
                                                                             COMING UP…
  • Earthquakes Game Aug 2
  • Santa Clara Art & Wine Sept 13-14, 2014    
  • Rotary Day At the A’s: Sept 20, 2014
  • Steps to Success: Oct. 4 & Oct. 11, 2014

The delayed debunking of Lou Ann’ presidential year took place this last week.  Lou Ann’s family was in attendance as Past President Stewart Cusimano held nothing back trying to identify all of the snafu’s she experienced this past year. He employed props to comment of the location for board meetings held at Holder’s Country Inn. He then dug up the rules book and had the Club’s expert on rules, Ted Keech, explain the different badge colors to be used for the different club positions. Of course he fined Lou Ann for having the wrong badge color.  When all was said and done everyone seemed confused about what color went with what position.
In the end, Lou Ann was fined for so many things, along with a few other members, that no one is probably able to track.  Lou Ann spoke of the Club’s accomplishment for the year which are all very significant and she thanked the many members of the club who contributed to her outstanding year. She is now in the history book of the Club and holds a very special place as the first female Club President and currently the only female Past President. Thanks Lou Ann for contributions and leadership this past year.
During the meeting we also heard form Jarrell Harris, a scholarship recipient from Santa Clara High School. Jarrell recently graduated from Mission College and is going on the San Jose State. Jarrell is an example of what our Scholarship program is designed to do.
This week the planned speaker is Jesse Lovejoy, the Director of the 49ers Museum. In addition to discussing the museum Jesse will talk about the 49ers contribution to your and community programs. Please note that there is always the possibility that the speaker may change do to uncontrollable events.
Upcoming Events:
Club Board Meeting: July 23, 6:30 PM Holder Country Inn. Members are welcome to attend.
Earthquakes Game at Levi Stadium: Aug 2 (Andy Ratermann)
Santa Clara Art & Wine: Sept 13-14, 2014, Central Park
Rotary Day At the A’s: Sept 20, more info to come
See you all on Thursday. 

Yours In Rotary,

Stephen Rainbolt
Rotary Club of Santa Clara

Last week was the kick-off for the 2014-2015 Rotary year.  During the Club Assembly new board members were introduced as were the various program/project chairs.  Lidia Blair provided an update on Steps for Success and has things well in hand. The Fab Five provided a post mortem on the highly successful BBQ .  The bottom line was that we raised more funds from this event that any other event the Club has held. Fantastic effort by all! Jan Eric was recognized (as were others) for his special 50th birthday and given a present by Bob Ricks to celebrate the moment.  The gift was the book titled “The Red Badge of Courage” which was passed around for members to inscribe comments for  our illustrious Past President who still holds the record for being the longest Red Badger in history.
This week Lou Ann will be back so Stewart Cusimano will lead the meeting with commentary on Lou Ann’s outstanding year as the first woman President of the Cub. Stewart has been working on this for a while and I am sure he will entertain us all with a factual account of Lou Ann’s year.  A meeting not to be missed.
Up Coming Events
July 16, District  5170 Roast Toast. For those that signed up the event is held a Saratoga Springs on Big Basin Way
July 17, Foundation Board Meeting Immediately following Thursday Meeting
July 19.  District 5170 Membership Seminar, Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton
See you all on Thursday.

Yours in Rotary,

Stephen Rainbolt
Rotary Club of Santa Clara

Greetings Santa Clara Rotarians & Happy Rotary New Year
The Club has ended Lou Ann’s year on a very high note with an
extremely successful 3rd Annual Silicon Valley BBQ Competition. The
Rotary International theme for last year was “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”
which, as a club, we accomplished though all of our local community projects and
the international efforts where we were engaged.  Without doubt if you were to pick a label for
our Club last year if would be the “Year of the Woman".
This year’s theme is “Light Up Rotary” and our club is in a
great position to do just that. Look around Santa Clara, it is booming which
means there are greater opportunities for our club to increase membership with
quality leaders and doers and expand our fund raising efforts resulting in a
bigger impact on our community and abroad. And, have fun by enjoying our
fellowship along the way, keeping the meetings fun & informative, the
bantering flowing, and the wisecracks at their best.
So Happy New Year Rotary Club of Santa Clara, I am proud, nervous,
and happy to represent this great club for the next year.  So I ask, what label will we have at the end
of the year?
Steve Rainbolt
President, Rotary Club of Santa Clara


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Max Noel FBI Retired
Unabomber case
Sep 25, 2014
Hon. Jamie Matthews
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Oct 06, 2014
Bob Ricks
One Veteran's Story
Oct 16, 2014
Ed Jellen Rotary District Governor, District 5170
District Governers visit to our club
Oct 30, 2014
Dan Schnur
Director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics, USC
Feb 19, 2015
Brian Adams
Vice President Marketing/Communications - Bellarmine College Prep.


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