President's Message
Andy Bell
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Our first meeting of the new year is now done and dusted and what a good meeting it was. Inclusive, busy and productive, a credit to you all.
Our President Elect, Jo Gorman has finally succumbed to the charms of her beau Tony Winwood. How good is that?  The happy couple are headed to the UK mid year so their nuptials can be witnessed by family and friends.  Interestingly, even in 2018, if you wish to marry quickly in the UK, you need to go to Scotland.   Gretna Green, the famous destination just over the border from England has for centuries been the village of preference for young English couples, either eloping or in a hurry to marry.   Jo and Tony are in a hurry, so Gretna Green it is.  The place will never be the same after Mr and Mrs Winwood are finished with it.
We need to push on with the clean up and modernisation of the ‘shed’.  I would like to suggest Friday the 9th of February as a date for another working bee.
Could any of you who were in attendance last Wednesday and heard our exchange student Gigi give her presentation believe she is only 16 years old?  A very impressive young lady.
I understand there are a few members who are not entirely happy with the changes occurring within the club.  Change is only problematic if it is change for change sake.  This is certainly not the case here.  Your Board and myself are implementing changes and improvements for one principle reason and that's to ensure the Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise remains relevant and the projects it is known for continue for many years, irrespective of personnel………just sayin
Andrew Bell
President, 2017-18
This coming Wednesday: Bob Berriman
Arranged by District Treasurer and Public Accountant Doug Lipp who, in a parallel universe also runs racehorses, next Wednesday's guest speaker is Robert “Bob” Berryman. Bob lived in Melbourne for 48 years around the Flemington area.  He was a licensed stable hand at the Flemington track and held a Trotting trainers license.  He has a diverse knowledge of the Melbourne Cup and has developed a tape/cd of the greatest Melbourne Cup ever (in his opinion)  He is an ex Rotarian and has been involved in many Melbourne Cup "Calcuttas” for various clubs in the Gold Coast area.  He presently operates the courtesy bus for the Southport Sharks and dabbles in sport memorabiila.
NOTE: New venue - Pavilion Restaurant - Southport Surf Life Saving Club (see below)
This Wednesday: social brekkie at new venue
This coming Wednesday 8th November we'll have a social breakfast at our new venue, The Pavilion at the Southport Surf Live Saving Club.  You can order the meal from their extensive menu (click here to read it) as you arrive, so if you prefer a toasted Croissant with Ham, Cheese & Tomato ($6.00) or a Bacon, Eggs & Cheese Muffin ($7.00), it's all there! 
This is the location: 
Pavilion Restaurant
Southport Surf Live Saving Club
Macarthur Parade,
Main Beach  QLD  4215
See you there at 07:00 am!
Col Laurensen's Donations in Kind wins major award
On the weekend, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) presented a major award to our member Col Laurensen, in his capacity of chief of Donations in Kind - Northern Region.  Get the full story in the Download section on the right!
Congratulations, Col!
Last week's speaker: Franz Huber - Rotary: People of Action
Shortly after I had attended the first provisional meeting of Surfers Sunrise in December 1986, I couldn't resist the urge to call my "most cosmopolitan" sister to tell her I'd joined Rotary (I was 41 at the time).  Her immediate reply: "Why would you join a bunch of old fuddy-duddies like Rotary??"  That was the perception of Rotary in the general public at the time.  Regrettably, it seems, not much has changed in he following 30 years.  Rotary still is at best an unknown quantity for most of the general public and, if somebody indeed knows more about us, the recognition is in relation to a bunch of generally elderly people sizzling sausages at Bunnings. In short: we know what we are all about. We know that Rotary does a lot of good in the world and has done so for over 100 years, but we are not very good at telling our story.  Well, now we have tools to tell our story.  For example, there are a couple of videos which you can forward to your prospective member. In particular 'Rotary - Making a World of Difference' is superb. Click on this link to download it. 

Enter Rotary's new Public Relations Campaign, based on the slogan "Rotary: People of Action". I had the pleasure of
attending a very well structured District Training Seminar dealing with this very subject, and, indeed, this might be the first time that I am positive that this will actually work.  One of my pet sayings (Ok, you are right: "whinges" is better) is that Rotary, on both a District as well as International level, should be run more like a major corporation.  Well, here you have it: just like buying into a franchise! Except that it is free. It's not just the slogan; there is a lot of additional material available for the "everyday" Rotarian to download. They are superbly well done, very professional indeed. They don't just give a brief about Rotary, they do pull some of the "emotion" strings. Then there are lots of ready made templates: templates for pull-up banners, templates for Facebook pages. head over to the Download section on the right. You will find a copy of my PowerPoint presentation (which does not include the videos) and the banners separately.
Go on! Do it now.  Then think of a couple of people whom you know would be interested and send them the link to the video: Here it is in full for you to copy and paste into your email:
BBQ at Southport Library
Thank you to those that assisted with the Sat. 28th Oct 2017 Southport Library BBQ, from the To & From transporters in Daryl Sanderson & Mark Twyford, Croadie who was there in spirit when not able to be there, Franz Huber; Ian Mayberry; Andy Bell; with special mention to Robby Bell for her help under sufferance from Andy's infliction of loose tooth and mouth disfigurement from a "Medicine Ball" thrown during "Exercises" in the morning; also worthy of special mention is "Onion Supply & Cutter," Angus Miller, who came to setup and stayed till 12:00 and likewise with Al Sirovs who also came to setup and stayed till finish.
Your help is and was greatly appreciated to one and all.
This Sunday: Q&A Session with DG Darrell Brown
On Sunday 5th November, DG Darrell Brown and the District Training Chief, PDG Wendy Scarlett, will host an online Q&A session - 'All about Rotary'. Note: you need to register - there are a maximum of 50 seats.  Click on this link for more details and to register.
Meet our outgoing Youth Exchange Student: Alissa Lott
Many of you will have met our regular visitor from Frankston Sunrise Rotary Club, Ross Augustine. Meet Ross's Granddaughter, Alissa Lott: she will be sponsored by our club for Youth Exchange to the USA!
Alissa is currently a student at Emmanuel College. Together with her parents Danielle and Matt and three younger siblings, she lives at Robina. In addition to the 'standard' subjects, her electives are Art, Digital Technology and Food Technology [in conventional parlance, I believe this used to be called 'cooking'... ☺ Ed.]  And, she is an avid reader of books!
There is a full write up by Alissa and her parents in the Download Section on the right. Looking forward to your being introduced at one of our meetings soon!
Snippets of last week's meeting 251017
Mario Fairlie was at the door, Gerald East was Chairman and Ian Mayberry was Sergeant.
We had apologies from Graeme Isaacson, Clive Edwards who is unwell, Richard Smith, Rosie McIntyre and Tania Laird
President Andy Bell welcomed all members and visitor Jim Blackburn (guest of Andy Bell). All going well, Jim will shortly be inducted as a member of Surfers Sunrise!  Andy outlined the upcoming move of venues to the Pavilion at Southport Surf Life Saving Club - see article above. He also acknowledged the various members who assisted with the Polio Plus collection at Runaway Bay the previous week.
President Elect Jo Gorman expressed the club's thanks to the staff of Surfers RSL club for their excellent service over the past 16 months (see picture right). Jo also advised that, since we'll now need two tables at the Melbourne Cup Luncheon, some additional seats have become available.
Secretary Mark Twyford is looking for helpers on Friday 10th November, 07:00 am at The Shed to do a proper Stocktake and Asset Register. Contact Mark directly.
Simon Brook circulated two proposed designs for new badges, whilst Treasurer Mitch Brown queried whether all had paid their membership dues?  Ray Higgs was looking for another couple of volunteers for the Sausage Sizzle at the Southport Library, elaborated on the research work done at Griffith University and reminded members that, should they be so inclined, to advise their vote on the proposed resolutions for the next Council on Legislation.
Fundraising Director Doug Lipp will shortly organize a raffle for Kerrie Brown's quilted pillow (proceeds to go to ROMAC), and Gerald East reported on the Polio Plus collection: total of just short of $1,150 plus 2 buttons and 1 Kiwi Coin...
Mario Fairlie, since nobody asked, volunteered his Health Status anyway and congratulated Doug Lipp (Doctor Doug from now on...) for correctly diagnosing his condition... 
This Wed 8th November: Murder on the Orient Express
Penelope Cruz, Judy Dench, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, just to name a few. How good can this be!
Bring your family and friends along to a special Polio Plus Fundraiser at the Gold Coast Arts Centre:
Special Preview exclusive for Rotarians and their friends.  Just $20.00 per person.
Download the entire poster from the Downloads Section on the right.
click on this secure link to book online - tickets will be emailed to you. 
Commonwealth Games: District accepts the challenge
As a District and following on from an interest meeting 5 October, it is almost certain that we will accept the invitation to assist with the Commonwealth Games as Housekeepers to the Athletes Village. This is a huge commitment. We will combine with District 9630 as well. PDG Brian Heaton needs a commitment on numbers with names by the end of October. We'll need to  nominate the beneficiaries of the money raised. Hopefully besides local charities we will nominate Rotary Initiatives such as the PhD Scholarship in Mental Illness, ROMAC, RAM, DIK, Rotary Foundation & so on. It is a better return than working at a Sausage Sizzle.  A detailed write-up was sent to all members on 16th October - click here to download it from the District Website, and also some more in the District Newsletter which was published over the last weekend.
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
17th Jan 2018Al SirovsCharles Thomasson
24th Jan 2018Geoff CroadChris Thurtell
31st Jan 2018Mario FairlieAdrian Crowe
7th Feb 2018Ray HiggsGerald East
14th Feb 2018Jo GormanFred Hamblen
21st Feb 2018Col Laurensen Bob Harrison
Inspirations - well, sort of... 011117
If the human brain would be so simple that we can understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t.   Lyall Watson
What opinions the masses hold, or do not hold, is looked on as a matter of indifference. They can be granted intellectual liberty because they have no intellect. In a Party member, on the other hand, not even the smallest deviation of opinion on the most unimportant subject can be tolerated.
George Orwell -  Nineteen Eighty-Four
17th January 2018
Bulletin Editor
Franz Huber
  • This Wednesday: Franz Huber - Imagine, no electricity!
  • Snippets of last week's meeting - AGM and incoming board
  • Last week's Guest Speaker: our YE Student Gigi
  • A couple of attractive ladies walked into a shed...
  • Last week's Sergeant, Tania Laird
  • Roster for the next 4 weeks
  • Inspirations (well, sort of....)
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Regular Meeting: Greg Beard
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Jan 24, 2018
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