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Joanne Winwood
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Happy Monday Everyone,
I’m writing this message from Byron Bay where I have come to interview one of our staff about some research she is doing on the use of video gaming technology for people with dementia. In doing her Masters, she has been warned that the therapies she will be using in practice in 3 years haven’t even been invented yet and it struck me how fast the world is moving and how adaptable we need to be when the you can’t practice skills you need to do your job until you’re ready to go. It does put in context the need for us all to change and quickly or get left behind. This obviously was the subject of our membership meeting last week, superbly hosted by Charles and Mark and I'm really looking forward to the Club’s coffee lunch and dinner pitch suggested by Simon which Charles is working on for our review. Lets keep up the momentum on this.
I also had several people who commented on the fantastic opportunity presented by the Small Business Expo on 23rd May and thanks to Mark, Charles and Franz for offering to assist in organising this event as a super PR exercise for the Club. Also a big thank you to Paula Brand for the donation of an expo booth, valued at $489.00) for us and to PDG Darrell for sourcing the opportunity).
On the subject of change, a few of us had a casual catch up to discuss the Wheelchair Project and we are in the process of appointing a small management group to support Larry in running the Shed. We also discussed the sourcing of 2 x 40ft containers to house the chairs so that we can free up more space in the middle of the Shed to facilitate a welcome reconfiguration. We’re not there yet, all discussions still and we are researching Grants for this possibility. Expect a tap on the shoulder to help out at the Shed, there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone!
Really great news this week was that the Government have provided some funding for the Malaria Project – this will be a future game changer in the same way our polio eradication project was all those years ago and the beautiful thing is that this is an Australian project in our very own District. Congratulations to PDG Graham Jones and the team.
We are on the hunt for raffle prizes- for our Small Business Expo but also we have the opportunity to use the silent/live auction happening at the Gold Rotary Gala Ball on 13th April – we get to keep the proceeds raised for our item. Tickets are available - click on this link: If anyone has an item, product or service that they are happy to donate, please let me know. 
That’s about all from me, keep up the good work, keep smilin’ and see you at the Surfers Paradise SLSC on Wednesday for a casual catch up.
Best Wishes
This coming Wednesday 13th March: Social at Surfers SLSC
At last week's meeting, it was decided that our alternative week's social meetings are to also take place at the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club, so visitors have consistency and don't need to look up our website first to find out where we are.  Thus, this coming Wednesday 13th March 2019, that's where we'll be. Note, NOT at Espresso Bonsai as originally advised.  
23rd March 2019: Guess who is coming to Dinner?
Saturday week, 23rd March.  Please register your interest with Gus Miller.
This is a great social evening with an air of mystery as neither the guests nor hosts know who is attending, respectively who will host. Gus needs about 4 volunteer hosts, but regardless of whether you are hosting or not, he will need final numbers of attendees so we can make sure that we have enough hosts. Note: it is an 'impromptu, minimal fuss' affair: if you are hosting and you are an accomplished chef and want to show it off: slave over a hot stove and cook a three course dinner! At the other end of the scale, simply organize some take-away pizza.  Or anything in-between!  The principal purpose is to have a great night!
For those who have not attended one of these dinners before: Firstly, you will all gather at a particular address for a drink & nibble. The hosts' address for the evening will then be drawn up, who will then make their way to that address for the dinner. Each host will have nominated the number of guests they would like, but they will not know who will come to dinner, nor will the guests know who else will be at that given address. The food is provided by the hosts, for which the guests will contribute $15 per head and provide their own drinks [and perhaps have a glass to spare for the host too..! Ed] .  The menu is entirely at the whim of the host, anything from caviar to pizza.
Gus needs to know who will be participating by the next meeting on the 20th March. Please register your interest directly with Gus Miller 0418 886 422 or email
The Lismore District Conference is only 2 weeks away!
The conference is only a bit over 2 weeks away! Your Editor and his better half will go down on Friday for the three days and so are - at this point in time - two other couples from our club. 
Why attend a District Conference?
  • Well, to start, it's fun: you meet lots of interesting people (the most interesting Rotarians DO attend the conference - not meaning to be bragging about myself of course)
  • You will hear Keynote Speakers for which you normally would pay hundreds of dollars to attend
  • The dinners are always superb fellowship events. The Saturday Night dinner is always very vibrant; this year they have a top notch Jazz & Swing band. Yes, we dance!
  • You learn a couple of things about Rotary which you may not have known before
Registration for Rotarians and their partners is free of charge, however, in fairness, a fee applies to partake in the events which serve food.  Click on this link to go to the Registration Page.  
Surfers Sunrise to participate in Small Business Expo
At last week's meeting, Paula Brand, the head of the Gold Coast Small Business Expo, gave us a brief presentation on the project.  As we were last year, we have again been invited to run a Fundraiser by setting up the day before and, on the day, run the Car Parking and, at the end of the day, take the tables and partitions down.  The Expo will run on 23rd  May 2019, so put that date, as well as the 22nd May into your diary now!
But this year, we have also been invited to run a booth ourselves! What a terrific opportunity for membership promotion!
You can find more information on the event on their website: (don't be confused by the registration page popping up in your face - just close it to see the website itself.)
Last week's Membership Workshop
The two Browns were on duty: Darrell Brown at the door and Mitch Brown was Chairman. There was no Sergeant's session.  We had apologies from Graeme Isaacson, Andy Bell, Al Sirovs and Rosie Rocco.
The meeting commenced with a presentation by Paula Brand, the head of the upcoming Small Business Expo.  Our club has been invited not just for a fundraiser as we were last year, but this year we also will have a stand at the event!  Mark it into your diary: your body will be required on 22nd May 2019 (Setup) and 23rd May 2019 (day of the Expo, take-down).  Put it into your diary now!  See separate report for more details.
The main purpose of the meeting, however, was a Membership Workshop, conducted by Membership Chair Charles Thomasson and Treasurer Mark Twyford. Charles outlined the way the Rotary Club of Adelaide, one of the oldest clubs in the nation, applied their Strategic Plan, with the result of their membership not only increasing again, but with a wider diversity in age groups and introduction of more women into the club.  "We not only need to have our 'Elevator Speech' ready, but we need to clearly differentiate ourselves", Charles explained. "Social and Service Clubs have become increasingly specialized. Not only do we compete with other social groups and clubs, but there are also about 15 or so Rotary Clubs on the Gold Coast alone."  We need to be quite clear how we are presenting Surfers Sunrise. One of the best ways is to start with 'I am in Rotary because....' Because it is one of the most trusted organizations in the world, because it allows me to give back to the community, to mentor (and be mentored), because I meet real people, have real relationships. Because the meeting is NOT about drumming up new business, as a lot of other meet-up groups are.
At the previous meeting, members were asked to write down names of potential people whom they could invite.  Well, now is the time to ask! For example, next week's meeting will feature the world famous Barber Shop group. 'The Blenders'. Just as you would in business do some Sales & Marketing, the same applies to our Rotary Club. Come on! Pick up the phone!
So, you got your Elevator Speech all ready? You've got your 'Motherhood Statement' all worked out? But how to start that conversation (you don't need to be in an elevator to start, by the way...).  Well, for example, are you wearing your Rotary Pin?
Got your 'Elevator Speech' ready yet?
In his Membership Workshop last week, Charles Thomasson further encouraged you to develop your 'Elevator Speech', suitable to give to potential members of our great club.  For those of you who have not heard that expression: An Elevator Speech is designed to motivate the listener to hear more, to become further engaged.  It must not be longer than the time it would take you to go up from the Ground Floor to, say, Level 10 in a high-rise building, e.g. about 30 seconds. Click here and here for some tuition and examples on how to make it interesting rather than boring.  So, make yourself a list of what you believe makes Surfers Sunrise Rotary worth promoting, then prepare and learn your speech. [Don't worry about being overheard when you are practicing aloud. Your better half already knows you are sometimes talking to yourself... ☺ Ed.] Some more good tips Charles came up with at the recent Membership Workshop on 6th March: Start off with "I'm in Rotary because...". There are so many reasons: Give back to the community, meeting with 'Real People' and have real relationships, not the artificial ones of "buy from me" often seen at other meet-up organizations, mentoring and being mentored, and last but not least: the fellowship, good banter and laughter at our regular meetings!
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship.  What does it entail? Your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc.
 13th March 2019 N/a (Social meeting)   
 20th March 2019John ChirioGeoff CroadGerald East 
 27th March 2019N/a (Social meeting)   
 03th April 2019Neil ThurlowChris Thurtell  Mark Twyford 
 10th April 2019N/a (Social meeting)   
 17th April 2019Mario FairlieSimon BrookFranz Huber 
 24th April 2019N/a (Social meeting)   
Inspirations - well, sort of...  130319
True friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation. George Washington.
Husband and wife come to a 'Relationship Therapist'.  When asked what the problem was, the wife outlined every problem they had ever had in the years they had been married. The list was exhaustive: Neglect, emptiness, loneliness, feeling unloved and unlovable, an entire shopping list of unmet needs she had endured and in particular lack of intimacy. Finally, after allowing this for a sufficient length of time, the therapist got up, walked around the desk and after asking the wife to stand, he embraced and kissed her long and passionately as her husband watched – with a raised eyebrow.

The woman shut up and quietly sat down in a daze.  The therapist turned to the husband and said.  “This is what your wife needs at the start of every day. What do you say?

“Well, yes, I see what you mean. Look, I can drop her off here every morning… except on Wednesday, when I go to Rotary.”

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