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Mario Fairlie
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The Mauna Hospital on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu project still waiting on the material to turn up. The Rotary International Global Grant application has been delayed until after the general elections in Vanuatu. The committee is presently considering another visit to Port Vila in May so that some of the issues can be resolved.
Des La Rance’s revised plans regarding the reorganising the Project Shed have been approved by the board. The next step is to set up a working bee of members that can help with the move. In the meantime, the Shed is still working well. We did order additional wheels from China and paid a deposit. The delivery of the order has been delayed due to the Corona Virus.            
I did receive this from two separate emails, and I think it’s worth noting:
1. If you have a runny nose and sputum, you have a common cold
2. Coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough with no runny nose.
3. This new virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature of just 26/27 degrees. It hates the Sun.
4. If someone sneezes with it, it takes about 10 feet before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne.
5. If it drops on a metal surface it will live for at least 12 hours - so if you come into contact with any metal surface - wash your hands as soon as you can with a bacterial soap.
6. On fabric it can survive for 6-12 hours. normal laundry detergent will kill it.
7. Drinking warm water is effective for all viruses. Try not to drink liquids with ice.
8. Wash your hands frequently as the virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 minutes, but - a lot can happen during that time - you can rub your eyes, pick your nose unwittingly and so on.
9. You should also gargle as a prevention. A simple solution of salt in warm water will suffice.
10. Can't emphasize enough - drink plenty of water!
1. It will first infect the throat, so you'll have a sore throat lasting 3/4 days
2. The virus then blends into a nasal fluid that enters the trachea and then the lungs, causing pneumonia. This takes about 5/6 days further.
3. With the pneumonia comes high fever and difficulty in breathing.
4. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You feel like you're drowning. It's imperative you then seek immediate attention.
I hope the above is useful. We don’t need to panic - we just need to be aware.
The other matter is for us to organise a working bee to sort out and clean-up the area on the northern side so a new fence can be installed at the Shed. Appreciate your help.
Please don’t forget:
  • Pride of Workmanship Awards next Wednesday. I trust that we will have a good roll-up.
  • Gold Coast Ramble Sunday 22nd March
  • District Conference at Tenterfield 27-29th March
See you all on Wednesday morning meeting.
Mario Fairlie
Guess what's on on 4th April? Guess who is...
Guess what's going to happen on Saturday 4th April? Angus Miller is again organising a "Guess who is coming to Dinner?" event. This is a great social evening with an air of mystery as neither the guests nor hosts know who is attending, respectively who will host. Gus advises that he has the volunteer hosts already set up, but would like a "reserve host", just in case we get more people participating than we expect. Regardless of whether you are hosting or not, he will need final numbers of attendees so we can make sure that we have enough hosts. Note: it is an 'impromptu, minimal fuss' affair: if you are hosting and you are an accomplished chef and want to show it off: by all means, slave over a hot stove and cook a five course dinner! At the other end of the scale, simply have a bar-be-que or some take-away pizza.  Or anything in-between!  The principal purpose is to have a great night!
For those who have not attended one of these dinners before: Firstly, you will all gather at a particular address (will remain secret until we get closer to the event) for a drink & nibble. The hosts' addresses for the evening will then be allocated, who will then make their way to that address for the dinner. Each host will have nominated the number of guests they would like, but they will not know who will come to dinner, nor will the guests know who else will be at that given address. The food is provided by the hosts, for which the guests will contribute $15 per person and provide their own drinks [and perhaps have a spare bottle for the hosts too..! Ed] .  The menu is entirely at the whim of the host, anything from caviar to take-away Chinese.
Angus needs to know who will be participating by the Sunday, 29th March. Please register your interest directly with Gus Miller 0418 886 422 or email, advising how many people will participate and whether you can be a "Reserve Host".
Our Associate Members: meet Terry Donovan
Often, one meets people, one walks past, says “G’day!”, perhaps have a brief yarn about… the weather. One doesn’t realise that the man with the generous smile before you has lived almost 30 years longer than originally expected. Come again?? Yes, Terry Donovan was just 50 years old, some 29 years ago, when he was the recipient of a heart transplant. No wonder, when asked what he is passionate about, he names that as the highlight of his life.  
In his working life, Terry was a Sales Engineer, traveling to mining sites. He lives in Carrara with his wife Nook (yes, correct spelling!). These days, besides contributing to our efforts at the Project Shed (he is a master at restoring bicycles that can be resold), his ‘Theme of Life’ is simply to be happy: being with his wife, the family and grandchildren (grandson Nathan was named after his heart donor), playing golf, listening to Country and Western music, reading (Lee Childs is one of his favorite authors) and admiring visual art, such as his granddaughter Abbie’s paintings…  And, only sometimes, indulging in his biggest vice: eating the “wrong” food.
So, at 79 years of age, does he still have stuff on his bucket list? “Yes!”, Terry replied, “Getting the OBE!” Getting the Order of the British Empire? “No, getting over bloody eighthy…!”
(Photo and interview by Al Sirovs)
Ayana Sadaka, our YE Student from Japan
OK, so just visualize this for a moment: You are sent off to a country where the language has not even an infinitesimal similarity to the language you have been brought up with, the language of your parents, your school, your TV shows. To top it off, the letters of your new country’s alphabet have zero similarity. Compared to the magnificent calligraphies of Kanji or Hiragana, the letters of your new country would appear to be somewhat unsophisticated. So, are you starting to get sweaty palms yet? No? OK, now picture yourself being stood in front of a bunch of (generally very) adult people and told to give a talk in your new country's language... 
I never cease to be amazed at the relative ease our Youth Exchange students, particularly from Japan, manage to learn our language and alphabet in a few short months.  Today, Ayana gave us a brief insight into her family (we will hopefully meet them when they come over at the end of this month). Ayana comes from Gifu, in the Prefecture of the same name on Honshu island, population about 400,000.  She likes Taylor Swift and One Direction, and her plans for the future is to become an Immigration Inspector. 
“I love Australia!” she exclaimed… well, there is an excellent opportunity coming up in a couple of months, when she will participate in the traditional ‘Safari’ that comes up for international Youth Exchange Students in May.
Bookings for the Excellence of Workmanship Awards close Sunday
Vocational Services chief Richard Smith is again organizing the annual Excellence in Workmanship Awards.  Social dinner night of course, so make sure your partners know about it too, and all friends and guests are welcome. Eight candidates have been selected and thus nominations are now closed.
Where?            Quality Inn (Lone Star Tavern), 
             97 Markeri St, Mermaid Waters QLD 4218
When?             Wednesday 18th March 2020,
                        06:00 pm for 6:30 start
Cost:                $35.00 per person.
Please book and pre-pay online. Bookings will close on Sunday 15th March, we need to provide exact numbers to the venue on Monday morning. Click on this link:
Snippets of last week's meeting 040320
John Chirio was at the door (for Ben Illes), Karen Holland was chairman and Ian Mayberry was Sergeant. 
We had apologies from Neil Thurlow, Darrell Brown, Peter Morgan, Ben Illes and Geoff Croad. 
President Mario Fairlie welcomed all members and our guests Darren Taylor (Division 10 candidate for the upcoming Council elections), YE Student Tom from France (hosted by Karen Holland) and our YE Student Ayana Sadaka, who also was our guest speaker (see story above). Mario elaborated on the recently held Board Meeting, and also strongly encouraged members to participate in the upcoming Excellence in Workmanship Awards dinner on 18th March.
Secretary Mitch Brown outlined the amendments to our Club Constitution in relation to Corporate Membership and proposed a motion to accept the amendments.  After some discussions on an amendment to the amendment (!!), which was not carried, the original amendment was passed.  In essence, this means that corporate members can have two full members in the club, with corresponding voting rights.
After Ayana's presentation, club business was discussed: Fundraising Director Angus Miller will run a 'Guess who is coming to Dinner?' event on Saturday 4th April (see story above), President Mario and Ray Higgs elaborated on the repair/replacement of the fence at the Project Shed (Ray has been given assurance from the Council that they will take care of it), and Larry Murray brought us up to date on what's happening at the Project Shed.
Finally, Sergeant Ian Mayberry extracted some cash (all in a good cause, going towards Christmas presents for Anglicare): Visitor Darren Taylor copped a general fine "for aspiring politicians", Franz Huber for putting the Sergeant on the Roster twice within 2 weeks...  Paul Seymour "stole" the Sergeant's pen and didn't give it back, Chris Thurtell hadn't been seen for ages... Mitch Brown, were you a Maths Teacher before... ? Gerald East, burned any more Volvos lately...? Angus Miller for announcing a Guess who's coming to Dinner on the very weekend the Sergeant is interstate... and anyone who hasn't yet contributed: if you are not wearing your badge, pay up!
District Conference starts in 3 weeks
This year's event is going to be a real country affair!  Here is another one of the speakers, Jo Taranto. Jo is one half of the dynamic grassroots campaigners behind ‘5 for Ryde’, a community initiative to fight a war on single use plastic in Sydney. She’s also Director of social enterprise start-up ‘Good for the Hood’ who’s mission is to inspire communities around the country to fight their own war on waste.  Waste crusaders. Connectors. Community Experts. We are a social enterprise that’s all about projects that help people and planet. We are not afraid to get dirty to make communities great. Please fill out this survey for Jo prior to District Conference.
Go to the Conference Website and check out what's happening.  There you find the program, a brief summary of all the Keynote Speakers, and of course you can register.  But of course, one of the big attractions of attending a conference is always the deep feeling of Rotary Fellowship. Being in the country, formalities will be kept to a minimum. You have an opportunity to meet, eat and drink with other Rotarians and their partners from other places in the District, you'll meet overseas people, Exchange Students. But I know, you are all quite shy...  Not to worry! So far, our club has 9 people registered, so if worse comes to worse, you can always talk to one of us... ☺ 
Be part of the Gold Coast Ramble!
In two weeks, on 22nd March 2020 the 3rd Gold Coast Ramble will be on.  This year it will start from Macintosh Island Park.  Organiser David Baguley (Rotary Club of Gold Coast) is looking for more teams, as well as volunteers to help on the day. There are some fabulous prizes on offer!
  • 2 exclusive nights at Spicers Hidden Peak Cabins, valued at $2,000
  • $1,500 sponsorship package on the Gold Coast's own 94.1 FM
  • One month's family membership of KDV Sport, valued at $800.00
  • Hop-on Brewery Tours, Distillery Tasting Tour, Professional Photography, Lunch at Southport Yacht Club, just to name a few.  See Download files on the right for a full list!
But you need to compete to have a chance at winning those!
Participants can choose to support any of 7 charities: Australian Anti Ice Campaign, Baby Give Back, Bravehearts, The Butterfly Foundation, Orange Sky Laundry, The Prostate Foundation of Australia and the Salvation Army.  Full details, and to register, please visit the website:
(Photo: last year's winners, Rosie Rocco and her team)
Gold Coast Ramble: support our teams!
We have two teams with close connections to our club competing at the Gold Coast Ramble on 22nd March:
One of our new corporate members, Ashleigh Symes (picture left) heads a corporate team from Wilsons Advisory
Last year's winner, headed by our former member Rosie Rocco (picture right)

Regrettably, this year Simon Brook is not competing at the Ramble; he is fielding a team at the Maximum Adventure Race on the Sunshine Coast which happens on the same weekend.
RYDA is on again
Geoff Croad is again looking for people who would like to assist with "herding" the students who attend the various RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) events.  These are the dates on which they will be held:
18th June - All Saints Anglican College
21st July - Australian Industry Trade College
29th July - Elanora SHS
25th August - Australian Industry Trade College
15th September - AB Paterson College
13th & 16th October - Pimpama State Secondary College

Please communicate with Geoff directly to advise which days you are available.  For those of you who have never experienced it:  The job is dead easy - just guide your group of students to the classroom where the next lesson will be presented, then signal the instructor as it gets close to the end of their allotted time.  By the way: the lessons are very interesting. It wouldn't do any harm to pay attention yourself, even if you have been driving for well over 50 years as I have! Of course, you'll also meet some interesting people, such as a Highway Patrol Police officer, and you are provided with a nice morning tea with cakes and a generous lunch.
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship / Project Shed.  What does it entail? There are two aspects to this:
a) At the club meeting, your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc. 
b) This person is also to attend the Project Shed on the following Saturday, as the representative of our club and to assist in the general management.
Fellowship (Wednesday / Project Shed (Saturday)  
 18/03/20Richard SmithCol Laurenson  Doug Lipp (inc Saturday 21/03/20) 
 25/03/20N/a (social Meeting)  Larry Murray (Saturday 28/03/20) 
 01/04/20Ian MayberryAngus MillerPeter Morgan (inc Saturday 04/04/20) 
 08/04/20N/a (social Meeting) Paul Seymour (Saturday 11/04/20) 
 15/04/20Al SirovsPaul SmithBen Illes (inc Saturday 18/04/20) 
 22/04/20N/a (social Meeting) Mark Twyford (Saturday 25/04/20) 
 29/04/20Charles Thomasson Neil ThurlowChris Thurtell (inc Saturday 2/05/20) 
Inspirations - well, sort of... 110420
“Always remember, child" her first teacher had impressed on her, "that to think bad thoughts is really the easiest thing in the world. If you leave your mind to itself it will spiral you down into ever-increasing unhappiness. To think good thoughts, however, requires effort. This is one of the things that need disipline –training- is about. So train your mind to dwell on sweet perfumes, the touch of this silk, tender raindrops against the shoji, the curve of the flower arrangement, the tranquillity of dawn. Then, at length, you won't have to make such a great effort and you will be of value to yourself,…” James Clavell, Shōgun
The guy who invented hand sanitizer must be rubbing his hands right now...
Just one casualty of this (Social Media) is that it has become very nearly impossible to sustain principles in public. For unless a principle works identically well for every body all the time, there are going to be some people who benefit from it and some who are comparatively disadvantaged by it. Douglas Murray, ‘The Madness of Crowds’, 2019.
Math is fun. It teaches you life and death information.  Like, when you are really cold, you should stand near a corner. It's 90 degrees there.
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Gold Coast Ramble 2020 - Prizes to be won
Lucy Thorburn takes the 'Polar Plunge' in Minnesota
Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Brochure 2020
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