South Eastman Rotary welcomes newest member Sandra Loeppky to the club. We are thrilled to have had the pleasure of getting to know Sandy and look forward to her personal and professional contributions to all we are doing in the Southeast. Welcome, Sandy!

For information on becoming a member, or to join us for lunch contact

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On October 17th, the Southeast came together for lunch in support of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program. In partnership with the Hanover School Division, the RCMP, and our sponsors, we heard from students firsthand on the impact of this program, as well as from keynote Addictions Counsellor and TEDx Winnipeg speaker Aleethia Mackay on how we can support our youth to say NO to drugs.


Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the event, and for your ongoing support of this critical program. Together, our community will continue to provide the necessary materials and supplies to keep the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program running for the 2019-2020 school year.

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Rob Toews of Lakeview Insurance Steinbach is the oldest of three brothers who grew up in Steinbach. With three boys in the house, he still remembers being banned from watching the A Team and Dukes of Hazzard because of the ensuing chaos him and his brothers were inspired to cause after watching the action. Rob was highly active in sports as a child, playing hockey in the winters and baseball in the summers. He fondly recalls......

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"Strength is simply the ability to produce force against a resistance"
South Eastman Rotary had the unique opportunity to hear from Aaron Maier of Stone Brook Strength last month, on the importance of "AGING STRONG".
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Twenty Pot Pies will be distributed to local families thanks to the efforts of South Eastman Rotary.
South Eastman Rotarians gathered as a group on Wednesday February 20th in a non-traditional activity and embodied their commitment to Service Above Self. As outlined in the official AVENUES OF SERVICE...
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South Eastman Rotary heard from Executive Director of Red Rock Bible Camp Chris Marchand at their first meeting of 2019. Chris' experience in the social justice system as a young offender took him down a dangerous path. Today he is grateful for the influence of non-traditional Christians, and has dedicated his work life to helping provide youth of Manitoba with the social assets they need to avoid a life of addiction and crime.
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Thank you to Carolyn Peters, President and CEO of Silver Lining Care for joining us in October to share her passion for her community and the people in it.  Carolyn founded Silver Lining Care in 2015, creating a cohesive caring team to support families. Her values of faith, family and service have created a team of caregivers whose primary purpose is connection with the people they serve. Congratulations to Silver Lining Care for winning the 2018 Medium Business Award at the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce Annual Genereal Meeting this past summer. 
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The Canadian Red Cross' personal disaster recovery team offers 72 hour emergency assistance in the event of a personal disaster such as a house fire. 
Thanks to Bob Chochinov for his presentation to our club on November 21st. 
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The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program is funded entirely by private contributions through the fundraising efforts of South Eastman Rotary Club.  Our annual fundraiser will ensure this essential education program continues to reach classrooms across the Southeast region and develop the resilience of our youth in making safe decisions in the face of peer pressure and bullying. 
$300 will sponsor one classroom for the 2018-2019 school year. All amounts are gratefully accepted.  
Please mail your contribution to:
South Eastman Rotary
PO Box 22067
Steinbach, MB R5G 1B5
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The next time a guest comes to speak at Rotary, you can bet they’ll get a proper introduction.
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When a natural disaster strikes, a country is facing devastation due to political unrest or an event has happened that has left a population without shelter they are some of the first to respond.
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Steinbach Chamber of Commerce President Kent Ledingham attended a recent Rotary meeting to explain the Chamber's history and role in our community.
The mission of the local Chamber of Commerce is to unite and represent Steinbach and area businesses in the belief that the resulting economic growth and stability provides an enhanced quality of life for residents here.  That's according to Kent Ledingham, who took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Rotarians recently. 
Ledingham informed South Eastman Rotary members about the different committees of the chamber and how they work together to provide the business community with a way to connect with each other and the community, educate employees and employers and advocate for a business community locally, provincially and federally. 
Another highlight of the luncheon was the answer to the question ''Why does someone join the chamber?''  Ledingham explains it's different for everyone but key reasons include member to member programs, networking opportunities and community involvement and support. 
Thank You Kent!  Rotarians look forward to working more with the Chamber in the near future and years to come. 
Click here to learn more about our local chamber.  
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South Eastman Rotary club officially inducted two new members today.  
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