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Happy Monday Y’all,
Hard to believe the Rotary Year is coming to a close and I now am in the process of writing the Presidents report for the year. As I trawl through all my emails and calendar entries to summarise what on earth we have been up to for the last year, some things seem like only yesterday and some like a million years ago. Time and memory is surely a funny thing. If you haven’t voted for your Rotarian of the Year- please do, so Gerald we can get the trophies engraved.
Thanks to our dynamic duo, Larry and Col, with the support of our Trust Treasurer, Doug we have great news on the Wheelchair Project – our lads have managed to secure a shipment of 200 wheelchairs along with some desks and chairs over to PNG shortly. That’s fantastic as it relieves the pressure of our overstock of wheelchairs and means children over there will gain some mobility and a better quality of life for their families. It looks like we will be loading on 15th June- so if you’re looking for an excuse to visit our revitalised Shed and get involved- that’s your chance.
It was a super Board Meeting last week as we voted on how we would spend the funds we have raised. Always a satisfying thing to do, but a hard one as there are some many deserving causes. However, the following three were our pick. Friends with Dignity speaks to my own chosen cause in helping victims of domestic violence to repatriate to safe locations; you may recall we had a presentation from them in 2016 and since then, they have grown exponentially to become Australian Charity of the Year in 2018. The do a wonderful job and I love the thought that our bucket rattling, sausage sizzling and bike selling will result in it being just a little easier for children fleeing dangerous homes to settle into a new, safer life. We also want to support further strengthen ties with Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club – they have done a great job at accommodating our various and varying requests, for little or no cost and will be a great ally for us in the future. They also do a sterling job keeping our beaches safe and so a donation will go to them. Finally, we have a small donation to make to the Gold Coast Islamic Society to support them in their work of feeding the local homeless, again helping families torn by domestic violence and international humanitarian efforts in war torn countries. Our fledgling relationship with them is going to grow and we can work together to take a multi faith approach to our efforts.
More of the year that was (and the year ahead from Mario) on 23rd June- hope you have all booked your tickets. It’s a highlight of the Rotary year for me and this year – I am super excited about it. Can’t imagine why... ☺
Hope to see you Wednesday.
Mrs W.
This Wednesday: Social breakfast at the SLSC
This Wednesday 5th June, we'll have our customary fortnightly social breakfast at the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club - downstairs area.  Friends and visitors always welcome! Simply order your breakfast at the bistro counter and join us (usually at the northern side of the club).
Lou Christeson: Electric Cars
If one ever met the proverbial engineer, that would be Lou Christeson. He gives the simple impression that he is... right on top of his vocation. His CV is impressive: 54 years in the electrical distribution industry, developing the first computerized System Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) system in NZ, culminating in various senior positions with various Power Authorities on the NZ North Island.  And, he hastens to add: "No! I wasn't there when the 6 weeks black-out occurred in Auckland in 1998!"
Lou's principal subject was the electric car, and the feasibility of a target of 50% of passenger vehicles going electric by 2030.  The "ridiculous promises made during the recent elections" prompted him to look further into this. Yes, the efficiency of the electric motor is indisputable: petrol rates at between 15 and 30% efficiency, electricity rates at 80% efficiency.  "There's no clutch, torque converter or variable-ratio gearbox needed, it has no brushes and - apart from the bearings - no moving parts. No exhaust system, turbo charger, oil pump, distributor, air filter, pistons, valves, camshafts, catalytic converters.  And the motor acts as a brake, converting energy back into the system as you are rolling down the hill..."  All good! So, why wouldn't we simply jump to it?
Besides the high acquisition cost, the main issue seems to be the supply of electricity. A 'Supercharger' can re-charge a Tesla S for about 270 Km in 30 minutes. But a 20 point Charger Station would require a loading of 2 MW, the equivalent of what 670 houses use in average in a day!  And of course, at present there aren't too many Supercharger Stations around.  The Nissan Leaf, currently the most popular electric car, has a battery capacity of 24 KW, giving it a range of about 140 Km in summer, about 80 Km in winter (the new model has a 40 Kw battery, extending it to about 270 Km).  However, assuming that most people would recharge their cars at home, overnight: on a standard 10 Amp socket, it would take some 35 hours. OK, so all will install a 40 Amp socket. This will reduce it to about 9.5 hours.  But where will the infrastructure to supply all that electricity come from? Currently, Australia is struggling to supply its industry and households "normal" requirements. In simple terms, if 50% of households would fit a 40 Amp socket to re-charge overnight, it would require the replacement of all the power infrastructure, from massive power generators to the distribution system.
Lou also outlined some very interesting facts about renewable energy, which space doesn't permit me to outline in this summary.  You can download a copy of his speech notes from the Download Section on the right.  In summary: it would appear that the electric cars target, like so many other "pie in the sky" projects dreamed up on the back of an envelope by populist politicians and eagerly supported by the various industries which benefit from the government subsidies, hasn't been properly thought through, if at all. Or perhaps it has, but the proponents of such schemes rely on the gullibility of the "average voter".
Photo by Charles Thomasson: Col Laurenson with his friend Lou Christeson (right)
Changeover Luncheon: Sunday 23rd June
Set your diary (and your partner's) for this year's Changeover Luncheon:
President Jo Winwood and Elect Mario Fairlie invite all members, Associate members and their partners and friends to join them for our traditionally classy event.  This year it will be held at
Links Hope Island
Hope Island Road
Hope Island  4212
Price $30.00 per head for an elegant two course lunch.
Superb venue, easy parking.
Please pre-pay (we really don't want to collect money on the day)!  Click on this link to reach to booking site: Note: Bookings are limited to a maximum of 60 seats - first come first served. We need to advise the venue of final numbers a week ahead, thus bookings will close on Monday 17/06/19 at 07:00 am.  Please contact Graham Isaacson if you require assistance.
Snippets of last week's meeting 240519
Ian Mayberry was at the door, as well as, in the absence of Andy Bell, Sergeant and Col Laurenson was Chairman.
We had apologies from Peter Morgan, Jo Winwood and Andy Bell.
President Elect Mario Fairlie welcomed all members and visitors Ross Augustine (RC of Frankston Sunrise) and Associate Member Bryan Tuesley.  Bryan took the opportunity to express the sincere thanks to the club on behalf of the Associate Members for the great support provided by our members in both man hours and financially.
Mario expressed his appreciation for the work that was performed at the recent Small Business Expo. He also briefly outlined some items of interest that were decided at the recent board meeting, including the allocation of funds to various charitable organizations such as Friends with Dignity and the Islamic Society. We will also purchase an Alarm System for the Project Shed - obviously this has become a necessity after we had yet again an attempted break-in.
After Lou Christeson's presentation, Wheelchair Chief Larry Murray elaborated on the need to move some wheelchairs. We understand that Col Laurenson has been able to tie up with a Rotary Club in PNG, who will finance the container and transport of a mix of wheelchairs, desks and chairs.
Geoff Croad would like some more members to assist him with the upcoming Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) event on 23rd June, and Doug Lipp advised that at the recently held Small Business Expo we sourced a potential Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) candidate.  Youth Service Chair Tania Laird advised that we should have a recent attendee of the RYPEN, Jazmin Zimmerman speaking at our club in the near future.
Last week's Sergeant: Ian Mayberry 240519
We hadn't had a regular Sergeant's session for a while, but this time we just managed to squeeze some time in to give Ian a chance to squeeze some dollars out of our pockets: Col Laurenson and Ross Augustine for [sorry, can't read my own handwriting... Ed.], Mark Twyford sat outside, dreamily watching the sunrise... Richard Smith, did you dress yourself this morning? And Geoff Croad is not far behind either... Mitch Brown, I just love to fine Lawyers... No prizes for guessing who was last in: Tania Laird... Lou Christeson: What's a Flatcheck? And a general fine for anyone who was not present at the recent Iftar at the Islamic Society. 
We need a sponsor for the 'Lutzy Award'
Remember the Lutzy Award, which, in conjunction with the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club, is presented to a promising young Life Saver.  Last year's award, presented in July 2018, went to Sebastian Robinson (see picture, with Jan Lutz).  Previous winners are Lucy Thorburn, our current Youth Exchange Student in the USA (by the way, has anyone heard anything from her since??) and before that, the inaugural winner Jessica Webber.  A specially designed and sign written Surf Paddle Board is presented (see picture).  The cost is around $2,500. Please contact organizer Ray Higgs.
Major Multi Club Project coming up
When Mario Fairlie attended the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS), he met with the Presidents Elect of the Broadbeach and Gold Coast Rotary ClubsDr Graham Sivyer and Rowan Johnstone respectively.  Dr Graham indicated that he had identified a major need for a X-Ray Unit to be established in a hospital on the Espiritu Santo Island, in the Samna Province of Vanuatu. The hospital doesn't have one at all; travel to the nearest one that does have one takes over 5 hours. It needs more than just a X-Ray Unit: they don't have electrical power off the grid, so it needs to be solar / battery powered...
We all know that "there are no flies" on Des La Rance, our Chief Designer and Mover & Shaker at the Project Shed. He set to work and here is the preliminary draft.  To an extent, it is based on the very successful design of the Samoa Schools we have installed, with solar panels and batteries.  Next step is to obtain a District Grant as well as a Global Grant.  For the Global Grant, Mario will liaison with his friend who introduced him to Rotary, PDG Fred Hansen in Norway.
Jump over to the Photo Album Section on the right for more images of Des' design.  Note: Des will present at a joint meeting on Wednesday 17th July with the Rotary Clubs of Gold Coast and Broadbeach.
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship.  What does it entail? Your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc.
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 17th July 2019Combined Clubs meeting  Andy BellN/a 
Inspirations - well, sort of... 050619
Two electric windmills are standing in a field, idling as there is no wind. 
One turns to the other and asks "What kind of music do you like?"
The other replies: "I'm a huge metal fan".
In intellectual life, just as in business, government and the military, the larger a problem is, the longer it’s likely to be ignored by most people. E. Kirsten Peters, Dean of Sciences Washington State Uni - ‘The Whole Story of Climate’
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