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Andy Bell
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Report is going to be a little short this week as I am getting washed away one minute and slow cooked the next in beautiful downtown Brunswick Heads where my darling Robby and I are holidaying with friends. Well drinking copious quantities of wine and playing golf actually. “No one is ever holy without suffering.” ― Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited. What? Oh, you said Brunswick Heads? Hmmm... Sorry... Ed. ☺]
It has been reported that the Pride of Workmanship dinner went very well. My sincere thanks go to all especially Richard for putting it together and Ian for stepping into the breach as President in my absence. 
We have had some complaints regarding our Club Banner and I would like to have a short open discussion about this on Wednesday. Don't forget to register for the District Conference. 
Life is too short to drink bad wine and eat bad food. Just sayin...

Andrew Bell
President, 2017-18
This coming Wednesday's Guest Speaker: Wazza Luff
He almost didn't make the big Gold Coast 600 Supercar race - when Wazza Luff was scheduled to speak during that week, he was unwell...
Our resident Motor Racing guru Ian Mayberry organized Wazza again - hopefully he'll be able to make it! 
And to top it up: Alissa Lott, our Youth Exchange Student who is off to the US early in the new year (see story on Website) will come in to introduce herself!
See you at the Southport SLSC!
Last week's Guest Speaker: Nina Smythe - Shen Yun 
How can you compress 5000 years of culture into a 2 1/2 hour show? After all, the Chinese invented the compass, gunpowder, fireworks, the toothbrush, paper, tea...
Well, in 2006, the Shen Yun dance company was founded in New York, by practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual discipline, with the aim to revive the essence of 5000 years of Chinese Culture, which it states "had been almost destroyed by the Communist Party Government".
It is based on three dynamics:  Form, Technique and Bearing.  Approximately 40 dancers of mostly Chinese ethnicity (there are one or two western dancers in Shen Yun) perform some 20 vignettes of classical Chinese dance - which has three basic components, form, technique and bearing - as well as ethnic and folk dances eg Tibetan and Mongolian ethnic dances. Shen Yun's overarching concept is Harmony: The accompanying Philharmonic Orchestra bridges the musical system of two cultures.  It includes several traditional Chinese instruments, such as the Pipa: four-stringed, it looks a bit like a mandolin (but that would be where the similarity ends...)
Shen Yun combines the traditional with modern technology: the background combines traditional landscape painting with digital animation. Add to that the dazzling display of some 400 costumes and hairpieces! No need to visualize: click here to watch a video.
Nina has offered a very special treat to members of our Rotary Club: for every two tickets purchased, you will also receive a free program book - she'll make arrangements with the Merchandise Desk at the Gold Coast Arts Centre - just send her an email with a copy of the tickets you purchased.  Psst: keep this under your hat!
OK, I admit to a fondness of oriental art, but regardless, I wouldn't miss that show for quids!  Ed.
Snippets of last week's meeting 291117
Peter Morgan was at the door Angus Miller was Chairman (for Simon Brook) and Ian Mayberry was Sergeant.
We had apologies from Des La Rance, Neil Thurlow , Simon Brook, Paul Seymour, Graeme Isaacson as well as Rosie McIntyre and Tania Laird who are both unwell.  
President Andy Bell welcomed all members and our guest speakers Nina Smythe and Maria Meyer. Andy briefly reported on the recent clean-up efforts at The Shed: "My Robbie would now use it"...  Another working bee is planned for early in the new year. Also, a big Thank you to Rosie McIntyre for organizing the recent event at Coomera College (see last week's bulletin). 
Club Administration Chief Jo Gorman run a brief survey as to where we want to have the Christmas Breakfast: the vast majority opted for the Surfers Mirage.  Watch this space for specifics.
A jubilant Treasurer, Mitch Brown, announced that 'We are in the black!"... Whilst Fundraising Director Doug Lipp announced that the Australasian Order of Old Bastards had donated $1,500 (the auctioning of Mario Fairlie's bottle of Grange Hermitage would have contributed substantially to this).  Gerald East is still chasing the remaining Foundation coin boxes. 
Al Sirovs displayed some photos taken at the recent building of the School in Apia, Samoa.  There is a Photo Album on our website too.
Franz Huber clarified the procedure relating to registering as a volunteer to do the Housekeeping at the upcoming Commonwealth Games - we have a method which allows secure registration of your personal details, Photo ID etc.
Heather Barnard recognized - 1000's of spectacles collected
It all started off with Heather's father, Ken Ince, a Rotarian from Ashmore Rotary Club. He had the idea of collecting used spectacles from optometrists throughout the Gold Coast, to be forwarded to Donations in Kind (DIK), from where they could be despatched to developing countries.  Ken is now 97 and thus not as mobile anymore as he used to be... His daughter Heather picked up the baton.  She has since collected thousands of spectacles from Optometrists from Ashmore to Pacific Fair. Yes, thousands - approximately 2000 every two months, our Honorary Member George Keily (left in picture below) reports. 'People of Action'? You bet!
Last Saturday, President Andy Bell presented Heather with a Certificate of Appreciation for her services at The Shed. Congratulations, well done!
Kerrie Brown's cushion goes to the Miller clan
The Angus & Virginia Miller clan has a new heirloom: a ticket belonging to their family was the winning entry for Kerrie Brown's hand embroidered pillow. Kerrie selected ROMAC – Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children as her 'District Governor's Partner Project'. ROMAC flies severely disfigured or injured children to Australia for surgery.  All work by the surgeons and volunteers is provided at no charge. Now you normally expect District Governors to ask for money. This time expect the unexpected. We are giving you something for money. Fair deal? I hope so. Kerrie is aiming to raise $25,000 for an operation to save the life of a child. We call it “Stitches for Stitches”. She has made 54 embroidered cushions - one for every club in the district. Every one is unique. There are 10 hours minimum in each cushion and about $50 of material.
Last week's Sergeant: Ian Mayberry 291117
Al Sirovs has lots of photos on his Facebook page, not just those he displayed today.  Now, didn't you tell me you lived in a high rise apartment? So where does the van in the background fit in?  Fred Hamblen, if you are Chairman: we'd like the chairman to be involved... Darrell Brown, did you say you don't know anything about building? You ARE an architect, aren't you? Richard Smith had a bit of a conflict with a Fork Lift...   Doug Lipp, not only was he constantly on his mobile, checking the happenings on the Horse Race Track during his stay in Samoa, but he is still checking his mobile right now! Franz Huber, just because my mobile phone rings whilst I'm up here doesn't give you permission to turn it off! Mario Fairlie: ok, if we held the Christmas Party in Q1 on the Ground Floor instead at the top, would you then come? Larry Murray had car trouble. He explained to the RACQ that the Starter Motor was kaput. Well, all it was: a flat battery... Jo Gorman showed a nice present Tony gave her: a copy of the Australian Constitution. Have you finished reading it yet?
[note: reporting may not be entirely accurate - they are quite a boisterous and noisy mob, those Surfers Sunrise Rotarians, when they had a cup of double shot expresso inside themselves early in the morning... Ed.]
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
28th Feb 2018Charles Thomasson Graeme Isaacson
7th March 2018 Peter MorganChris Thurtell
14th March 2018  Mario FairlieJim Blackburn
21st March 2018Doug LippBob Harrison
28th March 2018Rosie RoccoGerald East 
04th April 2018Daryl SandersonFred Hamblen
Inspirations - well, sort of...  061218
I had a go at Rugby myself the other day. I thought I was doing pretty well, but all everybody kept saying was "nice try". Condescending bastards.
... that valley where suffering is always real and joy very often false, and the everyday turmoil so grim that it is difficult to imagine any catastrophe producing more than a momentary sensation there."
 No! not referring to the Canberra Press Gallery. Honoré de Balzac (Pere Goriot, 1835). But wait! It continues: "Nevertheless, affliction is sometimes so densely attended by vice and virtue that it takes on an aspect of grandeur and solemnity; ordinary selfishness and self-absorption are suspended for a moment in pity."

14th February 2018
Bulletin Editor
Franz Huber
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  • Last week's Guest Speaker: Charmaine Wheatley
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  • Snippets of last week's meeting
  • Last week's Sergeant, Ian Mayberry
  • Roster for the next 4 weeks
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Mar 14, 2018
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