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Paul Seymour
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Last Wednesday saw the President's Report as well as a club assembly. A good response from all in respect of new service projects and fundraising and these ideas will be taken forward at the next directors meeting.
Saturday saw our first Bunnings BBQ of our new year. It was good to see all members chipping in for a great fundraiser as well as good fellowship and especially to see our newer members Tash, Adam, Johnny and Catherine as well as our regular helpers.
A reminder the Lutzy award is on 15 September and let’s get a good turnout for the morning breakfast and presentation.
Saturday also had a good turnout at the Project Shed, but I encourage those that have not visited the Shed to come along and see what happens and join us for morning tea/coffee.
Paul Seymour
President 2021-22
This Wednesday 25th August: social meeting
This Wednesday 25th August, from 07:00 am, we'll have a social meeting at the Surfers Paradise Surf Club, downstairs Bistro, on the northern side.  See you there!
Paul Seymour: My Vision for 2021-22
At last Wednesday’s meeting, Paul outlined his program for the current Rotary year. Paul congratulated Immediate Past President Charles Thomasson for his very successful year and proceeded to introduce his board (see list of our club’s Executives on the right).
Paul’s key targets are
  • Membership, with the specific aim of ‘Quality, not Quantity’. The aim is not only to recruit new members, but also to ensure retention of existing members.
  • To identify a “single major local project or charity to support”.
  • The inclusion of our membership as a group.
  • The continued smooth operation of our Project Shed with all its facets. This is as much an International Service Project as a major Community Service Project. Paul particularly emphasised the superb value of the help we get from the Rotaractors, not just relating to the help with the Vanuatu project and the new websites, but also the establishment of the new Gold Coast Makers Rotaract Club which uses the shed as its base.
  • Ongoing support of our Youth Projects: RYPEN, RYTS, RYLA, RYDA.
  • Achieving fundraising targets: In addition to the traditional activities such as the Bunnings Sausage Sizzles, Business Expo etc., Paul deservedly mentioned Johnny Bueti’s ‘Italian Long Lunch’ and the annual Golf Day, chiefly organised Charles Thomasson, Paul Smith and Doug Lipp.
  • We’ll no longer have a ‘Big Bike Sale’ but instead bikes can be sold on an ad-hoc basis when the Project Shed is open. They will be advertised on Social Media. The recently confirmed Google Advertising grant will come in handy!
A copy of Paul's PowerPoint is available in the Download Section on the right.
Meet our newest member: Brian Pearson
At this morning's meeting, President Paul Seymour inducted our newest Surfers Sunrise member, Brian Pearson. Brian had transferred from Broadbeach Rotary Club, as he prefers not to be driving by night and thus found it hard to attend his former club's regular meetings. A big loss for Broadbeach, a big win for us! Here is a brief outline - watch this spot for his 'Rotarian behind the Badge' presentation.
If you hear him speak, you'd know that he has a mild accent... [ok, I hear you, no need to shout! ☺ Ed.] His career involved Speciality Chemicals, culminating in 12 years in Hong Kong as Managing Director of the North Asian Subsidiary of a U.K. chemical company. Brian moved to Australia in 1999 and subsequently retired here, joining the Rotary Club of Broadbeach in 2008. He served as club Secretary, and 2 years later as President. He also held positions as Foundation Director and Bulletin Editor for several years.
In 2011/12 Brian was elected as District Secretary and served under DG Graham Jones and again the following year under Sandra Domany. He also served as District Polio Chair and District Chair of ROMAC.
Snippets of last week's meeting 180821
Ray Higgs was at the door, Mario Fairlie was Chairman and Andy Bell was Sergeant. We had apologies from Peter Morgan (there might have been others…).
President Paul Seymour welcomed all members and visitors Paul O’Neill (RC of Parkwood) and our regular visitor Ross Augustine (RC of Frankston Sunrise). Paul then immediately proceeded to the induction of our newest member, Brian Pearson, who briefly introduced himself (see separate article above). 
Treasurer Doug Lipp lamented that some of our members still haven’t paid their half-yearly dues, which were due at the end of last month.  Doug, who together with Charles Thomasson is again organising this year’s Golf Day, announced the date: 26th October 2021. It will be again held at the Surfers Paradise Golf Club, same place as last year’s.
Club Service Director Franz Huber emphasised the importance of having interesting meetings and thus requested members to suggest potential guest speakers, and Graeme Isaacson confirmed the arrangements with the caterers for the Lutzy Award on 1st September. The Trybooking site will be re-opened, so people who were unable to attend on the original date can now book – see separate article below. All original bookings will be retained.
President Paul Seymour then presented his Vision for 2021-22 – see separate article above. Regrettably, the Surf Club’s laptop and large display screen was Missing In Action. See Paul’s PowerPoint presentation in the Download Files section on the right.
Following Paul’s presentation, Bryan Tuesley, who with Larry Murray organises the Project Shed, expressed his deep appreciation of the help the Associate Members receive from our club and the Rotaractors.  Most people would not be aware of Bryan's very early involvement with Rotary: in his youth, he was a Charter Member of the Southport Rotaract Club! Spoken from the heart, Bryan emotionally outlined the lifelong benefits of the skills he had acquired through Rotary's Youth Programs, particularly RYLA. 
PDG Darrell Brown, who is one of the two current District Youth Programs Co-Chairs and our club’s Director of Youth Services, Adam Sheppard, outlined their plans for the upcoming year.  In essence, we’ll continue to support the traditional Youth programs.  Adam also outlined some new ideas on fundraising. This was followed by Ian Mayberry briefly outlining a program in the Car Racing industry, where a young man with an intellectual disability greatly benefited from a program of being included in various activities.
Charles Thomasson reinforced the concept of getting more Corporate Memberships, particularly as this would attract currently active business people.  Foundation Director Gerald East assured us that we’ll continue to support The Rotary Foundation.
President Paul then opened the floor for Question Time. One of the points made was that, as our membership is predominantly male, it can be somewhat intimidating. Also, as the Project Shed is seen to be our major activity, we run the risk of giving the appearance of “managing a Men’s Shed”. Quite important therefore to ensure we diversify and highlight other activities.
All in all, a well run and interesting Club Assembly!
Big Saturday coming up at the Project Shed
Col Laurenson has arranged for an empty container to be delivered at the Project Shed this Friday, in readiness for it to be loaded on Saturday. We have a large trailer load of school desks and chairs coming in from Toowoomba. They might need some TLC to clean them up before we load them.  Col advises that loading desks and chairs is “a bit of a jigsaw puzzle” to optimize the space. Can you help on the morning?
While we are on the subject: a huge ‘Thank You!’ goes to Neil Thurlow who donated a massive compressor and associated accessories, worth several thousands of dollars (see photo right). ‘On ya, Neil!
Bunnings Sausage Sizzle in perfect weather
Last Saturday, the gods contributed to a very successful day with perfect weather. From 07:30 am till the late afternoon, our members and volunteers generated that irresistible scent of fried sausages and onions. Angus "Onion King" Miller, as has now almost become a tradition, organised bags full of chopped onions, a large Esky of sausages. Our "Minister for Everything" Geoff Croad had worked his fingers to the bone organising the volunteers and picking gear. Results aren't in yet, but no doubt it was a very successful fundraiser.  Our thanks go to all the organisers and helpers on the day (in no particular order) Andy Bell, Darrell Brown, Gerald East, Al Sirovs, Franz Huber, Johnny Bueti, Catherine Ayad (Johnny's partner), Paul Seymour, Kristen Jewson, Matt Hayward, Brian Pearson, Geoff Croad, Angus Miller, Ashleigh Symes, Mario Fairlie, Tash Price, Adam Sheppard, Adrian Crowe, Charles Thomasson, Mitch Brown, Ben Loots, Neil Thurlow. And of course a big Thank You to Bunnings, who provided all the Marquee and all the cooking equipment.
(Photo, from left: Charles, Johnny, Johnny's partner Catherine and a customer)
Italian Long Lunch: postponed again
We had to postpone it again, it's now on Thursday 7th October 2021, from 12:00 pm (the current COVID rules would only allow maximum 60 people). All people who have booked have been notified. All tickets have been sold out, but if any cancellations were to come in, Johnny has a waiting list.  If you want to be on that list, please contact him directly.
There will be plenty of Italian style Christmas dishes. Johnny has secured a major sponsor: My Carte, and a number of corporate tables have been sold as well. The price includes all food, unlimited wine and beer, entertainment.  All proceeds go towards the X-Ray Unit and Blood Analyser for Vanuatu.  Note: COVID restrictions impose an upper limit of just 120 attendees.
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change - please check every week.  Note: Fellowship duty also is expected to be at the Project Shed on the Saturday following the meeting
DateDoorChairmanFellowship/Project Shed (Saturday)
25/08/2021N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)Doug Lipp (Saturday, 28/08/2021)
01/09/2021Graeme IsaacsonFranz HuberCol Laurenson
08/09/2021N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)Ian Mayberry (Saturday, 11/09/2021)
15/09/2021Angus MillerLarry MurrayPeter Morgan
22/09/201N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)
Tash Price (Saturday, 25/09/2021)
29/09/2021Al SirovsRamez SalibAdam Sheppard
Inspirations - well, sort of... 250821
Neil Thurlow's post of the week: 
'What doesn't kill you, mutates and tries again'. Nietsche, updated. [There are others on his FB page, just as good as this one! Ed.]
The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible. Salman Rushdie.
The World Health Organisation has confirmed that dogs cannot contract COVID-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be let out. 
WHO let the dogs out?
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