Rotarians hard at work!  Below are dedicated Sunrise Rotarians Jeff Lembcke, Mitch Roach, and Don Miksch working hard at the East Benton County Historical Society museum.  Please click on the photo album link on the left side of the page for more photos.
It has long been the mission of Rotary International to eradicate the world of polio once and for all.  After decades of hard work and dedication to the cause, the final stages of this goal appear to be well within reach.  I encourage everyone to click on the link below and read about the tremendous progress that has been made in this great endeavor.
What is it that makes Rotary great?  What is it that attracts you to such an organization?  How do you feel when you do great things for your community or others around the world?  Give the greatest gift you can ever give, invite someone you know to join Rotary and get that feeling too.  Please read the document at the bottom of our home page entitled "Developing Your Club" and think about the people in your world that would make great Rotarians!