As you may know the six Rotary Clubs in the Tri-Cities work together to put on the Great Columbia Duck Race.  Proceeds from the race are split among the clubs for distribution to charitable organizations in our community.  Part of the appeal of the Duck Race are the great prizes donated to the cause.  We have about 50 prizes as part of the Duck Race package.
Each year several prizes go unclaimed or are turned down.  Typically the items are turned down because the winner doesn’t live nearby or the prize is something they can’t use. (example: a home improvement item won by a person who lives in an apartment.)
For the last three years, instead of letting these prizes fade to dust, we have created an online auction and made them available to Rotarians and others to bid on. 100% of the funds raised go into the current years Duck Race.
This year’s items can be found by following the following link:  
Please check out the site, bid early and often.  And share the link with anyone you know who may have an interest.
The auction closes at the end of the day, Sunday the 1st of February (11:59 pm)

Good morning fellow Rotarians –
This is the final e-mail you’ll get from me regarding our forthcoming R.L.I. sessions on January 17 at the Pasco Red Lion. This is being sent to BOTH the Part 1 and Part 2 registrants, so some of the information may not apply directly to you. I have used a blind-copy to protect individual e-mails at this time. If you are comfortable with sharing this information amongst fellow attendees, we can discuss it at the session.
We will be using two rooms that are beside each other. The DESIGN room will hold the Part 1 session and the PROJECT room will hold the Part 2. Coffee and munchies to start will be available, from about 8:30 am prior to our start, in the hallway between the rooms. BOTH session will start at 9:00 am sharp.
For Part 1 people – please bring a pen or pencil (or your tablet if you prefer to take notes on that). You will be supplied with everything else.
For Part 2 people – please bring your binder and materials from Part 1. You also need to bring you tent card and name tag. IF you can’t locate one or both of these, please notify me PRIOR to Wednesday noon and I’ll produce new tag or tent card for you. [I leave early Friday morning to drive there, so don’t leave it too late.], You’ll also need something to write with/take notes and the rest will be there when you get there.
Payments are expected at the start of the morning – checks payable to Allan Davis , please. A club check is fine – the rates are: $85 per person unless there are 3 or more from the same club attending the same session. In that case, the rate drops to $75 per person [sorry TriCities Sunrise – you have 2 in Part 1 and 2 in Part 2…no discount].
I am not aware of any food allergies or restrictions, so if you have information to the contrary, I need to know very quickly so I can share it with the hotel catering people.
Your team of facilitators is very excited about this ‘FIRST’ in our district…we hope you are too.
Warmest Rotary regards
Allan Davis
District 5080 R.L.I. Coordinator

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