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Joanne Winwood
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Hi All
Here we are, hurtling through the year and I’m beginning to realise we are already nearly through the first quarter of the Club Year …with so much to start never mind complete. But that’s OK, we’ve got some great people on our team and whenever we decide to crack on with something it just gets done.
Case in point was the absolutely fantastic effort this week at the Gold Coast Small Business Expo, where not only did the job get done in record time but the funds raised far exceeded our expectations. More than $1,600 raised which we will use to support our youth programs. Thank you PDG Darrell Brown for sourcing the opportunity, rallying the troops and leading the days too. There will be a handful of young people whose lives and futures will be enhanced because of the work of Darrell, Mark, Angus, Ann, Franz, Doug, Neil and his son, Tania, John and Adrian did over those two days on behalf of the Club - and is all goes on quietly and fuss free.
I think we should be particularly grateful to Ann and John, both who leapt to join in and that’s exactly the kind of action our Club is about.  We can be more strategic about our fundraising if we think about all the events on the Gold Coast and how we might use them to spread the word about Rotary and also collect some cash. So if any of you have any great ideas, then please let us know.
Casual breakfast this week at Bumbles. Franz, Ray and I are going to meet with Trevor Hendy, President of the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club, to discuss how our Clubs can work together for the betterment of the community and each other’s clubs. We’ll report back on how that goes. There’s a Board Meeting on 24th September, so if there is anything you’d like the Board to discuss, let Mark, Mitch, Tania or myself know in advance and we can put it on the agenda.
Hope to see you Wednesday!!
Best wishes
This coming Wednesday: social meeting at Bumbles Cafe
This coming Wednesday 12th September 2018 we'll meet for a social breakfast at Bumbles Cafe, 21 River Drive, Surfers Paradise.  Usual time 07:00 am, buy your own breakfast.  See you there!
Great result from Business Expo Fundraiser
Here is a message from PDG Darrell Brown, who organized the fundraising activity last Friday with the organizers of the Gold Coast Business Expo. Photo by Darrell Brown: Regular visitor and "Honorary Queenslander" Ann O'Connor rattling the bucket - great result, see below!
Thank you for the tremendous effort over the last two days. We excelled with the time it took to bump-in - only 1.25 hours & to bump-out - 1 hour. Brilliant when we were told 3 hours for 6 people! [yeah sure, but that would be for a unionized work force... ☺ Ed.] All due to the quality of helpers & our efficiency. 
A special thank you to Ann O'Connor & John Chirio for helping out with the collection for car parking. We collected $1,159.55 between 6.45am & 3.30pm. At times we had 12 cars queueing. It was very busy & we needed two in attendance at all times.
Combine the car parking takings with the $500 from the expo for the bump in & bump out, we made $1,659.55 which when I was asked what we were supporting, I nominated our Youth Projects. That will allow us to support a few RYLA, RYTS & RYPEN applicants.
Thank you for your support once again & thank you to those who I ended up cancelling out due to your efficiency.
Darrell Brown
District Governor 2017-18, Rotary District 9640
Last Wednesday's Guest Speaker: Keith Woods
"No, we don't have any agendas!" was Keith’s emphatic reply to the question of whether journalists and editors would be influenced by their respective proprietors.  “But keep in mind, we are a business. We have to turn a profit.” Makes sense, really: With advertising revenue in printed media in increasing competition with Google and Facebook, any company wants to be sure that they do not unnecessarily upset their customers.
Keith is a senior journalist and editor with our local newspaper, the Gold Coast Bulletin, part of the Murdoch worldwide News Corporation empire. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he is passionate about the Gold Coast, having lived here with his family for some 4 years. "This is the best place to live" (we agree!). "We generate some 100,000 words every day", Keith outlined. "We are dedicated to providing local news. That is so important: people need to have a source of information on what happens locally." The Bulletin's goals are to 'to listen, to inform, to entertain, and most importantly, to advocate'.
After four years in various roles, including Assistant Editor, he has recently been promoted to Digital Editor. There are more than 120,000 articles accessed on the Bulletin's website each day. The Gold Coast Bulletin has more than 6,600 digital subscribers so far and this is continually growing. The various papers in the News Corp stable have quite a few years ago offered a paid subscription service. In contrast to a daily printed paper, the online content is continuously updated.
The calibre of a speaker can often be measured by the Question Time: there is no question about the interest in Keith's subject: the questions just kept coming... Ah, by the way: his article this week (05 September) on the Peter Dutton saga is a superb example of his style.
Photo: Keith flanked by President Jo Winwood (left) and Membership Chair Charles Thomasson (right).
Gold Coast Ramble 2019 will go ahead!
At the recent 'Debrief' committee meeting of the Gold Coast Ramble 2018, held in early August, the unanimous decision was made to continue this event next year. It can only get bigger and better! 
Our Chief Organizer David Baguley (Rotary Club of Gold Coast) has put together a comprehensive outline of "what worked" and "what could be improved".  If you would like details, please advise me - I'll email you a copy.  Interestingly, despite the number of teams being down substantially on last year, the amount of funds (almost $7,000) was the same as last year.  There is no doubt that we are "smiling in the dark" - we have primarily a marketing problem; not enough people know we exist.  For example, a press release, which was issued two weeks before the event, was published by The Sun newspaper after the event...! Further, next year we won't have any major distractions, such as the Commonwealth Games and the District Conference. to have Rotarians overloaded with volunteer work.  All in all, it was a superb day for all participants and organizers alike!
Do you want to be on next year's organizing committee? Why not? This will become a major fundraising event in the future if we manage to get momentum going.
Snippets of last week's meeting 050918
Angus Miller was at the door (for Simon Brook), Col Laurensen was Chairman (for Daryl Sanderson) and Ian Mayberry was Sergeant.  We had apologies from Simon Brook, Daryl Sanderson, Bob Harrison, Ray Higgs, Andy Bell and Mitch Brown (there may have been others - the mob was a bit boisterous on the morning...)☺
President Jo Winwood welcomed all members and guests Ann O'Connor, John Chirio, Rowan Johnstone (RC of Gold Coast), Tim Elliott (guest of Charles Thomasson) and our guest speaker, Keith Woods (see separate article above).  Jo briefly summarized the previous week's club assembly and outlined her plan to update our club's graphics.  Simon Brook has been charged with coming up with a new, modern design. It was requested by some members that we can pre-pay the attendance fee by Direct Deposit - Treasurer Mark Twyford will make arrangements.
Des La Rance outlined his plans to manufacture a 'Rotary Rickshaw' at our Project Shed (see draft image on right). This would be designed to meet the standards to be used on our City's Bike ways.  We are currently investigating the specifics, but this would enable disabled people to enjoy the beauty of our landscape. Yes, it can be fitted with a lounge chair, if required!  Click on this link to view a video from Copenhagen, where this concept was first presented.  Des also updated us on Bob Harrison's current status: Bob's surgery appears to have been successful and he has now started chemo treatment. He has been transferred to the Gold Coast Private Hospital, but needs to be kept in isolation to absolutely prevent infection. Thus, if you intend to visit, you may first want to make sure - contact Franz or Des for Gloria's mobile number.  Angus Miller will organize a 'Guess who's coming to dinner?' event - most likely on Saturday 13th October. In essence: we assemble at a specified location, where you will be given an address to go to dinner at one of our members' homes.  We have not had one of these events for years - let me assure you: it's great fun!
Last week's Sergeant: Ian Mayberry 050918
Darrell Brown, at last week's club assembly, you voted to drop the Sergeant's segment. It didn't pass. Pay a fine! Adrian Crowe, has it ever occurred to you to eat your eggs with cutlery rather than with your fingers? Des La Rance, haven't seen you for ages! Franz Huber, John Chirio is NOT a Kiwi, he comes from Wellington Point in Brisbane! Charles Thomasson, amazing for a stock broker: you do have a friend? Col Laurenson, good holiday? We missed you! Tania Laird, now how did that go with the cake you allegedly had bought for Franz's birthday? Who ate it? Mark Twyford, you can not just pay your attendance fee online, you can also pay your fine online...! And Adrian Crowe fined himself: last week, after he had a skin cancer removed from his ear, he heard a mozzy buzzing him. Yes, he slapped himself. Yes, on that ear...
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship.  What does it entail? Your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc.
 19th Sep 2018  Paul SeymourDes La Rance  Richard Smith   
 26th Sep 2018N/a (Social meeting)     
 3rd Oct 2018Doug LippTania LairdDarrell Brown 
 10th Oct 2018N/a (Social meeting)   
 17th Oct 2018Peter MorganLarry MurrayGeoff Croad 
 24th Oct 2018 N/a (Social meeting)   
Inspirations - well, sort of... 120918
Modern Newsroom:  "If you would like to place a classified ad, please press 1... If you are calling to lodge a complaint, please press 2...  If you have a good dash cam image, please press 3...  If you would like to rubbish the LNP...
Definition, according to PJ O'Rourke's 'A Glossary of Punditese Words and Phrases' - from his book "How the hell did this happen?" (adjusted for Australian conditions):
" Inside source": Me
"Reliable source": Me
"Inside sources" (right wing): Me and my friends from the pub across the road from the newsroom
"Inside sources (left wing)": Me and a low level parliamentary staffer from my Labrador Yoga Class
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