ShelterBox Canada Ambassador, Ron Noseworthy with Youth Exchange Student, Rebeca
Story and Pictures from ShelterBox Canada
ShelterBox Canada is pleased to have the support from Youth Exchange Student, Rebeca, who is living in Sioux Lookout, ON for the year.
ShelterBox Canada Ambassador Ron Noseworthy presented at the Rotary Club of Sioux Lookout last week and had the opportunity to meet Rebeca and learn more about her fundraising efforts for ShelterBox Canada. Prior to the meeting, Rebeca had already raised $1,600 for ShelterBox Canada. One of the Rotarians at the meeting said that he would donate another $50 to ShelterBox Canada if Rebeca could get into the empty ShelterBox. She obliged and has the pictures to prove it.
Rebeca at the Rotary meeting in April 2017
Rebeca is from Spain and has raised money by walking dogs, selling baked goods, selling her paintings, and other projects to reach her initial goal of raising enough funds for a complete ShelterBox ($1,200). She is now well on her way to raising enough to fund two ShelterBoxes, having raised $1,650 so far!
Rebeca also hosted a successful “Rendezvous With Rebeca” at a Rotarian’s elegant, lakeside cottage in a rustic setting on remote Pelican Lake near Sioux Lookout. Rebeca and the Rotary Club of Sioux Lookout’s Chair of Youth Services, Sylvie MacDonald, prepared chili, bannock and desserts for $30 per person with all proceeds going to ShelterBox Canada.
Unfortunately, there was snow and rain in Sioux Lookout on the same day of another event Rebeca planned which slowed down attendance, however, she did not let it deter her from promoting ShelterBox in the downtown area. There she continued to raise awareness of ShelterBox Canada and raised $400.
The team at ShelterBox Canada would like to extend a huge thank you to Rebeca for her inspiring fundraising efforts! It is incredible to hear stories from communities across the country and learn more about our hardworking supporters. Thank you for helping us to ensure no family is without shelter.