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Andy Bell
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Another week been and gone.  Is it just the fact I am getting older, or is time going faster.  Ever since I remember, whether  they be school days or when I was working, the order was weekends sped by but weekdays took an age to get through.   Now it all seems to be the same, blink and the week is over.  The proof of this is that almost 6 months of my Presidency has ended and I don’t feel I have achieved a lot.  Maybe instead of a government enquiry into the Banking Industry there should be an enquiry into what is happening to time.
A number of our members, at times accompanied by guests, have coffee after the weekly meeting and put $1.00 per cup into the kitty.  So far we have raised in excess of $400.  This money is used by Ian Mayberry to buy Christmas presents for disadvantaged kids.   How good is that.  All members should note that they are invited to attend the coffee club at any time - it is not a closed shop. 
We still don't have the format quite right at our weekly meetings.  Those of you who wish to have breakfast prior to the commencement of formal proceedings must ensure it is ordered and collected from the kitchen by 0710 hrs.  It is fine to eat and drink in the meeting, but members getting up and leaving to pick up their drink or food after commencement is a disruption.  If you got out of bed and arrived 10 minutes earlier, all would be fine……..just sayin.  
Andrew Bell
President, 2017-18
This Wednesday 11th Oct: Social Breakfast meeting at Bumbles
This week's meeting is NOT at the RSL Club, but instead we'll have a social get together for breakfast at 
Bumbles Cafe
21 River Dr,
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Next Wednesday 18th October not to be missed: Warren Luff, Racing Driver
Samoa School Debrief
In August 2012, the House of Hope was erected in Apia, Samoa. Since then, the Rotarians and volunteers at The Shed made over 1,840 wheelchairs, valued at roughly $184,000 in raw materials and providing inestimable value to the 1,840 disabled children throughout the world who received this gift of movement as a result. But still, since the House of Hope, the current Samoa School project was our club's largest single undertaking. Like its predecessors erected in Vanuatu, Thailand and Mataa'fa (Samoa) before, this building was pre-manufactured and "test assembled" at The Shed over several months. A team of volunteers which included teachers and students from the fundraising Northern Collegiate of High Schools (Helensvale, Upper Coomera and Coombabah), flew to Apia, all paying for their own flight and accommodation expenses. They completed the building right next to the House of Hope, where it will be used as a classroom for its resident children. 

Last Wednesday, Mark Twyford and Al Sirovs, two of the team members who were not just involved in the pre-assembly stage but also went over with the construction team, reported on the event. With "A huge Thank You! go to the guys at the Wheelchair Shed" Mark acknowledged the hours, days, nay, weeks of volunteer work performed at The Shed to pre-manufacture and pre-assemble the building to Des La Rance's design. But it wasn't just the physical on-site work that needs to be recognized: Mark also brought the huge contributions of Rosie McIntyre and Mario Fairlie to our attention. As he had done numerous times before, Mario again did a lot of work behind the scenes. Rosie not only went over to Samoa to work on site (together with her husband Andrew and daughter Trinity), but as our club's Project Director, she had principal
responsibility for the project.  You may also recall that she organized the fundraising raffle earlier this year with a prize donated by Bartercard.  Then there was Peter Morgan who took care of the legal affairs and, together with Mario, liaised with the relevant authorities over there.
But, as Al Sirovs dryly remarked, "it went together as it should have". [No, Al is not exactly loquacious... ☺  Ed.]. "We opened the container and everything fell out..." he quipped. This only means that there really wasn't any empty space anymore. Mark, on a personal perspective, remarked that for him and his wife Tanya, working on this project went very close to their heart: "We came from here, where we have resources, and went over there where they have no resources. We consider our work to have been very rewarding - personally" he said. "Still, being confronted with the extremes of Samoan life, the wonderful culture, the fun loving atmosphere and people on the one side, then on the other side the stark reality, such as of a 3 year old girl having been severely abused by her own family. This school provides a safe place". What greater gift? Moreover, it is sustainable - the locals have been given instructions on how to maintain it.  
There was a bit of a worry with the weather (it rained a lot), but still the basic structure went up by the first Friday. The team, which included some teachers and students of the Collegiate of High Schools, worked like clockwork. Some quite unexpected talents were discovered, such as our District Treasurer (and, in his professional life, Chartered Accountant) Doug Lipp, who displayed a remarkable aptitude for construction work - if not for stomaching the local fare: he ended up having to go home with, well... "Samoa Belly"...
A book could be written. A picture tells a thousand words: there is an entire album by Rosie McIntyre on the web - click on this link. But some words are worth re-telling: DG Darrell Brown, at the handover ceremony, said
"It's not the building that's important. It's the education that will happen in this building because without education, we can't progress in the world and we believe Rotary is making a difference."
Snippets of last week's meeting 041017
Des La Rance was at the door (for Neil Thurlow) Chris Thurtell was Chairman and Ian Mayberry was Sergeant.
We had apologies from Tania Laird, Darrell Brown, Adrian Crowe, Gerald East, Clive Edwards, Doug Lipp and Richard Smith.
President Andy Bell welcomed all members and visitors Jim Blackburn (guest of Andy Bell) and Trudy Hooper (guest of Daryl Sanderson). Andy gave a 'Welcome Back!" to the Samoa team and acknowledged Ian Mayberry's birthday (although the suggestion of Ian being 80 was just slightly over the top - make up your own mind - see Ian's photo below in the Sergeant's session).  He advised of an 'Interest Meeting' coming up in relation to Rotary providing manpower for the 'Housekeeper' contract at the Commonwealth Games (more about this in next week's bulletin). More immediately, we need manpower to do a stocktake and Asset Register at The Shed.
Des La Rance provided an update of the happenings at The Shed: 2 pallets were sent to Gladstone and we received 15 assembled chairs from the Palin Creek Correctional Centre and gave them 30 kits to assemble, 10 were sent to Manning River and 10 to Taree Men's Shed.
Geoff Croad reminded all that he needs manpower for the Polio Plus collection at Runaway Bay Shopping Centre on 19th to 21th October. If you are not on the running sheet already, catch up with Geoff directly. And we still need another couple of people to assist with RYDA on Friday 13th October at the Southport venue.
Secretary Mark Twyford has updated Clubrunner to include the latest Board Meeting minutes, Jo Gorman advised that next week will be a social meeting at Bumbles Cafe rather than at the RSL and the following week will be Hat Day (in support of the Australian Rotary Health). Simon Brook advised that applications are now open online for RYTS (16 - 17 years old) - click on this link
District Youth Exchange Chair Chris Thurtell had some news in relation to a Seaworld Fundraising event which is planned and he outlined the current status of his portfolio in our region: we have 9 students (1 from Japan, 8 from Europe), we have had news from our student in Germany, Kieran Power: he suffered a food allergy complication which landed him in hospital, but we understand he is recovering well. As seems now to be not uncommon, joint ventures between clubs are arranged to share the hosting.
Last week's Sergeant: Ian Mayberry 041017
Chris Thurtell, how many weeks were you away? 12. OK, that'll be $24.00 in that case... Rosie McIntyre, obviously not terribly interested in what Mark and Al have to say - leaving early anyway... (far from it - see report above!) Al Sirovs was the last person on the minibus... Graeme Isaacson is back to his fastidious standards: colour coordinated tie, hair and cufflinks... Jo Gorman, you took an entire week to respond to a post! Andy Bell, it is never a good idea to mouth the words "the Sergeant is an idiot" on Social Media... Simon Brook, just want to be sure you are not feeling left out... Geoff Croad, did you raid Carole's purse to scrounge the money for a cup of coffee? Visitor Jim Blackburn, where did your breakfast end up? (on his shirt...) Fred Hamblen, still looking for the money from Peter Baruch's books... Mark Twyford, if you can afford to take Tanya to Samoa, you can afford the fine... Ray Higgs, if you take the Courier Mail, you are supposed to pay for it! Larry Murray, any update on the Shower repair? Yes, it is the Story of O (Ring)... Des La Rance, doing a stock take? Have you ever been caught not having one?
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
13th Dec 2017Doug LippAngus Miller
20th Dec 2017Andy BellSimon Brook
27th Dec 2017No meetingNo meeting
03rd Jan 2018No meetingNo meeting
10th Jan 2018Richard SmithPaul Seymour
17th Jan 2018Al SirovsCharles Thomasson
Inspirations - well, sort of... 111017
Determination in war is admirable, it is not as taxing as to show creativity and imagination in peace.  Clive James
If we continuously try to force a child to do what he is afraid to do, he will become more timid, and will use his brains and energy, not to explore the unknown, but to find ways to avoid the pressures we put on him.  John Hold – How Children Learn
OK, all those who want to volunteer to help to do a Stock Take at The Shed on Saturday: please slouch and look uninterested. Wow, that's great! thank you for your overwhelming support!
13th December 2017
Bulletin Editor
Franz Huber
  • This Wednesday: Ross Eastlake OAM, President RSL Surfers
  • Meet Alissa Lott, our Youth Exchange Student to the USA
  • RYDA volunteers recognized
  • Last week's Guest Speaker: Warren Luff
  • Samoa Project features in the Murdoch Press
  • A magic cushion, crafted by Kerrie Brown
  • Roster for the next 4 weeks
  • Inspirations (well, sort of....)
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