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Joanne Winwood
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Hi Everyone
Another perfect week in Paradise. 
I wrote most of this message sitting at Checkpoint 13 of the Gold Coast Ramble with the sun on my back and surrounded by surfers, cyclists, runners, sun bathers, swimmers, walkers and ramblers of course. All people getting out and enjoying life and it made me smile.
I reflected on the things our members worried about this week. Possibly not enough car parks within a 5 minute walk of our new venue. Could we enjoy fellowship if breakfast wasn't served to us all at once? Where do I find the minutes of the last Board Meeting - why have things changed?  There's a spelling error on page umpty thump of the minutes. My bacon was cold!
There, right there, is a sign of people who are so lucky that we don't have to worry about anything important at all - and also a sign of the human condition- we can always find something to worry about.
Please help me mix that up a bit this year. We are a group of very smart, very kind people who want nothing best for each other and this little city, if not the world, that we live in. Lets have loads of fellowship, fun and show compassion for each other and the community which we live in. Let us be the inspiration for those who don't know how to do that. Let's not sweat the small stuff and be a club where we are proud to bring others as guests. Lets be a place where there is a wait list of people who want to join our merry band.
We are organising a Club Assembly in late August and I will ask everyone to think about what they want to get out of our Club - after all, you wont keep coming if you don't feel you're getting what you need. But Ill also ask what you want to contribute to Club - little or lots - we each have a role- just like a family. 
Off the soap box now. A couple of things to note. The majority have decided that SP SLSC is the best venue for our new home and we are going to trial an A la Carte menu with Pay as you Go service to see if that works for all. We have also agreed a big change to our meeting schedule moving to alternate weekly formal and casual meetings. This will mean better speakers in our formal meetings, less costs for members whilst those who enjoy our weekly fellowship can continue to do so. Lets see how it goes.
Special shout out to those who covered the Ramble today (Adrian, Gus and Virginia, Larry and Pauline, Ray, Franz, my husband  (sorry for those I've missed) and Rosie and Simon for entering teams and raising money - it was a great event and next year- when we don't have so many things like Conferences and Commonwealth Games to distract us- we can bring in the crowds.
Have a good week everyone- see you at Bumbles!!
Best wishes
Jo Winwood.
This week: Casual breakfast meeting at Bumbles
This coming Wednesday 8th August 2018 we won't have a 'normal' meeting.  Instead, we'll meet for a social breakfast at Bumbles Cafe, 21 River Drive, Surfers Paradise.  Usual time, buy your own breakfast.  See you there!
The winners of the 2nd Gold Coast Ramble: Monster Mayhem!
Last Sunday's Gold Coast Ramble, organized by the Rotary Clubs of Gold Coast, Surfers Sunrise and Griffith Uni, was a superb fun event! Surfers Sunrise fielded two teams, 'Monster Mayhem' (headed by Rosie Rocco) and 'Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Ramble' (headed by Simon Brook - see photos in the photo album). Monster Madness won the event - by just one point! The point score from questions and activities were identical, but Rosie's team raised $712.50 (in favour of Gold Coast Homeless Youth), which added 71 points to their score. Second placed 'Niopotamus' fundraising score was $705.00 - just one point less.  The day was as glorious as can be - the Gold Coast at its best. A total of 20 teams competed, raising a total of almost $6,400, designated to charities of the teams' choice.
A special Thank You must go to chief organizer David Baguley and his team from the Gold Coast and Surfers Sunrise Rotary Clubs, as well as to the Surfers Paradise Alliance people who provided massive assistance with setting up marquees, providing tables and chairs etc.  Looking forward to next year's event!
Photo above: the winning Monster Madness team, from left: Mohammed Meer, his charming wife Yasmin Omar-Meer and daughter Zara Meer, Rosie Rocco, Trinity McIntyre.  More photos (by Karin Kolenko, RC of Hope Island) and Harry Ellis (RC of Gold Coast) in the Photo Album section on the right.
Qantas Airways donates another 10,000 blankets
Last Saturday, Daryl Sanderson and his elves were hard at work at the Project Shed, transferring some 10,000 blankets donated by Qantas Airways from a truck into a Donations in Kind (DIK) container.  DIK currently is without large storage facilities in Brisbane and has thus organised this container for temporary storage. Some were directly distributed locally to a Parkwood community group, George Keily took a carload to Gold Coast Project of Homeless Youth, and we had Rotarians from Toowoomba and Brisbane who took a trailer / ute load for distribution to their selected charities. But the bulk of it is destined for Alice Springs (yes, Alice Springs! You didn't know , did you, that DIK is not only active in the Pacific Islands and Africa, but also in Australia!)  Photo (by DIK Northern Region chief Col Laurenson) shows PP Peter Morgan hard at work.  Other workers there were Honorary Member George Keily, Des La Rance and Ray Higgs.
Rotary's Tax Deductible Farmers Relief Fund
Talking about Rotary - People of Action... Following my post on the weekend, featuring an article published in the Weekend Australian newspaper, Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) has setup a Farmer's Relief Fund which has Deductible Gift Recipient status. This makes any donations over $2.00 fully tax deductible. Named the Rotary Australia Relief Fund, it is managed and supervised by RAWCS. Being a Rotary fund, it also means that 100% of donations go to farmers; Rotary deducts no fees. The National Farmers Federation, Channel 9 and Rotary in Australia will work together to raise much needed funds. 
Click on the image above or click on to this link  or go to our District access more details and to donate.  
Last week’s speaker: Doug Lipp – Horse Racing, King of Sports
Is the excitement of Horse Racing a good counter weight to the minutiae of scanning your clients’ books to ensure they are not caught up in the net of the ATO? Our member Doug Lipp, by profession the principal of a well established Public Accountant, was first hooked on horse racing way back in 1959, when he saw Blueden win the Toowoomba Cup. It paid a staggering 20:1…  Blueden became one of the most successful horse of its era, winning 14 races in a row – keep in mind that in those days, there were much fewer races than are today, so winning 14 in a row was, well, extraordinary.  50 years later, in 2009 Doug’s cousin Rex Lipp won the same race.
Doug and his charming wife Suzie have been very active in horse racing (as owners, not as jockeys or trainers… J).  Still, Doug admits that on occasion he has no aversion to placing a bet, but “You need to look at is as ‘entertainment’.  My limit is $50.00, so it won’t break the bank” is his advice.
Horse Racing can be a quite expensive sport to participate.  The cost to own a horse is approximately $70.00 per day when it is in training. “Some people have 10 horses and have never won a race…!”  The advice he got when he started in this game: Put yourself in the best company, put your horse in the worst company”. In other words: put your horse in the lowest racing class possible which thus gives it the highest chance of winning.  And the prize money is nothing to be sneezed at: Just jump on to Queensland Racing’s website and you can get statistics as well as video replays of any race going back for years. So, for example, one of the recent races (Moreton Cup) in which  ‘In His Stride’ (Sue Lipp is a part owner) ran, the 1st prize was $175,000, and even 6th won $5,250 – but, in this instance, he came just 9th. There is of course an entire science on how to select a horse – there isn’t sufficient space to elaborate on this. Interesting though is that, whilst having a sire or dame that has reached the pinnacle of horse royalty does not guarantee success for their offspring.
Snippets of last week's meeting 010818
We had another 'trial' meeting at the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club. Mark Twyford and Andy Bell were at the door (for absent Paul Seymour), Richard Smith was Chairman and Andy Bell was Sergeant.
We had apologies from Gerald East, Darrell Brown, Paul Seymour, Simon Brook, Rosie Rocco, Daryl Sanderson, Des La Rance and Bob Harrison.
President Jo Winwood welcomed all members as well as our visitor Ann O'Connor. Jo briefly referred to her husband Tony's recent appearance on ABC TV's Q&A show, as well as on the new venue.  Next meeting at the Surfers SLSC (on 15th August, NOT next week) we'll have an option of ordering our food 'a la carte'.  Watch this space!  Further, an option is on the table to meet just forthightly, with a social meeting every other week.
Doug Lipp briefly outlined the current status of our Charter Member Bob Harrison's health: regrettably, tumors were found. We are awaiting further news.  Bob, you are in our minds and prayers.  Looking forward to seeing you return to our meetings again soon!
Franz Huber outlined details in relation to our new venue, as well as next week's meeting being a social event at Bumbles Cafe.  Treasurer Mark Twyford wants you to pay your half yearly dues on time!  And one payment has been received, but with no useable reference... 
Secretary Mitch Brown is concerned that all members who are involved, or intend to be involved with any program that involves Youth, must have a Bluecard issued to them.  Seeing that we do promote Youth, frequently host young people in a number of the wide variety of Youth Programs, that almost certainly includes all members. 
Last week's Sergeant - Andy Bell 010818
Franz Huber, you told me to prepare for the Sergeant's session.  Well, here you are: you talk and talk, ever since you scored that job of Club Admin Chair...  Ian Mayberry, what a wonderful haircut - hardly recognized you! Mario Fairlie has 'fallen out of love' with both Bentley and Mercedes: the Bentley is on the market, because the dog doesn't like it... (!!) What next? A beemer? Lexus? Mitch Brown, the teacher... Adrian Crowe, is this really you? Not a single snippet, not a single bandage to be seen anywhere on your body... Ray Higgs, those Peace Fellows... Richard Smith, ordinary people follow things like football, horse racing, tennis. Not Richard: he follows Aeroplane Racing... Geoff Croad, do we have any more 'temporary' issues? Charles Thomasson, your are responsible for Instagram. Did you put the new location up there? (Yes, he did!), Peter Morgan, have you paid your dues, or are you the one who did not put a reference with the deposit? Mark Twyford, your better half Tanya, via her executive position with Wesley Mission, supports Homeless Youth.  $2.00 for the advertisement...
[BTW, the picture above is about 4 years old, but last week, our Sergeant turned out in a new look: he has had a shave and a haircut. Looks very similar to the above. Don't you agree, makes him look 4 years younger, doesn't it..? Ed.]
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship.  What does it entail? Your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc.
 08th Aug 2018Social Meeting (no duties assigned)   
 15th Aug 2018Rosie RoccoChris ThurtellGerald East 
 22nd Aug 2018Fred HamblenAdrian CroweBob Harrison 
 29th Aug 2018  Mario FairlieGraeme IsaacsonIan Mayberry   
Inspirations - well, sort of... 080818

At last Sunday's Gold Coast Ramble, one of the teams managed to get lost and ended up on the wrong side of the Nerang River.  Noticing another team which was rambling along on the Surfers Paradise side, they yelled across 'Hey, how do we get to the other side?'

The guys on the Surfers side yelled back, 'You already are on the other side.'  [Well, competition is competition! There were some rather serious prizes - 1st prize worth $7,000 - to be won! Ed.]

As you ramble through life, keep the eye on the donut, not on the hole.
When I studied the form guide, I noticed that one of the horses was attributed with "excellent breeding". So I put a bet on it. And indeed, after it jumped out of the gate, it turned around to gently close it...
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