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Greetings from the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights

Greetings from the
Rotary Club of Arlington Heights!

Arlington Heights

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Clementi's Restaurant
602 West Northwest Highway
Arlington Heights, IL  60004
United States
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Raymond Benson author of numerous novels and novelettes about super spy James Bond.
ImageHappy Birthday Rotarians
Patti Lock - Oct 10
Kerry Pearson - Oct 11
Will Beiersdorf - Oct 26
Brian Meyer - Oct 27
Pat McMahon - Oct 29
Birthday Chair - Bill Kmiecik

Rotary Speaker September 24, 2015
Liz McKay, a member of our own Ron Walter’s church, is a retired community college administrator who is active with others in learning and talking about Human Trafficking.  She talked to us today about sex trafficking and in particular trafficked teens in the Chicago area.  Mostly females with an average entry age of 12-14 years and some as young as 11, it is estimated that some 16,000 to 25,000 women participate in sex trafficking each day.
Worldwide, sex trafficking has been estimated to be $150 billion a year industry.  The U.S. share of this industry is $9.5 billion consisting of 7,781,205 transactions and that some 100,000 youths participate therein.
Kids are recruited on the internet, in schools, in parks and at malls.  A child may be living at home, attending school and still be sold for sex.
Ms. McKay urged us to view the Sundance Film Festival Director’s Award Winning Dreamcatcher Documentary being shown Sunday September 27 at the Metropolis that exposes human trafficking in our neighborhoods.  A viewing donation of $20.00 is suggested.
Dreamcatcher Foundation has outreach, intervention and prevention programs
September 3rd News and Updates:  Neil Scheufler and Nanette Sowa (of SLSF) are looking for additional foursomes and raffle prizes for the Arlington Classic Duffer of the Year outing on September 16th at Fox Run Golf Links in Elk Grove Village.  The outing benefits the Special Leisure Services Foundation and our Rotary Club.
At our September 3rd lunch meeting we received a "visit" from Charles Benedetti.  Charles is a man of many colors whose resume includes time as a Catholic priest, psychology student, dream analyst, handwriting expert, student of quantum physics, music student, and advocate for music and cursive writing in schools.  Charlie also believes in UFOs, is convinced that the media and government are involved in a massive series of cover-ups, and enjoys talking to the trees and the birds during his walks around the Marriott Lincolnshire golf course.  Charlie asked that any of us that are involved in local PTAs consider providing his contact information to PTA leadership so that Charlie can have the opportunity to speak to PTA groups to push music and cursive handwriting returning to the schools.

Representing The Rotary Foundation, Amanda Runge spoke to us about how the money flows through the Rotary International Foundation.  She introduced herself as one of six hundred persons working for Rotary International and the Foundation in Evanston, Illinois.  During its 2013 through 2014 year, the foundation disbursed $234 million.  Our club raised over $9000.
There are three(3) funds that makeup the Foundation – 1) Annual Fund, 2) Polio Plus, and 3) Endowment.  Rotary International Foundation is rated A+ by the American Institute of Philanthropy.  And, 92 percent of receipts are spent on programs.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) for tax purposes.
Most contributions to the Foundation are designated for the Annual Fund.  After being held for three years, 50 percent  of the money is distributed to the Districts and subsequently used for local grants.  The other 50% is distributed for international grants.
Contributions designated for Rotary’s polio program are run through Polio Plus and are used to End Polio Now through a worldwide vaccination program.  The Gates Foundation has been matching contributions to this fund.
The Endowment Fund is made from large one time gifts.  With limited choices, donors may designate how their contributions are spent.
Contributors to the Rotary Foundation are recognized at the individual level as Paul Harris Fellows and at the club level by the District.  Individuals contributing $250,000 become members of the Arch Klumph Society.  There is an anonymous person in our District who will match up to $500 per member who makes a contribution to the Foundation and will count towards a Paul Harris Fellowship.
ROTARY DIRECT is a program that allows donors to make regular contributions to the Foundation and tabulate them for recognition at the individual and club level.  Enroll Online at
Inducted Bill Kennedy with Molon Motors, classification Manufacturing and Brian Mueller with Edward Jones, classification Finance.
Past District Governor, Ellen Young, presented to Linda Borton a Presidential Citation Award for the Club's achievements during the 2014-2015 year.
Thursday’s announcements included the presentation of our Book Scholar Cesar Barraza who will be studying history and political science at Denison University, Granville, Ohio.  Present with him were his mother, Maria, and his brother, Jesus.

The club extends a warm "Welcome” to new member Ben Weaver.  In the photo, Ben (center) is inducted by President Moellenkamp (right), with sponsor Bill Borst looking on. 
Thanks, Bill, for your sponsorship, and birthday efforts (including cake!).

Announcements: Ron Walter enticed us with descriptions of upcoming programs, including mystery/spy writers and the Wells Fargo chief economist. There’s a listed on our webpage.  Our Golf Classic still has openings, with 68 of 100 slots filled for the 9/16 event.  You can also join several of our town’s honored Green Blazer “Duffers” by winning a Dinner for Eight by buying a chance for $100; Contact Sue Duchek.  Don’t forget to set your timer for our 9/11 Steak Fry of fun, grub, and the good fellowship, which builds us a team of Rotarians !  Wheeling Township Food Pantry thanked us (see letter) for over 1000 items donated and $1,000 in cash.  Our recent project there will become a great summer program for us.
Fine Master Mark Tauber accepted contributions supporting our club and charitable efforts --  from Neil Scheufler for Jennifer’s State Farm help in finding health insurance for his son, and for his daughter’s 10th anniversary, from Ron Crawford, happy about his wedding anniversary, from Bill Borst for Ben Weaver having joined the club,  from Millie Palmer (proudly waring red shoes) for having moved in two daughters into two apartments over two days!  Bob Arnold was happy about his 53rd wedding anniversary.  Jim Bertucci was happy for Caputo's Foods becoming a Santa Run sponsor.  And we were all happy about the large number of significant sponsors –  a great job by the Santa Run team !
There was a "buzz" about Mark’s quiz, having to do with The Birds and The Bees, starting with Bill Kmiecik singing the lyrics to “the Birds and the Bees” as the answer to the mystery song.  For more about the quiz, see More...
A Rotary connection for our speaker, a hardship overcome, and a new business in town brought Sheryl Lunde to us on behalf of Autumn Leaves, the new dementia and Alzheimer’s assisted living facility on South Arlington Heights Rd.  Ms. Lunde said it is dedicated solely to memory care and explained aspects of the diseases, symptoms, and costs.
She noted there are approximately  50 types of dementia, one of which is Alzheimer’s.  Some are reversible, though with Alzheimer’s, all that can be done is to slow the progression and care empathetically for the patients and families.  A distinctive characteristic of Alzheimer’s is that you are unable to work through a problem of memory or orientation, whereas a person with normal aging usually can “walk back” through what happened in order to find the solution…for example, to finding where something was left, who was involved, or where one is. 
To read more, see...


Mary showed us how Math and Adventure can indeed mix…through an interesting life and career.  As she put it, she has earned 3 1/2 college degrees in math-related fields, applied her knowledge to pharmaceutical and food companies.  Try to imagine how she would find herself working at Stateville prison, at a corporate president's office, meeting the likes of Gen. Colin Powell and working at a slaughter house.  And try to imagine back packing and traveling all over the world, and enjoying designing her home in Arlington Heights.
Reflecting on her travels and experiences, she said people around the world are similar to us in many of the things they value such as family, health and a good roof over one’s head.  Asked if she would travel and do the same things today, she said in some ways the world is safer, but there are areas where she would not go today.  For more details and her contact information, click on "More"
Our thanks go to Santa (a.k.a., Mark Tauber), Rohrman Auto Group, and the many Rotarians and family members who represented us in the Arlington 4th of July Parade.  In addition to the weather being "just right", so was the crowd: several of us noticed that the children along the sidelines this year seemed especially polite, with parents reminding them to say "Thank you" for the candy.  It's one of the little things that add up to making being in the parade an enjoyable experience, and good service to Rotary!
Meeting Announcements -- Said Pres. CW, 7/16 our new Dist. Governor, Rodney Adams, will be visiting.  Come and meet him.  7/22  will be something new !  We'll have an evening meeting of service for the food pantry instead of our regular meeting.  We'll do something similar 8/12, not meeting the 13th.  We'll have an hour of service at 6 p.m., followed by fellowship for those who want to participate.
Brian Mulcrone, Sr. Dist. Exec. of the Boy Scouts, and  Terry Ennes, our Scout Troop Liason, and our President, CW Moehlenkamp, made the presentation of $1,000 check to the Scouts in support of their programs.  Brian expressed thanks and appreciation of the donation and for the partnership we have the local scouting.  He feels the bond is all the stronger because the ideals of Scouting are similar to those of Rotary.  Our thanks to Terry for his continued leadership and effort on our behalf.
Almost like back in school, Rick Koebernik was able to "pin" spouse Kari ... as she became a member of the club under the shared membership program.  Welcome Kari, and congrats, Rick, on a good find for Rotary (and spouse)!
Receiving Paul Harris pins in recognition of their donations to the Rotary Foundation were CW Moellenkamp, Brian Meyer, Dave Schultz and Bill Kmiciek.  Several of these awards were for multiple qualifying donations.  To see what the color of precious stones mean in their Paul Harris pins, click here.  Click the small pin icons (with the stones to read the exlanation).  Each Blue one is in recognition off $1,000.  Each Ruby is for each in addition to five.  Members should keep in mind that club matches and other inducements are available to help make the $1,000 level.  Donating is a great way to serve.

President-Elect "CW" Mollenkamp stood in for President Linda Borton who is on a District and club service project in Guatemala.  Announcements included a reminder of the Installation Dinner 6/24 at Rolling Green (no club meeting on the 25th).  CW also reminded us of the 7/4 parade in which we'll promote our primary fund-raiser, the Santa Run.  Any and all club elves are requested and needed to participate.  Larry Niemann told us of a fund raiser for Revelation Golf.  The organization "uses the game of golf as a therapeutic and life skills development tool for veterans, children and adults with cancer or disability", and for at-risk youth.  You can enjoy a good game for a good cause June 18 at Makray Memorial Golf Club.  More info at, or 630-253-7703.  Speaking of fund-raisers, Jim Thomson announced that his daughter's for the school in Africa raised over $7,000.  Congratulations !
New member David Weiner gave his Classification Speech as our program, describing his numerous careers and interests, events in his life, and his family.  Growing up in Wisconsin, he and his family reside here in Arlington.  Golfer's beware -- he has made a hole-in-one, though as he put it, it took a few years to get it done! 
Dave's professions have included packaging, real estate, and Snap On Tools dealerships.  He has lived in Louisville, KY, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Oshkosh, and communities here in Illinois.  Selling a business in 2007, he now works as a property manager and enjoys biking, travel, cross country skiing, baking, home projects...and Scouting.  He proudly stated both his boys have made Eagle Scout.  His wife, Helen, was a guest at the luncehon and heard him thank her for his success and happiness in life.
You can find David's contact information in our club directory.  As for the cute kids in the picture to the right, you can ask Dave about what means to him about early family life.

The speaker at our June 4th lunch meeting was Amanda Runge, the Annual Giving Officer for the Rotary Foundation.  Amanda supervises the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund in Rotary zones 28 and 29 which encompass the Great Lakes area.  Donations to the Rotary Foundation can now be designated to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus Fund, or the Endowment Fund.  Into 2013, the Rotary Foundation created six new distinct areas of focus for the Annual Fund - Building Peace, Fighting Disease, Providing Clean Water, Supporting Mothers and Children, Promoting Education, and Growing Local Economies.  In 2013, the Rotary Foundation gave away $234 million in grants, and was extremely efficient in making its gift, resulting in 92% of the gifts reaching the grant recipient directly.
There are three easy ways to give to the Rotary Annual Fund, or any Rotary fund - online at, send a check in the mail, or become a remember of Rotary Direct where your credit card to be charged on a monthly basis.



It was a pleasure for your "Cub Reporter" to have a guest today...because the spirit of Rotary Fellowship and Service was very much present.  The experience made the visitor think it would be good to join the club.
President Linda Borton inducted former member Del Bloom into the club, with the pinning being done by his sponsor, Mary Cay Chisholm.  These ceremonies are really a good reminder and good explanation of what Rotary membership is truly about.
Linda also reminded us that 7/4 is the 4th of July Parade...and you/we can be in it as part of our unit and pass out Santa Run promotional fliers.  Feel free to simply show up, help out, and have a good time representing our club while promoting our major fund raiser.  Save the date and listen for future announcements about details.

Fine Master

Our Outstanding Stand-In Fine Master, Jim Bertucci, tapped the expertise of our program speaker to stump, fine and reward us appropriately for charity.  Dan Schoenenbert, new Museum Director for the Arlington Heights Historical Museum, was the judge of our responses to questions about Arlington Heights history.  Can you answer one of them?  Do you know some of the other names Arlington Heights by which Arlington Heights has been known?  Read "more" for some answers.

Our Speaker (s)

Before our Speaker Dan Schoeneberg started his presentation, Rotarian Betsy Kmiecik (a Past President of our club) described the Historical Society's fund raiser, "The First Annual Festival of the Wreaths", Friday 11/27 through Sunday, 11/29.  She invited us to spread the word and create or donate a wreath for the festival. She said it's an event which other notable communities have found fun and successful. Information about sponsorships or the project can be found at the museum web page, or call 847-255-1225 or contact Rotarian Neil Scheufler.  She encouraged all of us to feel free to "Think outside the box!" when it comes to our design.
Capably following up with Chapter 2 of the history presentation was our main speaker, Dan Schoeneberg.  He amiably and entertainly introduced himself and reviewed some of the history of the Museum.  It's worth a trip to the museum/pop factory/distictive home(s).  An interesting fact -- the property is owned by the Village, the Park District funds the programming, and the Historical Society owns the artifacts and displays.
In closing, Dan said it's his belief that history can be a personal story, and that's what history is about.  Contact him or ask questions at the museum, 110 W Fremond Street (just west of the Library), 847-255-1225, 

There was something for everyone at last week's Roaring Twenties Mystery Party:  Singing, dancing, gambling, fortune 
tellers, ghosts, dirty cops,  great food and lots of fun. For more pictures go to the photo gallery.


On April 23rd Arlington Heights Mayor Tom Hayes delivered his “State of the Village” address at our lunch meeting.  Mayor Hayes remarked how quickly time has passed during the first two years of his mayoral administration after 24 years as a Village trustee, and how sometimes he is so busy that he'll mistakenly wear mismatched shoes. He also recognized the tremendous support of the Village trustees, and its citizens, clubs and community organizations, and even it terrific kids.  Mayor Hayes’ message was informative but challenging, and included the following points:
  • The Village recently moved its budget process from a fiscal year end to a calendar year each.
  • 12% of property taxes go to the Village.  Year-to-date revenue is 3% over budget, and the hotel/motel tax is 8% more than budget. On the other hand, Village expenses are 3% under budget year-to-date.
  • The municipal garage, the north garage, and Vail Street garage will all undergo significant repairs this year.
  • Although Mayor Hayes supports Governor Rauner’s proposal to cure many years of fiscal mismanagement in Illinois state government, the governor’s current proposal will negatively affect villages. Specifically, the Governor’s current proposal would result in a $3.7 million reduction in state funding to the Village (but the actual reduction will likely be less after negotiation). The reduction in funding will primarily affect essential services such as police fire and public works. In order to meet this funding reduction, the Village can cut services, increase property taxes and/or dip into its reserves, all of which are tough choices.
  • The Village is moving forward on its plans to construct a new police station to replace the existing police station built in 1979 that is out of date in many ways. The new police station will be built on the current site, which will require temporary accommodations for employees, vehicles, witnesses and prisoners. 
  • The Village had the fourth lowest crime rate in a 2013 survey of 437 communities in the United States with populations in excess of 75,000 people.
  • Metropolis is funded exclusively by the food and beverage tax assessed in the Village. The result is that much of the Metropolis funding comes from non-residents of the Village who visit and patronize Village businesses. A recent survey confirmed that 75% of the tickets sold at Metropolis are sold non-residents of Arlington Heights.  How do we get more Village residents to utilize Metropolis?
  • The Rohrman Lexus dealership on Dundee will be opening soon, and One North Arlington at Euclid and Rohlwing Road is already 33% occupied.

We have our first four prospective new members under our pilot Shared Membership Program:
Karin "Kari" Koebernick,  teacher, Schaumburg District 59.   Primary member:  Rick Koebernick
Megan Specht,  Real Estate, Picket Fence Realty.  Primary member:  Sue Duchek
Deb Smart, Retail/Restaurant, Tuscan Market.  Primary member:  Amy Philpott
Chris Wood, Physician, Northwest Eye Physicians.  Primary member:  Bill Park 

At our March 19th lunch meeting, we started our FUN Challenge with an event designed to increase fellowship, and it sure worked. For the event, we were divided into four teams, and each team was challenged to match fun facts to the Rotarians on other teams that the fun fact applied to. It was a great opportunity to chat with everyone for 20 minutes, and we all certainly learned some very interesting and entertaining facts about each other.  Marquis the European race car driver!?  Duchek the champion angler!?
The next event in the FUN Challenge begins next week and will require each team will create a two minute commercial about Rotary, which basically answers the question "Why Rotary"?  Each team will create its commercial next week and present it the following week.

At our meeting Thurday, we were joined by menbers of the Calderwood family, village police and officials to celebrate AHPD's Doug Glanz being awarded officer of the year. "Bill" Calderwood was a Rotarian and former chief of police.  Our club administers the award fund set up by the Calderwood family in his honor.  We host the ceremony as a public service.
Office Glanz said "he got the genes to be a good police officer from his father, who spent 36 years on the force in Evanston...There's nothing else I'd rather do. A lot of the way I police is because of him,' Glanz said Thursday after the Arlington Heights Police Department named him its L.W. Calderwood Officer of the Year. 'It's in my blood.'"  [from DH reporter Mellissa Silverberg's story}
For the story and a meaningful video which appeared in the Daily Herald Friday, click here [ ], or see below without video.
 Over the past few months, we have discussed a new program that we are initiating called the Paul Harris Fellow Jumpstart Program.  The program is described in a document which is posted in our Club Documents in the Member Area of Clubrunner.
The purpose of this program, is to effectively use both the Club’s and individual Members’ Foundation Recognition Points and provide Paul Harris Fellows for each new member as they join the Club.  This will help us attain and remain a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club in the future!
Foundation Recognition Points are provided for each dollar that a Rotary Member contributes to the Rotary Foundation.  The only use for these Recognition Points is (in the spirit of Rotary International) to give them away (or “transfer” them) to another person for purposes of obtaining a Paul Harris Fellow.  As a Club, we have 27,000 points accumulated!  And many members have more than 500 points.  Let’s put these to good use by providing a boost to our new members so that they can become a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) upon entering our great Club!
The program allows for a new member to donate $100 to the Rotary Foundation, while the Club will transfer 650 points and a Club member will transfer 250 points in the new member’s name which will provide the new member with their first PHF.  Our VP of the Foundation will work with the members of the Club to identify one who would be willing to transfer points for each new member.
We hope that this member will also take the time to get to know the new member a little better and once again explain the benefits of PHF and the great affect that the Rotary Foundation makes in our community, our nation and around the world.  As new members are engaged and blessed by this initial action, all of our members will be encouraged to continually “Be a Gift to the World” throughout our life as Rotarians.  And as New Members begin to understand this earlier in their Rotary experience, perhaps they will want to continue to obtain multiple Paul Harris Fellows so that they can “pay it forward” to “future new members.”

President Borton reviewed the results of the recent member satisfaction survey she had sent out.  Linda said taking the club's pulse at this half-way point in the year could be useful and we were able to do so frugally by using a basic survey version from Survey Monkey.
It had a great response rate-- 46 of 59 members participated !  Though most members were satisfied, she said that interestingly, the answers reflected the age groupings within the club.  The purpose of the survey was to explore satisfaction with meeting organization, content and the venue. 



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