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Last Friday the District Grants Committee considered the grant applications by the Rotary clubs of Surfers Sunrise and Gold Coast respectively for vocational training at the Mauna Medical Centre.
Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.
Unfortunately, the Gambling Community Benefit Fund application was unsuccessful. Paul O’Neill however has already commenced a new application for the next round of grants.
Geoff Croad reports that funds are starting to flow through from the Containers for Cash receptacle at Skypoint Q1.  
This Wednesday I’ll be talking with members about the Club’s vision for 2022 – 2023.
Look forward to seeing you all there and bring along your ideas!
Mitch Brown,
President 2022-23
This coming Wednesday 20th July: President Mitch Brown
This coming Wednesday, President Mitch Brown will outline his vision for Surfers Sunrise for the next 12 months. This is a communication event, and thus your input is welcome. What was that phrase we used in the olden days to test every key of a keyboard? "Now is the time for all good (wo)men to come to the aid of their party".  [OK, so I hear you say "before my time"... But the Club Assembly is in the future! Ed.]
One of the best kept secrets of Rotary

I've been away for a couple of weeks, culminating in accompanying my better half to the Innerwheel District A77 Changeover in Bundaberg. Who? What is Innerwheel? Well, it is one of the best kept secrets in Rotary.

Think about it for a moment. Note: The presumption to this story:  You are a man and your partner is a woman. Hold it! Don't shoot just yet! Yes, I acknowledge, in these enlightened days it may well be illegal for me to even mention - sorry, I mean ignore to mention all the other possible relationship options. But I'll persist.  And let me state it clearly: the opinions of the editor do not necessarily represent those of the management.☺  So, onwards...

Let us assume that you pass away before your wife does. Statistically proven to be a distinct possibility, and no snide jokes please! Would your wife still enjoy a regular circle of friendship? A circle of friendship that is still there some 3 or 6 months after your funeral?  If so, that's great!  If in doubt (or if you are indeed female and this has sort of triggered your interest), keep reading.
In the 'olden days' (not sure if I'd want to call them 'good' olden days though), Rotary clubs were the exclusive domain of the male of the species and they had Ladies' Auxiliaries, commonly called 'Rotaryannes'. With the advent of (a) Rotary clubs inviting women to join and (b) women more and more engaging in business, the traditional Rotaryannes just about vanished.

Enter Innerwheel. This organization is, as far as I know, exclusively for women. And no, you don’t need to be a widow to join, of course.  The sole requirement is to be of good character, a desire to enjoy friendship and good companionship and to serve the community. Their men are quite welcome to tag along to their social functions. Usually, there is a "Men's Tour" whilst the ladies have their conference. This year, we were hosted by Ohana Winery, a Bundaberg business that brews innovative alcoholic fruit wines, ciders, ginger ale and liqueurs. Yes, complete tour with samples... 
The Innerwheel organization is not new: it was founded way back in 1924 in Manchester, England and first appeared in Australia in 1931, in Ballarat VIC of all places. Today, they boast over 100,000 members in 108 countries. In our region, we have two clubs on the Gold Coast.  They generally meet once a month and support a major research project.  At present, their primary support goes to Cordblood (Stem Cell) research, carried out by Prof Michael Doran (QUT).
Friendship? Over the past 20 years or so, I have accompanied my wife to dozens of Innerwheel conferences. Friendship is the very item that pervades the atmosphere. And if you think these generally elderly ladies are just taking it easy: wait till you see them dancing the jig!
For more information, click here and here, or contact the editor who will gladly forward your enquiry to the nearest club!
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change - please check every week.  Note: Fellowship duty also is expected to be at the Project Shed on the Saturday following the meeting
DateDoorChairmanFellowship/Project Shed (following Saturday)
20/07/2022Graeme IsaacsonAngus MillerFranz Huber
27/07/2022N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)Johnny Bueti (Saturday 30th July at the shed)
03/08/2022Ian MayberryDoug LippPeter Morgan
10/08/2022N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)Tash Price (Saturday 13th August at the shed)
17/08/2022Paul O'NeillLarry MurrayAdam Sheppard
24/08/22N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)
Al Sirovs(Saturday 27th August at the shed)
31/08/2022Paul SeymourRay HiggsPaul Smith
Inspirations - well, sort of... 200722
As I watched the dog chase it's tail, I thought that dogs are easily amused. Then I realised that I was watching the dog chasing its tail.
Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory. Sun Tzu
A glorious victory has a funny way of erasing memories of the reasons why a victory was needed in the first place. 
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