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September 2015

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The Rotary Club of New Providence (RCNP) started the Rotary Year "popping" with its Annual Fundraiser, "party in the back yard style". President William Wilson and the RCNP members would like to extend heartfelt thanks to PP Barrett McDonald and his wife, Jennie for allowing us to host our New Year’s Party at their home. Thank you to the Fundraising Committee, Chaired by Mechelle Martinborough, for organizing this event, which was an auspicious occasion - team you out did yourselves. We appreciated our entire guest that supported our club, partying with us, and to District Governor Felix Stubbs, and his beautiful wife, Carla we say thank you in helping make this event an exciting, and memorable one.

Last night’s event will be talked about for years to come. The food was excellent, the drinks were never ending and the entertainment was OFF THE CHAIN! President William and Rotarian Lisa showed us a new dance move that was EPIC! PI Chair Lathera then serenaded President William with Beyonce’s - “Love on top” the Congo line lead by Administration Chair Inga and Service Project Chair James had the party rockin; but the highlight that made the night was our very own 7020 District Governor Felix Stubbs and his wife that stole the show with their dance to Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”. We can truly say we are "Bringing Fun Back and Progress Over Personalities".

For photo of last night’s event visit our Website and Facebook page.
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He began his talk to our club by stating that we (Bahamians) miss a lot of fundamentals in health. We don’t talk enough about wellness but rather we focus on how to handle ourselves when we get ill. Dr. Sparkman noted that he has been a dentist for thirty six (36) years. He has practiced here in The Bahamas for those thirty six years. Dr. Sparkman then asked if any members of the club do not floss? Marvin, a new club member raised his hand and stated that for him it simply boiled down to being lazy.

Dr. Sparkman informed us that dental health boils down to two things; home care and professional care. Home care includes flossing every night. You open the door to falling ill by not flossing every night. It is impossible to thoroughly cleanse your mouth without flossing. It doesn’t matter how good you brush, it’s a fundamental thing that you must floss - brush then floss. Brush at least twice a day. In order to brush effectively it must be done with a soft toothbrush every day. The correct toothbrush is a soft toothbrush. Dr. Sparkman was asked what was wrong with a medium or hard toothbrush? He told all present that you would not brush properly, you avoid gums because the bristles are too hard and you will destroy the enamels of your teeth that will brush away. We brush with a soft toothbrush primarily to brush the gums.

With professional care, you should see your dentist twice a year for cleaning. When asked how many of us have professional care, only a third of the persons in the room raised their hands. Dr. Sparkman asked the club, “Why don’t we have regular care?” There were various responses:-
- It’s inconvenient.
- Something always comes up.
- Long wait to see your dentist after making an appointment.
- Bahamians have not been told the importance of dental health/education.

Dr. Sparkman made us aware that many Bahamians don’t know about the importance of dental health and its fundamentals. Many parents don’t know that their kids must go to the dentist. If they don’t go then their kids don’t know. We need good education and good health care in our country. Parents are raising the next generation of Bahamians. Children should start getting their teeth cleaned at 3 or 4 years old. The mouth can tell how healthy you are in general and your partner’s mouth has to be just as healthy as yours in order to for your mouth to remain healthy.

Dr. Sparkman closed with reiterating a few key points from his talk:-
a. If you’ve been using a medium or hard toothbrush change it.
b. If you floss on your own schedule, switch to daily. If you do not floss in your 30’s or now by your 60’s you will lose your teeth.
c. Cleanliness. A clean mouth does not get diseases. A clean mouth stays healthy.
d. Bahamians don’t read. We need to be more vigilant and educate ourselves. Dr. Sparkman has been writing dental articles every week since August.
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IPP Johnson introduced himself as Club Trainer and his task, as assigned by Membership chair Valentino Hamilton, is to provide the club with more educational and learning opportunities.
Here are facts divulged:-
Before the 1970’s the rotary clubs in the Caribbean were considered to be non district clubs. This means that in the Caribbean because of our location we were not all considered a part of the district, although Rotary International still chartered clubs in our region. From 1923 – 1973, district clubs were not recognized as district clubs but as non-district clubs. Also, an interesting fact, around the same time we were considered district clubs we were not originally known as District 7020, but as District 404.
In 1992, we were renumbered from 4040 to 7020 and were officially known as District 7020. During non district years, we had three district governors.
IPP Jipcho Johnson shared facts and encouraged all club members to visit ClubRunner,, and Rotary History Global Foundation at to educate ourselves on the history of Rotary.
IPP Jipcho Johnson also facilitated a ‘Jeopardy Quiz’ after his presentation to test the club’s knowledge of rotary history. As in Jeopardy, members were given the answer and asked to provide the question.
President Wilson then read the message from District Governor Felix, July 2015 (refer to Tuesday, July 14, 2015 meeting’s agenda for excerpt of the message read).
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The Rotary Club of New Providence held its first Community Service Project for the new Rotary year at Sandilands Primary School on Saturday, July 4, 2015. Club members built benches on the school grounds for students to have their lunches and to use to sit and study.

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The Family: People Helping People is a program that offers counseling
sessions to families, and/or groups at the various locations, days, and
times listed in the table.  Persons of all ages, race, or creed, are
welcome to attend.  For more information, the contact telephone
numbers, and email address have been provided. click here


At its September 30, 2014 meeting the Rotary Club of New Providence was delighted by the presentation of the Assistant District Rotoract Representative, Taran Mackey.  The ADRR shared his very insightful views on the way that Rotarians could bridge the gap between Rotoractors and Rotary to ensure the transition to Rotary once they age out from Rotoract.  Taran noted that conducting joint projects, encouraging attendance at Rotary meetings by Rotoractors and general engagement and mentorship are only some of the ways to ensure and encourage the transition. Specifically referencing RCNP Taran noted that some of the benefits that RCNP could leverage in attracting Rotoractors are the fact that we are the only Rotary Club that meets in the evening, the average age of Members being under one hundred and the fact that we have great parties all while working very hard.  Thanks Taran for a great presentation.

RCNP looks forward to an equally exciting vocational presentation by Dr. Andre Clarke at its meeting on Tuesday October 7, 2014.




Register for 2015 Rotary-UN Day
Register online to take part in Rotary Day at the United Nations on 7 November. This annual event at UN Headquarters in New York City offers Rotary members and others a unique opportunity to learn how we work with the United Nations to advance peace and improve the lives of those most in need. This year’s meeting highlights the UN’s 70th anniversary and Rotary’s longstanding relationship with the organization. The program will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and recognize Rotary women of action from around the world. Attendees are invited to meet at Rockefeller Center the morning...
Call for 2016 convention breakout proposals
Do you have an idea or project that you want to share with the Rotary world? Consider leading a breakout session at the 2016 Rotary International Convention in Seoul. Submit your proposal by 15 October to share your successes with projects, efforts to strengthen membership, partnerships, leadership development, and more. The proposal form is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.
Making a difference through Rotary Youth Exchange
When Gabriela Vessani was 12 years old, her mother took her to stay with friends in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, for the summer. “I loved it, so when I heard about Rotary Youth Exchange, I knew that was something I wanted to do,” says Vessani, who is an Interactor from São Paulo. This year, Vessani participated in the program. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Waterdown, Ontario, Canada, she stayed with four families, one of which included adopted children from different parts of the world.    “They had seven children, and it was crazy for me. But I loved it,” she says. “It was such a unique...