President's Message
Joanne Winwood
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Hope you all had a successful Cup week (did Robby Bell win again with her smiling horse theory I wonder?) – we had a lovely few days down in Melbourne and I can thoroughly recommend the new stand at Flemington for anyone making their way down there. [Sure. But you still get soaking wet if you get caught up in traditional Melbourne weather... Ed. ☺]
Thank you to the crew who showed up for the Melbourne cup fundraiser at The Island Hotel- selling raffle and sweep tickets for the Charity “Traction” who help disadvantaged children in the community. The turnout of punters was lower than expected I hear, but none the less- it looks like close to $17,000 was raised between Traction and Rotary – a sterling effort. Next year I think we will look to do our own fundraiser as it shows what can be achieved with our team and we can think about an event we can link in with early next year.
We said that one of our goals was to hold an annual fundraiser that would be our main source of income- something we could template and run again and again. The bicycle sale ( now moved dates- please see the calendar) is looking like the answer to this and we had a strong posse of members at the Shed on Saturday morning selecting , making them roadworthy and cataloguing bikes for sales on Sale Day, or prior to, via Gumtree. Larry has taken charge of the project (thanks Larry), with Rosie working on PR and advertising, Mark managing our Gumtree sales and Tania organising the BBQ. We have about 40 bikes ready to go and hundreds more to work from with a target of 100 to sell for our fundraiser.
If you can assist after the meeting on Wednesday, or on Saturday mornings in getting the bikes spruced up, we would be grateful. We will needs lots of help on the day.
You may recall PC Tony Unicomb and his colleague Sam from Project Booyah – an inspiring project rescuing teenage boys with troubled home lives from disengagement with school – working with them to finish School or get a trade. In keeping with our theme around reducing the impact of Domestic Violence, The Service Committee have agreed to sponsor the purchase of a graduation outfit for each of the successful Booyah  participants for their ceremony in November, something which will help them feel proud of their achievement, build self esteem and can be used afterward for their job interviews. We have been invited to the Graduation - should anyone wish to attend (1pm 26th November at PCYC Loganholme) – see attached invitation. Please RSVP if you’d like to go.
With the resignation of Daryl Sanderson from the club, we are working through the process of appointing new members of the Trust for the Wheelchair Project, as well as a new working party to assist in the general running of the Shed. I believe in the absence of anyone wanting to take sole responsibility for the project, we will need a small team to share an allocation of responsibilities and a process to support these activities. I have had a number of you show interest and/ or concern in the Project so please know that we are working through this situation as fast as we can – there are a number of sensitivities to be considered so please bear with us.
I received an email from the District last week confirming all those members of Surfers Sunrise who have District appointments in DGE Harry Bolton’s year (2019/2020) and it continues to blow me away how many of our Club hold District responsibilities. PDG Darrell Brown – Redistricting Planning, Mark Twyford -District Treasurer, Doug Lipp - District Finance, Chris Thurtell - District YEP, Ray Higgs, - District Peacefellows and Simon Brook -District RYTS Chair. That’s a lot of work for all concerned and we are proud of the contribution you all make- well done guys and thank you.
On a final note- a lovely bit of fellowship this coming weekend with our Guess Who’s coming to Dinner party on Saturday night. Angus is away until later this week I believe and has final numbers but I believe we are meeting in the gardens of my apartment (fingers crossed for fine weather), The Inlet, 24 Breaker St, Main Beach – Street and Visitors Parking available. Please standby for time and exact location in the gardens when Angus returns.  Hope to see you all Wednesday!  
This coming Wednesday: David King - Hyperbaric medicine
David King is the Senior Hyperbaric Health practitioner at the Royal Women's Hospital in Brisbane. Hyperbaric? Yes, I had to look it up too! Think divers getting 'the bends'. But this science goes far deeper than that...
At the Surfers Paradise Surf Live Saving Club. Order your breakfast in ground floor bistro, then take it to the upstairs restaurant and join us for fellowship and fun!  After that, if you have time: can you come to the Project Shed and give us a hand preparing more bikes for the Big Bike Sale on 8th December>
Last Saturday - first stage of bike prep
Last Saturday we had 'Bike Prep #1': Good turnout on our first working bee in preparation to the Big Bike Sale (note: now scheduled for 8th December not 1st - we need more time to prepare the dozens of bikes ready for sale!) Photo (by Al Sirovs), from left: Mark Twyford, Peter Morgan, Charles Thomasson, Larry Murray, Ray Higgs, Geoff Croad, Franz Huber, Mitch Brown. Also there working, but not in photo: Andy and Robbie Bell (and there may have been others, your Ed had to leave at 10 am to meet another commitment).  Of course, the volunteers including Daryl Sanderson and Des La Rance were there too, as they always are!
Hello from our YE Student Alissa from the US
Hello Surfers Sunrise,
I’ve been keeping busy on exchange as my time is almost over here in the States!  In the middle of October it was MEA. This is a 3 day break we have from school when the teachers do workshops, from Wednesday to Friday. Since it is a long break, a lot of people use it to go travelling. My host family took me to Missouri! We went to Hannibal, the town that Mark Twain is from which was really interesting. We got to tour the caves that inspired the caves from the Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn books as well as tour Mark Twains childhood home. It was all super fascinating to learn about. After that, we went to St. Louis where one of my host brothers is in college. We went to Oktoberfest, and I did an escape room with my family which was the first time I’d done that. It was really fun. 
A couple of weeks ago we had a Rotary Fall Weekend with all the exchange students in the district which was so much fun! We carved pumpkins, went hiking, and had a costume party at night at the restaurant next to our hotel. I haven’t done anything too major after that, but last weekend I went rollerblading with my friend Maddy and this week is our school play and I am going to a concert with some friends from school.
It’s starting to get cold and people are getting ready for Thanksgiving, which will be really fun to experience for the first time! Here are some photos from everything I’ve been up to recently.
Alissa Lott.
[See more photos on our Photo Album on the right. Ed.]
Melbourne Cup day: we supported 'Traction'
Surfers Sunrise and Beaudesert Rotary Club members helped to raise funds for the Traction organization, by selling Sweep and Raffle Tickets at The Island venue's Melbourne Cup Luncheon. Preliminary reports from Traction indicate that, despite the number of patrons at The Island was lower than expected, the results for the day was still very much worthwhile.  The photo shows the team (from left): Beaudesert Exchange Student from Basel, Switzerland Melvin Kromer [and yes, Andy, as is proper dress code in Switzerland, he wore socks with his sandals! ☺ Ed.] John Chirio, Linda Jackson (Beaudesert), Franz Huber, Darrell Brown, Lesley Turton (Beaudesert), Coral and Al Sirovs. In the background, two young ladies on high stilts, there to entertain the mob. Note, the "lampshades" over their faces are very much part of a very elegant costume!
Last meeting's Guest Speaker: Trevor Hendy AM
If you haven't heard of Trevor Hendy, you probably didn't live in Australia, or have been living as a hermit somewhere about 6,000 metres above sea level... He has 4 Uncle Toby's Super Series Championships, 6 Australian Open Ironman Championships, a total of 10 World Championships, is a member of various State, National and International Sporting Halls of Fame...  Now, this might come as a bit of a surprise: if you ask him what was the pinnacle of his career, Trev's answer is "To appear on Baywatch... !! Running along the beach in slow motion, David Hasselhoff, an "interview" with Michael Jackson (Michael was sort of singing his answers...)"
Trevor started off recounting the early days of his career. "I really was a rather shy person" he quipped [oh sure, yeah right... Ed.]. To no doubt, the fact that his father was Chief Instructor of the Surf Life Saving Club helped, but Trevor particularly singled out the mentoring he received from two well known personalities: Keith Lutz (Keith was also a Charter Member of our club, who sadly passed away in 2013) and David 'Orchy' Orchard.  "The importance of having a role model becomes apparent much later in life" Trevor emphasised. A Surf Club is not a hierarchy, it is a team. "Where do I fit in?" is the major point. I sort of felt like being rescued.  
Trevor's presentation is often quite humorous. For example, he recounted a story where they tried to emulate the training regime and times achieved by the (then) East German Olympic Team. "We found it simply impossible and wondered how on earth they could do it. Until it was found out that their athletes were doped..."  The challenge: regardless of what the weather & water conditions, regardless of what the order of the race (e.g. Swim, Run, Bike), it is always "perfect conditions". 
These days, Trevor's principal activity is to run a Wellness and Mentoring company, and to sponsor and mentor the proteges of his Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club. "We are not just a Surf Club. We are a Personal Development Club. Helping the community to feel better about itself". What a superb statement of purpose!
Picture above (by Charles Thomasson): Ray Higgs, President Jo Winwood, Trevor Hendy, David Orchard
17th Nov: Guess who is coming to Dinner?
This is only a month away: Saturday 17th November. And Gus is going away shortly, so please register your interest.
This is a great social evening with an air of mystery as neither the guests nor hosts know who is attending, respectively who will host. I have a number of volunteer hosts already but I really need final numbers of attendees so we can make sure that we have enough providers. The theme for the evening is ‘SPRING’ (up or down).
For those who have not attended one of these dinners before: Firstly, you will all gather at a particular address for a drink & nibble. The hosts' address for the evening will then be drawn by the guests, who will then make their way to that address for the dinner. Each host will have chosen the number of guests they would like, but they will not know who will come to dinner. The guests will not know who else will be at the given address. The food is provided by the hosts, for which the guests will contribute $15 per head and provide their own drinks [and perhaps have a glass to spare for the host too..! Ed] .  The menu is entirely at the whim of the host, anything from caviar to pizza.
I am going to be away from 23rd Oct to 12th Nov so I need to know who will be participating by the next meeting on the 17 Oct.  Please register your interest directly with Gus Miller 0418 886 422 or email
Date claimer: Saturday, 8th December
On Saturday, 8th December, we'll have a giant Bicycle Garage Sale at the Project Shed.  (note: 8th, not 1st as originally advised). By now, our volunteers have restored dozens of bikes to their former glory, simply far too good to be scrapped for just their frames to make wheelchairs. They were either donated, or were given to us by the Police - unclaimed property. For example: this Scott Racing Bike (*), light enough to lift with one finger (see picture right). Yes, new, they sell for $3,000. Read that again: Three grand! [** Sorry, I've just been advised this has been sold from under my feet! But I understand we have another one suitable for bike racing enthusiasts: this one apparently sells new for $7,000! Picture coming up. Ed.]  They are ready to be sold at very attractive prices to the public, just in time for Christmas. But wait, there will be more! Music, Sausage Sizzle, Tours of the Shed...  
We'll need manpower [no, Henrietta, 'manpower' does not exclude women! ☺], so put it into your diary now.
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship.  What does it entail? Your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc.
 14th Nov 2018  Adrian CroweSimon BrookDarrell Brown  
 21st Nov 2018
N/a (Social meeting)   
 28th Nov 2018
 Gerald East
Fred Hamblen  Mario Fairlie 
 05th Dec 2018N/a (Social meeting)   
 12th Dec 2018Graeme IsaacsonRay HiggsTania Laird 
 19th Dec 2018N/a (Christmas Breakfast)  TBA  
Inspirations - well, sort of... 141118
Last Sunday was Armistice Day. This most evocative poem below, written by Joseph Lee, a Scottish Journalist and Poet who chronicled life in the World War 1 trenches and as a Prisoner of War, speaks for itself.
German Prisoners
When first I saw you in the curious street,
Like some platoon of soldier ghosts in grey,
My mad impulse was all to smite and slay,
To spit upon you – tread you 'neath my feet.
But when I saw how each sad soul did greet
My gaze with no sign of defiant frown,
How from tired eyes looked spirits broken down,
How each face showed the pale flag of defeat,
And doubt, despair, and disillusionment,
And how were grievous wounds on many a head,
And on your garb red-faced was other red;
And how you stooped as men whose strength was spent,
I knew that we had suffered each as other,
And could have grasped your hand and cried, ‘My brother!’
Joseph Lee
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