Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 07, 2019
“Cancer is not a new phenomenon”, Manuela explained. “There are records from as far back as about 1600 BC in Egypt, and of course Hyppocrates (460 BC) has referred to it.”
Manuela Boyle spoke at last Wednesday's Surfers Sunrise meeting. She specializes in 'Personalized Integrative Cancer Care Therapies' and she is a highly qualified, internationally recognized Master Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist. She recently has been accepted as an external expert by the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, speaks at international conferences, is a published author of several peer-reviewed papers. Her approach to cancer treatment focuses on holistic evidence-based  therapies aimed at improving the immune system function. She advocates what she calls ‘Integrative Oncology’. In essence, treatments prescribed the medical specialist addresses the specific “solid” cancer only and often results only in a relatively short extension of the patient’s life time. Manuela combines this treatment with natural therapies, which addresses the whole person. Some of the major points Manuela outlined: It needs to be individualized, treating both the cancer and the person. It must be evidence based. It must include nutritional delivery of 
complex nutrients and botanicals, with carefully selected anti-cancer diets based on the metabolic rate of each cancer. And most importantly, it must be targeted towards the goals of overall wellbeing, gene stability and helping the patient to lead a normal life.
The subject is complex; Manuela’s presentation included numerous slides. For non-medical people like most of our members, the obvious ones always stand out. Aren’t we all guilty of offending sometimes: A somewhat overweight gentleman receives a huge hamburger at a fast food store. The attendant asks “Would you like Chemotherapy with that?” Here are the seven most important items to live by to prevent cancer:
  • Vitamin D (sunshine), for example, dry your clothes in the sun rather than in a dryer
  • Exercise regularly, especially stretching exercises, yoga
  • Attitude! Yes, Positive Attitude!
  • Get enough sleep
  • Stress Management, especially prevent chronic stress
  • Mindfulness: practice meditation, yoga
  • And last word: Be gentle with yourself!
You can learn much, much more on Manuela’s website: