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Happy Monday Everyone
For those of the Club that have retired- this probably won’t mean much to you, but thankfully three for ten has finally ended and the tourists have drifted home. We can get a seat back at our favourite coffee shops and the traffic has died off. (Three for ten was take 3 days annual leave to link up with Anzac and you had a full two weeks off).
A few things are going on at the moment I thought I’d share. We have the Small Business expo on 22nd/23rd May as you know and as I mentioned at the last meeting, we are working with the lovely team at Accent Print on a brochure to showcase our Club along with an invitation to attend a meeting that will be handed out to exhibitors- a chance to come and see what Rotary Surfers Sunrise is all about. Having looked into the archives, we have never had a proper Club pamphlet (or one we can find at least) so its about time we fixed that issue. Franz is collating the roster, so please let him know your availability and we will lock you into some sessions. We are also calling for raffle prizes to go into a hamper, wheelbarrow or other receptacle so if you or your network can donate anything- we would be grateful. This is our best chance at showcasing Rotary and we are going to make the most of it!
May is Rotary Youth Service Month and our Club is particularly active in engaging with youth programs that help kids become future leaders and learn the value of service through RYTS, RYPEN, RYLA and, as well as RYDA. [For an outline of all the Youth Programs in our District, click here. Ed.] It's one of the service areas we focus on the most. RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment) takes place in just two weeks (17th May-19th May) and is for students aged 14-16. The camp is designed to help these young people be more confident, communicate better and sets up them up for success in adulthood.  Today's RYPENarians are our future Rotaractors, Rotarians, LEADERS - what a great gift that is. If you know someone who could benefit from this wonderful camp, please click on the image for an application form and let Tania know.  Our club will fully sponsor a suitable applicant ($295.00).
We are also calling for nominations for Peace Fellows – another of Rotary’s amazing programs and with a Peace Centre here in Queensland and our own Ray Higgs as the District Peace Chair- I am encouraging you to share the word. There’s just a month to go for applications (31st May) but if you know of someone who can demonstrate their commitment to peace and understanding (community service, vocation or academic study) and is a great leader, tap them on the shoulder. There are two options- either the Masters course (need a Bachelor's Degree and at least 3 years of related work or volunteer experience) or for the Certificate (which I didn’t know existed) 5 years of related full time work or volunteering experience. The process as you can imagine is highly competitive – if you know of a deserving candidate, perhaps contact Ray for more information.
Changeover is going to be 23rd June – venue to be determined - save the date and finally don’t forget to swing by the bottle store before 18th May for our night of fellowship at the Twyford’s residence – a bottle for you and a red for the host. Really looking forward to it ☺
See you Wednesday!
Coming Wednesday 1st May: Elections and your finance
There is a lot of information and misinformation about the policies of both major parties, not to mention the minors, in relation to finances, Franking Credits, Superannuation etc.  Whilst it is Rotary's strict policy not to be involved in politics, nevertheless the presentation by our resident Finance, Shares and Equities guru Charles Thomasson, a partner in one of the leading Finance Advisory firms on the Gold Coast, will be of major interest to our members and guests.
See you at the Surfers Paradise SLSC!
Small Bus Expo: your club needs YOU
The Small Business Expo is one of our major fundraisers.  We need the whole crew on board! There are a lot of jobs which need to be covered. Volunteers required are as follows:
Wednesday 22nd May 2019
2:00 pm -  approx 6:00 pm: 5 -10 volunteers to put up 200 trestle tables and 450 plastic chairs
Thursday 23rd May 2019
06:30 am11:30 am2 x volunteers car parking and gold coin donation
11:30 am4:00 pm2 x volunteers car parking and gold coin donation
3:30 pmapprox 6 pm5-10 volunteers to take down 200 trestle tables and 450 plastic chairs ready for collection
8:30 am4:00 pm10 volunteers to man stand and circulate
Please advise Franz by email what times you are available, thank you.
The Small Business Expo just one month away
Just a month to go till the Gold Coast Business Expo on 23rd May. Surfers Sunrise Rotary will have a stand as well, where visitors can learn all about Rotary and in particular about Surfers Sunrise.  We'll be collecting business cards with the aim to obtain contact details of people who might fit the required personality of a Rotarian.
And, hey, check out this flyer - download the full file from the Download Section on the right: they have some great speakers! Talking about powerful females...!  And this is just one part from noon to 1:30 pm!
Sneak Preview: Major Multi Club Project coming up
When Mario Fairlie attended the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS), he met with the Presidents Elect of the Broadbeach and Gold Coast Rotary ClubsDr Graham Sivyer and Rowan Johnstone respectively.  Dr Graham indicated that he had identified a major need for a X-Ray Unit to be established in a hospital on the Espiritu Santo Island, in the Samna Province of Vanuatu. The hospital doesn't have one at all; travel to the nearest one that does have one takes over 5 hours. It needs more than just a X-Ray Unit: they don't have electrical power off the grid, so it needs to be solar / battery powered...
We all know that "there are no flies" on Des La Rance, our Chief Designer and Mover & Shaker at the Project Shed. He set to work and here is the preliminary draft.  To an extent, it is based on the very successful design of the Samoa Schools we have installed, with solar panels and batteries.  Next step is to obtain a District Grant as well as a Global Grant.  For the Global Grant, Mario will liaison with his friend who introduced him to Rotary, PDG Fred Hansen in Norway.
Jump over to the Photo Album Section on the right for more images of Des' design.
Larry & Des demonstrate at the Blokes Lounge
Blokes Lounge? Yeah, I've never heard of them before either...  ☺ According to their website, this organization "offers a friendly and welcoming environment where blokes from all walks of life can get together…".  Yup, there's no mention of blokettes, or Sheila's... 
Last week, Larry Murray and Des La Rance visited one of their meetings and not only demonstrated our wheelchairs project, but made them assemble one, which they successfully accomplished in 12 minutes flat! Larry, I'm sure with a tear in his eye, lamented that our club was short of finances and a quick passing of the hat raised a very creditable $333.70.  There is no evidence who donated the 70 cents! Thank you to all the blokes!
Mark & Tanya Twyford will host a social BBQ
Mark & Tanya Twyford are inviting all members and partners to come to a Bar-be-que party on Saturday 18th May (yes, Election Day), starting at 6:00 pm.
Full details, including address and what to bring, will be sent by separate email to all members.  This is going to be a great social event for our club, so please mark your calendar.  For those of you who are addicted to politics and can't wait till the news the following morning, a separate corner in their back yard will be allocated where you are permitted to use your mobile phone... ☺
We need a sponsor for the 'Lutzy Award'
Remember the Lutzy Award, which, in conjunction with the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club, is presented to a promising young Life Saver.  Last year's award, presented in July 2018, went to Sebastian Robinson (see picture, with Jan Lutz).  Previous winners are Lucy Thorburn, our current Youth Exchange Student in the USA (by the way, has anyone heard anything from her since??) and before that, the inaugural winner Jessica Webber.  A specially designed and sign written Surf Paddle Board is presented (see picture).  The cost is around $2,500. Please contact organizer Ray Higgs.
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship.  What does it entail? Your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc.
 1st May 2019Ray HiggsGraeme Isaacson  Tania Laird 
 8th May 2019N/a (Social meeting)   
 15th May 2019Angus MillerFred Hamblen   Doug Lipp 
 22nd May 2019  N/a (Social meeting)     
 29th May 2019Col LaurensonIan MayberryPeter Morgan   
 05th June 2019N/a (Social meeting)   
Inspirations - well, sort of... 010519
… most emotional arguments have one of two obvious conclusions: you either win or lose. So, before you open your big mouth, ask yourself: if I win this argument will it change anything, and what are the likely consequences? You will discover that, except in very rare circumstances, nothing positive will come from it either way and you may have lost a friend and changed very little else.  Bryce Courtenay, in ‘Four Fires’.
Why is Canberra Australia's capital? Well, at least in winter, it is so damn cold down there that politicians keep their hands in their own pockets.
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Check out the Tina-X speakers at the GC Bus Expo!
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