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Current Announcements from President Dawn Carignan-Thomas  

There are many activities in April – mark your calendars and try to participate, if possible.

There will be a meeting next Monday, April 21, 2014.
A very blessed week to all. 

Westfield Rotary takes 1st Prize at the YMCA's Chili, Chowder and Chocolate cookoff.
Westfield celebrated its 75th Anniversary on February 22, 2014.  With over 125 guests attending, the Club honored two new Paul Harris recipients, Sister Elizabeth Oleksak from the Sisters of Providence and our own State Senator Donald F. Humason, Jr.  Pictures from the event are listed in our photo album.

The Rotary Club of Westfield joins the City of Westfield in the 2013 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the Green.
April 7, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Dawn Thomas at 12:10 pm.

Kate Phelon led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Grace and the Smile Song led by Carl Hartdegen.

Kate Phelon again took the floor to lead us in the 4-WayTest of the Things We Think, Say and Do.

Three guests, Sondra Jones from The Arbors, Christine Beeke from Aflac and Greg Dempsey from Renaissance Manor were present.

Judy Puffer announced no birthdays and everyone well.

Jennifer Gruszka told us that Greg Dempsey from Renaissance Manor will be our speaker next week.

Rock Palmer, Finemaster, levied a blanket fine to everyone in attendance of $1.00 for the UConn men’s championship win and another $1.00 in support of the UConn
women’s upcoming efforts.

Happy Fines from the floor included Judy Puffer for opening her pool; Eric Forish for continuing to ski; Sue West for breaking out her new bike; John Barclay for the pleasure of seeing Guys and Dolls at the Woman’s Club on Carson Center night; Jen Gruszka for receiving a lovely note from Patrick Berry, Kate Phelon for announcing the Chamber’s April After 5, Christine Beeke for inviting attendees to The Arbors April 16 get together and Tink Hartdegen just for.

In the interest of saving time, president Thomas referred members to last week’s Pal-UMet for the list of presidential announcements.
Jen Gruszka introduced our speakers, Younhee Shin, Program Coordinator for the Korean Spiritual and Cultural Promotion Project and her colleague. Both women wore
beautiful traditional Korean costume. They treated us to a spectacular DVD presentation that took us from Korea’s earliest days through the Golden Age of King Sejong to th present – the Age of Digital Revolution.

Don Clark, holder of the winning 50/50 ticket, picked the Jack of Hearts – no winner.

Following God Bless America the meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Carol Martin
Westfield Rotary – Meeting Minutes of March 31, 2014
Call to Order
                The meeting was called to order at 12:29 by President Dawn Carignan Thomas.
All members recited the Pledge of Allegiance, sang grace, the smile song and recited the Four Way Test.
Welcome Guests
Guests Christina Beeke, Sondra Jones and Ben Surprise were welcomed.
                Judy reported that only Sandy Tower celebrated a birthday in the month of March.
                Jennifer reported that today’s speaker postponed.
Announcements & Fines
  • Dawn reported receipt of an email from Bill Caplin alerting the Westfield club that Al Gay’s wife, Barbara, recently passed away.
  • Andrea was asked to report on fund-raising events. She noted that an early fall event is being considered. Dawn briefly described fund-raising events that occurred in the past and emphasized the importance of fundraising so that the club can give back to the community. She also discussed the feasibility of re-activating a grant committee and a special projects group.
There was a general discussion relating to the July 2014 fireworks and whether the club would sell food.  Carl volunteered to establish a task force for further discussion. Eric indicated that he owns a hot dog cart which could be used for the event.
A question was raised relative to the smoke detector service project. It was noted that Mark will be providing detailed information in the near future.
Dawn addressed a question about whether a Paul Harris award will be given in June. She indicated that the board is currently discussing this topic.
  • Dawn reminded the group that the Run Westfield event is May 24, 2014, and Mark will be forwarding detailed information to the members. She also encouraged participation in the Noble 5K Walk/Run scheduled for April 26, 2014 with the proceeds going to their Oncology Unit. She noted that if a member is unable to walk or run that the hospital has volunteer opportunities.
Fines & Announcements
   Rock assigned numerous fines for a multitude of reasons; members offered happy fines as well.
A lively discussion ensued, with many members participating, relating to the topic of the Rotary website, accessing information, navigation and using electronic tools in general.
  • Jennifer invited all to participate in the upcoming Noble VNA wine & beer tasting event scheduled for May 16th, and Joyce invited all to join her on April 5th for trivia night at the Russell VFW.
  • Dawn indicated that a fellowship night is being planned and may occur at Paddy’s.  All members will invited to attend a get-together social on April 17th at the Arbors. Andrea invited everyone to join her at a YMCA impact Expo scheduled for April 17th at the Ranch.
  • Lynn noted that he has received a membership application.
There was no raffle because cards were unavailable for this meeting.
Adjournment – The meeting was closed with the singing of “God Bless America” at 1:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Heidi M. Cote, Scribe
Pal-U-Met from our meeting of March 24, 2013.
President Dawn Thomas called the meeting to order promptly at 12:20 p.m.
The pledge of allegiance was recited and then Songmaster Rick Bellows led us in the Grace song and the Smile song.
The four way test followed, led by Chris Carey.
Ben Surprise, Greg Dempsey, Casey Burepe and Christina Beck were introduced visitors.
Jennifer announced our Upcoming Speakers will be Eugene Shin and Dave Mendosa.
Cynthia (Tink) Hartdegan announced that she attended a training for incoming Rotary leaders. She came back with thankyou gifts for our current President, Vice President, President Elect and Secretary.
Heidi Cote suggested Rotary might want to become involved in the upcoming Noble Walk/Run on April 26th. They need walkers/runners, as well as volunteers to give our water. Funds raised will go towards the renovation of the oncology unit.
Mark Boardman served as Finemaster.
Carl Hartdegan introduced today's speaker, Patrick Berry, owner of the Westfield News Group.
Mr. Berry indicated that he attended St. Mary's school here in Westfield. He spent most of his career in the television business - marketing, sales and management. He debunked the myth that newspapers are struggling. He pointed out that there are three tiers of newspapers 1) National, e.g. NY Times, Wall Street Journal, 2) Regional (e.g. Republican) and 3) Local or Community Papers (e.g. Turley, Westfield). There are more of these than all the other categories. Category 1 and 3 are doing okay. Usually local papers have 50% local news and 50% wire news. Mr. Barry made a decision to only publish local news, because there is no other place to get it. Only his paper covers the greater Westfield area. They cover 5 high schools' sports teams.
Westfield has a population of approximately 42,000 and it’s the 2nd or 3rd largest geographic area in the state. In his opinion, Westfield is on an upswing, coming out of a 30 year slump. His passion is making sure all the important activities in this town get exposure. He discussed the importance of online subscriptions and stressed that it's important to charge for these because the paper needs to cover its costs. The paper's revenues come from 25% subscriptions; 75% ads. Several weeks during the year they run a subscription campaign in which they give the paper away free to spur interest. Why is it an afternoon paper? Because it's unusual and because it's cheaper to print in the afternoon. A press run takes about 10 minutes - too fast to do a second run for corrections. The Pulseline, police line and court line are very popular. The paper does not allow personal attacks, comments on businesses (positive or negative), and only allows local comments. One of the favorite activities of the paper is to get answers to inquiries. There is an online PDF version of the paper (you can find the link under "Weather"). Circulation: 4200 Westfield - 28,000 Pennysaver - 3000 Enfield - 1500 Longmeadow.
Ben Surprise won the Lottery Drawing this week. He drew the Ace of Diamonds, so did not win the pot.
The meeting closed with "America the Beautiful".
Scribing this week,
Sue West
Rotary Meeting – Club Assembly on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2014
After lunch of corned beef and cabbage and cookies with green m&ms the crumbs of which fell on green napkins, President Dawn Carignan-Thomas began the meeting of members mostly wearing something green. After the club proved its need for accompanist Joyce Platt by singing grace and smile songs in her absence, Chris Carey led us in the four way test. President Dawn highlighted details of St. Patrick’s life. The club president then presented Eric Forish his 3rd Paul Harris Award, and she recognized Kate Phelon as a Rotary Foundation Benefactor, a citation earned for including the Foundation in her estate planning.
Dawn then solicited reports:
  • West Springfield Rotary Club’s Band Outing: 9 Westfield club members attended.
  • Chile Cook Off: Rotary Club won!
  • Southwick Club’s Oldies Dance: Heidi Cote reported it was good, the band was Skid Marks.120 -150 attended. Club is only 18 members.
  • Service Projects: Club will help with Retire the Fire
  • Bylaws, no update.
  • Fire Works: Discussed possibility of a booth selling drinks or hamburgers and hot dogs. Projectionsof hamburger sale profits raised concern that it wouldn’t be worth it. Don’t know where rotary grills are. They haven’t been used in years.
  • Dawn read a letter from Sue Atkins, congratulating Westfield club on 75th anniversary. Sue is seeking people to serve as committee members of District Foundation Committee.
  • Membership Committee: Dawn announced plans being made for a membership drive and an open house on some evening.
  • She also announced Art Haselkorn’s resignation from the club.
  • Rene handed out Holyoke’s club brochure as a starting place for ours. He welcomed ideas.
  • Task Force or short term committee for summer fundraising so club can raise enough money to give as grants: Carol Martin, Andrea Allard, Carl Hartdegen.
Jennifer Gruszka announced upcoming speaker: March 24 - Patrick Berry of Westfield News. March 31 -  Younhee Shin on Korean history.
Mark Boardman solicited fines: anyone NOT wearing green, $1 fine for people who attended75th, $2 fine for people who did not attend 75th, Kate Phelon $5 for publicity for symposium. Mark Boardman for trip to Florida. There were others but scribe was too busy paying to catch them. From floor: Gail LaGasse –that Mark didn’t make chile this year. Sue West for a trip to Barbados.
Visitor Gregg Dempsey drew Dawn’s raffle ticket, but she drew the 9 of spades before ending the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Bellows
Rotary Scribe.
Rotary Club of Westfield
March 3, 2014
President Dawn Thomas called the meeting to order at 12:00pm. The group was without a Songmaster, but cheerily sang the Grace and Smile songs.  Sergeant at Arms Jack Conniff led the Four Way Test, and introduced Ben Surprise as a guest.
Health and Welfare:
  • Sandy Tower celebrated a birthday on March 1, and opted for the Club Special sing-a-along.
President’s Announcements:
  • The Rotary Club of Southwick is hosting the upcoming Rock N Roll Oldies Show at the Southwick Rec Center. Tickets are $15. Please see Dawn for more information.
  • 75th Anniversary pictures are now available on our website.
  • Mark Boardman is still looking for volunteers for the fire alarm project, which involves installing fire alarms in the homes of Westfield residents.
Upcoming Speakers:
March 10: No meeting
March 17: Club Assembly/Board meeting
March 24: Patrick Berry, Westfield Evening News
March 31: Younhee Shin, Koren History
  • Finemaster Rock Palmer levied fines for all of those who will not do a CORI for the fire alarm installation, and for all those who will not be participating in the Chili, Chocolate and Chowder cook-off. He then levied fines on all who will be participating!
Fines from the floor:
  • Andrea Allard promoted the upcoming Chili, Chocolate and Chowder Cook-off, which will be held on March 8, and will feature “C-Dawg” chili, made by Chris Carey.  The chili will be cooked at the Westfield Woman’s Club, then transported to the YMCA. Tickets are $7 in advance, $10 at the door. Proceeds will be divided between the YMCA and the Fire Department.
The lucky winner would receive $605.50.  Sandy Tower drew a Joker, increasing the pot by $5!
The meeting closed with a lovely rendition of America the Beautiful.
Jennifer Gruszka

Allard, Andrea
Barclay, John
Paul Harris Committee
Bellows, Richard
Scribe, Song Master
Boardman, Mark
Board Member, Finemaster
Boscher, Lynn
Burek, Joseph
Buzzee, Richard
Board Member, Finemaster
Cameron, Philip
Membership Committee
Carey, Christian
Sargent at Arms
Clark, Donald
75th Anniversary Committee
Conniff, John
Cote, Heidi
Scribe, Web Master
Dobelle, Evan
Flynn, Timothy
Membership Committee
Forish, Eric
75th Anniversary Committee
Gover, Gary
Goyette, Robert
Paul Harris Committee
Gruszka, Jennifer
Speaker Chair, Publicity
Hartdegen, Carl
Hartdegen, Cynthia
Vice President, Song Master, Directory Chair
Haselkorn, Arthur
Scribe, Board Member
Herrick, Robert
Keenan, Thomas
Board Member
Laviolette, Rene
Assistant Governor
Martin, Carol
Board Member, Foundation Committee
Palmer, W. Rockne
Parliamentarian, By-Law & Constitution Review
Phelon, Kate
Board Member, Foundation Committee
Puffer, Judy
Health & Welfare Chair
Rider, Wilson
Teodore, Richard
Orientation - New Members, By-Law & Constitution Review
Thomas, Dawn
West, Susan



Rotary takes 3rd at Chili, Chowder, and Chocolate Cookoff at fund raiser for YMCA and Red Cross.  

Hetty Van Oostgveen Catering Service 's Turkey Chili 1st, Fire Dept took 2nd. Not bad for first time out!


The Westfield Rotary Club is preparing to take the Chili Championship from the Westfield Fire Department with its "Cincinnatti Chili".  The preparations started early Thursday morning with cooks Rock and Carol Palmer, Mark Boardman, Andrea Allard and Art Haselkorn.  They even added a "secret ingredient" to the mix.  (See the pictures in our photo album)







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