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Joanne Winwood
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Hi All
Good meeting this week – getting settled in our new venue I think. Who'd have thought that the glare of the morning sun from the ocean would now be our biggest challenge. [It's not, but I'm sure you'll discuss this at the club assembly... ☺ Ed.] We are lucky, lucky people.
I once had the good fortune of being sent off to Switzerland for a 10 day "Executive Personal Discovery" course. On day 1, the Professor told us "human behaviour is nuts and over the next 10 days I'm going to show you just how much. And he did. Put under pressure, 25 Executives from blue chip companies were videoed behaving in the most ridiculous ways- and excruciatingly, every night, we sat in groups and dissected the best and worst parts of what we had done.
What we have seen this week in our government reminded me of this- Very bright, accomplished people doing crazy things when under pressure. However, it's a good job we are all a bit mad. If we stopped to think about it too much, we might not do what we do as Rotarians. Put ourselves out to help others, sacrifice personal time and sometimes money, to do a good deed.
I thought about Tony and Sam whom we heard from last week. They both have wives and children and yet, at the drop of a hat in the middle of the night jump in the car to support a young man in strife. I'm sure there are easier ways of earning a living but its such a great thing that they are doing- thank goodness they are a bit nuts.
If Mitch, Franz [moi??] and Mark were a little more sane, I might not have their support through all the admin that they do each week. Same with the Shed. I popped in this weekend with the Chaplain from Twin Towns, Marty Thomson, to look at the progress of the Rickshaw. He was blown away by the time and effort going into it. Des, Terry and Co.  – they don't have to be doing that. I think we're all mad at Surfers Sunrise– thank goodness ☺. Don't change!
Alice tried another question. "What sort of people live about here?"
"In THAT direction," the Cat said, waving its right paw round, "lives a Hatter: And in THAT direction," waving the other paw, "lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they're both mad."
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."
It's Club Assembly this week where we will hear from all our lovely Committees about what we are going to do this year- as well as listen to some feedback from you all. Come along – it will be fun!
Best wishes
This coming Wednesday, 29th August: Club Assembly
This coming Wednesday 29th August, President Jo Winwood will conduct a Club Assembly. Following Monday night's "full" board meeting, the main purpose is to outline her and her Club Committee's vision for the current Rotary Year. See you there!
Last week's Guest Speaker: Tony Unicomb, Booyah Project
Senior Sgt Tony Unicomb and Youth Support Officer Sam Collins from the Queensland Police Service and Project Booyah, conducted by the Nerang PCYC.  What's in a name? Simple: Booyah is a word used for Triumph and Excitement.
Tony and Sam run a 17 week program for disadvantaged boys.  The main problem is that they are from areas where they are subjected to extreme cases of Domestic Violence.  The main problem is the lack of trust and their self esteem needs to be restored. The boys come with aggressive attitudes.  Various schools send worse affected lads to the program and there is also a web site that advises boys whom to contact.  The classes are run out of PCYC clubs at Nerang and Ormeau with the head office at Logan Home.  The boys attend for 5 to 6 hours a day but are then taken home.  Some of them don't wont to go home so they couch surf at some ones place.  They are taught life skills and their main message is that change  will only happen  if they really want to change.
Does it work? Most definitely! They were both very happy to report that on the last program 10 boys attended and 6 left with jobs and the other four returned to school.  Want to support the cause? Click here.

Photo, by Charles Thomasson: Youth Support Officer Sam Collins (left), President Jo Winwood, Senior Sgt Tony Unicomb
Last week's Sergeant: Andy Bell 220818
Darrell Brown for having more badges than a Ugandan Guard,  John Chirio for turning up again, Charles Thomasson for taking photos of the building rather than the spectacular beach,  Paul Seymour for following SA and not the All Blacks,  Ian Mayberry had the seat warmers on in the car coming to Rotary, Jo Winwood:  Tania Laird had to remove egg from her face [Tania, there would be a huge job opportunity for you down in Canberra right now...! ☺ Ed.] and Mario Fairlie is buying a Super Mercedes from his son so he can have a car for his dogs.
Snippets of last week's meeting 220818
Thank you, Doug Lipp, for taking notes on my behalf! Ed.
Apologies:  Franz Huber, Geoff Croad, Gerald East, Peter Morgan, Simon Brook, Daryl Sanderson and Rosie Rocco.
Adrian Crowe was on the door and Mario Fairlie was the Chairman (for Fred Hamblen).
President Jo Winwood welcomed all members and visitors John Chirio (formerly from Wellington NZ) and our regular Honorary Queenslander Anne O'Connor.  Jo also mentioned that our Sergeant and Immediate Past President Andy Bell married his Robbie last Sunday.  There will be a general committee meeting on Monday 27/08/2018.
Darrell Brown announced that we are seeking helpers for 6th September and the 7th September at Carrara Sports Centre. The more the merrier and a roster will be available next week (see separate article in this bulletin and on the website).
Thanks to Charles Thomasson and Franz Huber for bringing all the gear from Southport Surf Club [and thanks to a couple of strong young men who helped to muscle the heavy cupboard up the stairs! Ed.]
GC Small Business Expo - Bodies required
PDG Darrell Brown has made arrangements with the organizers to allow us to participate in the Gold Coast Business Expo and raise considerable funds.  What is expected of us:-
  • 6th September, 5:00 pm to approx 8:00 pm: Set up 200 tables & 450 chairs. We will need 6 people minimum, but the more people we have, the easier and quicker it will be.
  • 7th September, 07:00 am to approx 3:30 pm: Park duty. Collect a gold coin in a bucket and direct exhibitors and visitors to their relevant area. Initially just 1 person, then probably two people from 9:00 am onwards to say 3:30 pm.
  • 7th September, 4:00 pm to approx 7:00 pm: Dismantle tables & chairs to stack in southern foyer for collection in two separate areas from two separate suppliers. Again, we will need 6 people minimum
Please put these dates into your diary. A Roster sign-on sheet will be circulated shortly. 
Rotary's Tax Deductible Farmers Relief Fund
Talking about Rotary - People of Action... Following my post on the weekend, featuring an article published in the Weekend Australian newspaper, Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) has setup a Farmer's Relief Fund which has Deductible Gift Recipient status. This makes any donations over $2.00 fully tax deductible. Named the Rotary Australia Relief Fund, it is managed and supervised by RAWCS. Being a Rotary fund, it also means that 100% of donations go to farmers; Rotary deducts no fees. The National Farmers Federation, Channel 9 and Rotary in Australia will work together to raise much needed funds. 
Click on the image above or click on to this link  or go to our District access more details and to donate.  
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship.  What does it entail? Your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc.
 29th Aug 2018  Mario FairlieGraeme Isaacson  Ian Mayberry   
 5th Sep 2018Daryl Sanderson  Simon BrookGeoff Croad 
 12th Sep 2018Col Laurenson
 Des La Rance
Andy Bell 
 19th Sep 2018Doug LippTania LairdDarrell Brown 
Inspirations - well, sort of... 290818
He bore proudly on his shoulders the burden of his immense unpopularity. Mark Twain. [He was talking about Charles X of France. But it obviously is still as appropriate today as then. Ed.]
One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. - Plato
It is fast approaching the point where I don’t want to elect anyone stupid enough to want the job.
- Erma Bombeck
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