Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 11, 2017
This Wednesday, our German Youth Exchange Student Lukas Lührmann will give us a presentation about his year Down Under. He will fly back to his home country this Thursday.
Last week, your Editor took  into Lukas to the Rainforest, the Warrie Circuit in Springbrook National Park. The contrast to hiking in his home country couldn't be more different: there are relatively few big mountain views on the Warrie Circuit, but it features not only a great variety of Rainforest, but one starts at the top, goes to the bottom and comes up on the other side again...
Lukas had never been in the deep bush before, and I'm quite sure he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Regrettably, even though we started early, had a perfect, beautiful sunny day, not a single Bluetongue Lizard, not to mention a Carpet Python or (heavens forbid) a Black Snake was to be seen. But, the waterfalls were still beautiful...  And, since I still hadn't quite regained my usual fitness, I was most grateful that Lukas moved at a more sedate pace than one would normally expect from a young, fit teenager! ☺ Ed.