She flies under the banner of 'The Coaching Godmother', as in Life Coaching. Well, if anyone ever clearly outlined that Nike's trademark 'Just do it' is not just for top athletes, or for that matter anyone running around in cross trainers and lycra - well, Margaret is your coach! 
Born in New Zealand, she landed in Darwin in the 1980, answering an advertisement to look after a Quadriplegic, a teenager not just quadriplegic, but also suffering an intellectual disability. She wasn't really prepared, she didn't understand the "personal care" aspect till then, except that she herself had suffered a personal breakdown. Well, that person in a wheelchair may have been severely disabled, but that didn't stop her from wanting to... skydive.  Skydive? How do you get a quadriplegic, wheelchair bound person into a tandem parachute harness? And then, to top it off, the plane isn't big enough to allow two people to jump, because Margaret had to help pushing her out?  But, it was a major item on her charge's "bucket list".  Never mind that in the excercise, she suffered two broken knees...
"Always take the road to the left of life" is Margaret's credo. She has worked with indigenous people, a paraplegic Rugby player, whom she accompanied as a fully paid carer to Canada and Los Angeles. On to Tijuana, where the owner of the Taxi she hired, a "huge, scary guy with tatoos all over him" unceremoniously lifted her ex Rugby player up and gently placed him in the car, then drove them to a huge meeting hall in the middle of nowhere, outside of which were parked some 300 Harley Davidsons...  The road to the left of life? More like it the entire road! ☺