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Summer of 2015

Golf tourney, member BBQ at Don's, and the Special Needs Tent at the boat races; Wow, what a start to the summer of 2015.  Thanks to everyone for their support of these events and please take a look at the photo albums to the left to take in some of the images.  No one does summer like the Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary.  

2015 Water Follies:  Sunrise Rotary Special Needs Viewing Area
Sunrise Rotary proudly hosts the 2015 Special Needs Viewing Area sponsored by Specialty Mobility.  All eligible special needs patrons are encouraged to enjoy the Water Follies activities from this smoke-free prime location near the Vietnam Memorial on the Kennewick side, complete with shaded tent, cooling misters, water and ice,  private special-designed port-a-potties, shuttle service  and Rotary volunteers to attend to special needs.  
This unique viewing area is available to all eligible special needs patrons and ONE accompanied caregiver.  Special Needs eligibility includes:  wheelchair bound and/or physical and developmental disabilities.  All entrants must show proof of a purchased daily or weekend pass. 
Dial-A-Ride service for the Special Needs area will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday for eligible patrons.  Sunday Service will run from 8-11am ; $1.50 each way.  Dial A Ride will leave Columbia Park Special Needs area 15 minutes after the final race.  All Dial A Ride reservations must be made by 5:00pm on Thursday for Friday and by NOON on Friday for Saturday AND Sunday.  Call 735-0160 for Dial-A-Ride reservations. 
Tri-City Water Follies has a designated handicap parking area as well. Please use the Highway 240 entrance in Kennewick into the GA main lot. If you require assistance to get in to Columbia Park from the parking lot, please phone 509/460-6504 or 509-551-0572. Pasco, park access is located off Rd. 54.