Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 08, 2019
Did you know that the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust was formally brought into existence exactly 21 years ago? Here is an extract from the last club bulletin of 1997/1998:
Our Club registers its own Charity Company
At last Wednesday’s Board Meeting, the formal go ahead was given to setup our own Charity Organization.  This was also necessary to ensure that the people donating to the Wheel Chair Project receive full Tax Deductibility, and that the materials purchased can be bought Salestax Exempt. [Yes, that was before GST! And yes, I still had hair then... ☺ Ed.] Jonathon Withers and Peter Presser have worked tirelessly to get this on the rails prior to 30 June.  The structure of the company will be that the members of Surfers Sunrise will always have total control of the Charity Company:  Its office bearers will always consist of both the current and past Presidents, plus another three directors as well as the Secretary and Treasurer are to be elected/confirmed annually to their positions by the club members.  The initial board of the Charity Company will be as follows:
President:                    Des La Rance
Vice President:            Phil Parry (Club President 1998/99)
Directors:                    Franz Huber (Immediate Past Club President)
                                    John Appleton
Secretary:                   Johathon Withers
Treasurer:                   Bob Harrison
The Wheelchair Trust has truly come of age! 21 years later: going stronger than ever!