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Charles Thomasson
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It was great to induct Adam Sheppard & Tash Price from InvincAble as Rotarians last Wednesday [see article below. Ed.]. InvincAble (our 3rd Corporate Member) was co-founded by Adam & Tash to improve the lives of the disabled community and we look forward to hearing more over the coming weeks, months and years!
The ‘Italian Long Lunch’ is on Thursday 10th December at Gemelli’s at Broadbeach from 12pm. We have fewer than 20 tickets left so please book as soon as possible via the link in the newsletter article below. Thanks to Johnny Bueti for organising – it is going to be a fantastic afternoon and a great fundraiser for our Club. And if you have any prizes you can donate valued at greater than $100 please get in contact with Johnny or myself.
It has continued to be a very busy time at the Shed over the last few weeks with not only the South African Container departing for Durban, but also a Container to Port Vila (for the Pentecost Island Project) and a container to Honiara (for the Rotary Club of Honiara) of Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, Mattresses and Linen. Great work to everyone involved! We now have a bit of a break from sending containers to focus back on the production of the PODS and wheelchairs, and the continued work on the Pentecost Island Project.
Another reminder that the Surfers Sunrise Christmas Breakfast is on Wednesday 16th at Edgewater Isle of Capri – please book here
This Wednesday will have a Social Meeting downstairs at the Surf Club. Shane O’Connor OAM from SPSLC will also join us. I look forward to seeing you from 7am.   
Kind regards,
Charles Thomasson
President 2020-21
Welcome to Surfers Sunrise, Adam and Tash!
Welcome to our newest members of Surfers Sunrise Rotary: Adam Sheppard and Tash Price.
This morning, President Charles Thomasson inducted two very special new members into our club: Well, this is real special: while we have, for some 25 years, been involved with "Rough Terrain" wheelchairs for underprivileged children in developing countries (10,000 of them - see below!), this is actually the first time we have members who... USE a wheelchair themselves!
Adam and Tash run a business named 'InvincAble Pty Ltd'. Well, the name says it all! We'll have more formal introductions later in the year or early next year, but let me spill some beans just a little bit: Tash Price won the 2019 Auckland Marathon (COVID prevented her from competing there this year) and is the 2020 Queensland State Champion in 100, 200 and 400 metres! And guess who is her trainer? ☺ Great to have you both in our club!
Photo: Adam and Tash, with Chairman of the meeting Gerald East and President Charles Thomasson.
Farley S Tolpen – Mediation
For most people, the need to consult a litigation lawyer brings up a feeling akin to the need to get a root canal on your front tooth. You know it will hurt (including at your hip pocket), it is unpleasant, time consuming, but… unavoidable. So it is most refreshing to hear a lawyer professing that his every effort is to keep you away from litigation.
Last Wednesday, Farley Tolpen presented on how to stay out of court. A lawyer for 36 years specialising in Mediation, his aim is to resolve a dispute amicably, rather than confrontationally. Why would Mediation work better? Well, for a start, it is faster than litigation, typically completed within 30 days. Therefore, it is less expensive – on average, about 9 hours of his time will sort it out. But most importantly, the outcome is agreed to by both parties, the conflict is resolved and thus there is a high chance that the relationship between the parties is retained and even improved. And all that contributes to you retaining your sanity.  There are other benefits: Staying out of court, confidentiality is retained, the process is not intimidating, and your chances of an agreed resolution are around 90%.
So how does it work? Initially, there are several serious telephone discussions, individually with both parties, so the Mediator can become totally familiar with each side’s position. All discussions are subject to confidentiality. The aim is to build rapport, to have a clear understanding of each side’s grievances. The Mediator will then arrange pre-mediation meetings, both private and jointly.  The aim is to obtain an agreement to mediate. Goals of what each party tries to achieve are set. In addition to the knowledge of the law, a Mediator must master various techniques and skills, particularly in relation to active listening, being non-judgmental, empathetic. As an example, Farley mentioned the 1970’s Detective Show ‘Columbo’: “I don’t quite understand… can you explain that again?” So, instead of saying “See you in court!!”, perhaps think “Let’s call Farley”. Click on this link to go to his website.  Photo: Farley accepts his "Speaker's Reward", a uniquely labelled bottle of red, from Gerald East.
Italian Long Lunch bookings close next Sunday!
... close on Sunday - or earlier: As of Monday, we have a total of over 50 firm bookings and 20 who have committed to book.  First come, first served.
Johnny Bueti, whose grandparents immigrated from Italy after WW2, is certainly no stranger to the delights of Italian Cuisine. He is organising 'The Long Italian Lunch', as a fundraiser for our Rotary Club. In his previous editions, he had some 150 people there, but due to COVID restrictions limited it to 80. All food (and there will be lots!) and drinks are included.
It will take place in next week, on Thursday, 10th December 2020. Click on this link to book! Download the flyer - see Download Section on the right.
Book now for Christmas Breakfast on 16th December
Bookings are now open for our Christmas Breakfast will be on Wednesday, 16th December. This year, we'll have it at the Edgewater Dining and Lounge restaurant (where we had our Changeover in July). Graeme Isaacson has organised a delicious TRIPLE alternative drop: Eggs Benedict, or Omelette, or a Vegetarian meal (with egg) - to be confirmed.
Click on this link to book online:
Final Update: Mark Twyford's ride for Misión México 
Today marks the end of Mark Twyford's fundraising challenge for Misión México, the charity which his daughter worked on last year? (That’s her on the right – click on this link to read the story again). Maggie continues to be involved with the Mission. This November will also mark the charity’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, they are holding their biggest ever global event; the Move for Misión México - 20/20/20 Challenge: 20,000 kilometers on foot, bike, in the water, any way you can think of while working together to raise £20,000 for their education program. All money raised will go towards Mision Mexico's Education Program.
Mark has exceeded his aim of raising $AUD 1,000.00, committing to riding a minimum of 500Km in the month of November. As of today 30/11/20, he has cycled 520 Km and has raised $1,350.00! Well done, Mark, you deserve a big pat on the back! You can still support financially - just advise Mark on so he can provide you with direct deposit details. Send him an email and he'll send you details. A tax receipt will be issued once funds are received. 
Snippets of last week's meeting 251120
Andy Bell was at the door, Gerald East was Chairman and Ian Mayberry was Sergeant. There were no apologies.
President Charles Thomasson welcomed all members and visitors: Assistant Governor Sheila Ponting, Stah Nduku (guest of PDG Darrell Brown), Associate Member Bob ?????? ("the Electrician") and the highly switched on group of the Burleigh Heads Rotaract Club and of course our Guest Speaker, Farley Tolpen
Charles proceeded straight to the induction of Adam Sheppard and Natasha ("Tash") Price - see separate article below. Following the induction, he briefly referred to the previous Saturday's loading of the container for South Africa, the 10,000th Wheelchair celebrations and thanked all members, associates, Rotaractors as well as the members of the Gold Coast and Broadbeach Rotary Clubs who participated. A particular big thanks must go to Col Laurenson who was instrumental in the negotiations with the South African end for the recently loaded container.
Following Farley Tolpen's presentation (see above), club business was discussed:
Angus Miller will organise the upcoming Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings on 20th December, Mario Fairlie will attend a one day seminar on putting together Global Grants and getting them approved. Mario also advised that those who ordered Christmas Cakes should deposit the money directly to our bank account (refer Doug Lipp), upon which they'll get the cake.  PDG Darrell Brown confirmed that we have a candidate for the upcoming RYLA and RYTS camps in January, but there is another spot in the budget! Franz Huber received a communication from a Rotary club in Nepal - possibly an opportunity to have a "Sister Club"? Graeme Isaacson has made final arrangements for our Christmas Breakfast at the Edgewater Restaurant on the Isle of Capri - see separate article above. Johnny Bueti reminded all that bookings for the 'Long Italian Lunch' fundraiser on Thursday 10th December is open - see separate article above, with link to book. We have so far well over half the maximum number of 80 guests the restaurant can accept.
Secretary Mitch Brown conducted a brief member's poll to formally approve the nomination of Doug Lipp as District Governor Nominee for 2023/24: Yes, of course we approved it!
Last week's Sergeant: Ian Mayberry 251120
Chairman Gerald East: you were (almost) late... Ray Higgs, good to see you have recovered and are able to join our meetings again! Doug Lipp, if we pay for the Christmas Cake, will you deliver it? Johnny Bueti, didn't notice you until I saw this guy with a hole in his jeans... Charles Thomasson, we are almost half way there... newly inducted members Adam Sheppard and Tash Price: just to get you accustomed to being fined... new President Elect Paul Seymour: good on you accepting the nomination, but... you must be mad! John Chirio, sorry to see you go, so let me extract some money before you go... Mitch Brown, I had something for you last meeting, but you weren't there... and finally, our Guest Speaker Farley Tolpen didn't escape, with Ian coming up with a VERY old joke about lawyers...
BTW: note that all fine money collected goes towards buying Christmas presents for disadvantaged children, which we'll deliver the St John's for distribution.  
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change - please check every week.  Note: Fellowship duty also is expected to be at the Project Shed on the Saturday following the meeting
DateDoorChairmanFellowship/Project Shed (Saturday)
02/12/2020N/a (Social Meeting)N/a (Social Meeting)Darrell Brown (Saturday 05/12/20)
09/12/2020Salib RamezMitch BrownJohnny Bueti 
16/12/2020N/A (Christmas Party)N/A (Christmas Party)John Chirio
23/12/2020No Meeting  
30/12/2020No Meeting  
06/01/2021Adrian CroweDoug GarvieMario Fairlie
Inspirations - well, sort of... 021220
What is the difference between a mediator and an astronaut? An astronaut may sit on top of a controlled explosion but at least he has some idea of the direction it’s headed.
[This is not necessarily a joke] This rich man and his very attractive wife are trying to settle a nasty divorce. The mediations have been going on for weeks and finally the man cracks saying “Anything. I’ll give you anything you want. Do you want the houses? The cars? You can have all the money! Just name it and you can have it!” The woman looks at her husband and then at the mediator and says softly “I want him to listen to me like you do.”
What’s the difference between negotiating and mediation? Negotiation is where people get emotional about the money and mediation is where people get the money after becoming emotional.
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Farley S Tolpen - Mediation
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