Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 16, 2017
If you were to meet Jane Rushton in an every day environment such as a social gathering, you would be perfectly excused to simply assess her as an elegant, impeccably dressed and well spoken lady. That is exactly where your mind would be tricked...  You see, some 25 years ago, Jane was told by her doctors that, even if she was to recover, she would never again walk on an uneven surface. For a dedicated athlete (Jane had competed in Triathlon), a life sentence.
In 1992 Jane was a victim in a horrendous road crash. "Nearly every bone in my face was broken, my leg was shattered" she explains. "When my parents came to visit me at the hospital, they couldn't recognize me; I had to hold up my hand". She also lost the iris lens from her left eye as the cornea had opened.
Since then, she underwent some 18 major operations and of course uncounted hours of therapy. The highlight of her road to recovery: replacing her original artificial eye, she received one with a hand painted iris, lens and corneal transplant which is undetectable. Even now, her voice still slightly cracks up with emotion when she talks about it. Whilst this might have put her on the road to a remarkable physical recovery, there is always the much harder side of mental recovery. "I chose to change my thinking" Jane explained, "instead of being a victim, I chose to make my life wonderful. What you think is what you feel. Step back and re-evaluate".  Sound easy, doesn't it? Well, perhaps not. But her experience motivated her to also help others and to this effect she has written a book: Click on this link: 'Mind Tricks - 5 Easy Steps'. A second volume 'I lost my face' will be published in 2018. Jane is also on the International Speaker circuit - go to for details of her next major engagement, a 3 day Retreat in Hamner Springs, New Zealand.