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Joanne Winwood
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Hi all,
I'm late I'm late, for a very important date- (well a date with our editor at least). I have been tardy with this week's message so I'll keep it short.
Its not who you know, its ghoul you know and we got to have a bit of fun last week in our tour of Dracula's – kindly guided by the very entertaining Richard who gave us a little lights and special effects display before meeting some of the cast as they prepp'ed for the show. Lovely turnout including Leonie Constable, visiting Rotarian for Rotary Club of Riccarton in Christchurch NZ and partners Mrs Miller, Mrs Bell, Mrs Augustine, Mrs Sirovs and Mr Winwood. We were given some tickets to the show which we thought we would use for fundraising and given it was World Polio day on the day of the tour, will make that the recipient cause. The consensus was that we might go there as a group next year for a fun night out and we were assured we would be well looked after. Lets think about it in the New Year as we have a fair few fellowship activities between now and Christmas.
Speaking of Polio, thank you to everyone who took a turn at Runaway Bay Shopping Centre for our annual collection – especially Gerald and Geoff for organising. I will let those that ran the event share with you their results but it was a great effort as always. I am afraid I still have no news on the movie fundraiser which had been earmarked for 1 November (clearly that's no longer a goer) – I had intended to run our own at HOTA but was dissuaded as I had heard a cluster event was being organised – if you can hang fire on seeing Bohemian Rhapsody which opens on Thursday I believe, please do and I hope to have more news shortly.
This week we have a crew heading off to the Island Melbourne Cup extravaganza to raise funds for Traction, a local charity focussed on disadvantaged children. Thanks to all those who have volunteered – we are still short two people on our offer of 10 so if anyone has the time and inclination, please let me know. We are putting together a team for our fundraiser on 1 December- I recall a huge show of hands when we called for volunteers, so expect a rap on the shoulder any day now- there's lots to do to put this together but its going to be great.
Hope to see you tomorrow.
Best wishes
This coming Wednesday 31st Oct: Trevor Hendy AM
This coming Wednesday, 31st October, the President of the Surfers Paradise SLSC, Trevor Hendy AM will join us for breakfast. Of course, Trevor has world wide renown for his past achievements as a six times winner of the Australian Ironman Championship.  This time, however, he will speak on how our two organizations can complement each other, particularly in relation to Rotary's Youth Programs.  This is a great opportunity to bring a guest and potential Rotarian along! Note: the club pays for your guest's breakfast too!  Naturally, any other visitors also most welcome! 
Don't forget: we eat upstairs, so get your meal at the bistro on the ground floor and take it up and enjoy the fellowship of the members and guests.
A pre-view of your burial
Visualize: you are standing (yes, standing, not lying) in your coffin, but it has a glass top and you are looking up. You are not six feet below, you are about 15 feet down. You have never seen any of mourners assembled around the grave - as a matter of fact, the "priest" is just a little bit mad. And they are not playing Pachelbel's Canon (as you gave strict instructions in your will); all is accompanied by a cacophony of thunder and lightning, heavy metal music, more lightning... you are quite positive the ground is moving (and I'm still not sure whether it did or not - it certainly vibrated).  And when it was finally over, they the grave digger starts to shovel the dirt down over the top of you. But you are still alive...
Hmmm... not sure how many of our members who visited a "behind the scenes" tour of Dracula's last Wednesday felt like having a shot of brandy after the opening introduction - purely for medicinal purposes of course, just to ensure the heart is still going! Executive Producer Richard Macionis guided us through the venue, explaining the various aspects of how the show is created and staged. We visited the wardrobe department, where the chief seamstress Robyn is ready to design outfits which require a special wild imagination! And to top it off: Dracula's gave us a generous bunch of tickets for us to raffle or auction off for fundraising purposes.
Thank you, President Jo and 'First Bloke' Tony for arranging this - a Rotary meeting with a difference, indeed! 
If you were to pass away before your wife...
The presumption to this story: You are a man and your partner is a woman. Hold it! Don't shoot just yet! Yes, I acknowledge, in these enlightened days it may well be illegal for me to even mention - sorry, I mean ignore to mention all the other possible relationship options. But I'll persist.  And let me state it clearly: the opinions of the editor do not necessarily represent those of the management.☺  So, onwards...
Let us assume that you pass away before your wife does (statistically proven to be a distinct possiblity, and no snide jokes please!): would your wife still enjoy a regular circle of friendship? I mean, a circle of friendship that is still there some 3 or 6 months after your funeral?  If so, that's great!  If in doubt (or if you are indeed female and this has sort of triggered your interest), keep reading.
In the 'olden days' (not sure if I'd want to call them 'good olden days though), Rotary clubs (at that time the exclusive domain of the male of the species) had Ladies' Auxilliaries, commonly called 'Rotaryannes'. With the advent of (a) Rotary clubs becoming mixed and (b) women more and more accepting paid employment, the Rotaryannes just about vanished.

Enter Innerwheel. This organization is, as far as I know, exclusively for women. And no, you don’t need to be a widow to join, of course.  Just a requirement of good character, a desire to enjoy
friendship and good companionship, to serve the community. And men are quite welcome to tag along to their social functions.  The organization is not new: Innerwheel was founded way back in 1924 in Manchester, England and first appeared in Australia in 1931, in Ballarat VIC of all places. Today, they boast over 100,000 members in 108 countries. In our region, we have two clubs on the Gold Coast, as well as several clubs in the Boonah, Ballina, Lismore and Grafton area.  They generally meet once a month and support a major research project.  At present, Cordblood (Stem Cell) research, carried out by Prof Michael Doran (QUT) is one of their major projects.
Friendship? Over the past 20 years or so, I have accompanied my wife to dozens of conferences. Friendship is the very item that pervades the atmosphere. And if you think these generally elderly ladies are just taking it easy: wait till you see them dancing the jig – see above photo from the National Innerwheel Conference just a couple of weeks ago in Canberra! Sorry about being blurry – they simply moved too fast!
For more information, click here and here, or contact the editor who will gladly forward your enquiry to the nearest club!
Melbourne Cup day: we support 'Traction'
Surfers Sunrise members and friends will help to raise funds for the Traction organization, by selling Sweep and Raffle Tickets at The Island venue's Melbourne Cup Luncheon (Tuesday 6th November). If you have not already put your name down, please contact President Jo.
Traction is an organization represented in multiple cities in South East Queensland, including the Gold Coast. Its principal aim is to help young people 
  • Who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and/or experiencing unsecure housing.
  • Who experience indigenous disadvantage.
  • In need within school communities.
  • Newly arrived to Australia, including refugees or asylum-seekers from non-English speaking countries and backgrounds.
  • In special education and learning environments.
  • With disabilities. 
  • Within the youth justice system.
  • Whose families are in need.
  • Suffering directly and/or indirectly from the ill-effects of addiction, domestic violence, abuse and mental illness.
17th Nov: Guess who is coming to Dinner?
This is only a month away: Saturday 17th November. And Gus is going away shortly, so please register your interest.
This is a great social evening with an air of mystery as neither the guests nor hosts know who is attending, respectively who will host. I have a number of volunteer hosts already but I really need final numbers of attendees so we can make sure that we have enough providers. The theme for the evening is ‘SPRING’ (up or down).
For those who have not attended one of these dinners before: Firstly, you will all gather at a particular address for a drink & nibble. The hosts' address for the evening will then be drawn by the guests, who will then make their way to that address for the dinner. Each host will have chosen the number of guests they would like, but they will not know who will come to dinner. The guests will not know who else will be at the given address. The food is provided by the hosts, for which the guests will contribute $15 per head and provide their own drinks [and perhaps have a glass to spare for the host too..! Ed] .  The menu is entirely at the whim of the host, anything from caviar to pizza.
I am going to be away from 23rd Oct to 12th Nov so I need to know who will be participating by the next meeting on the 17 Oct.  Please register your interest directly with Gus Miller 0418 886 422 or email
Date claimer: Saturday, 1st December
On Saturday, 1st December, we'll have a giant Bicycle Garage Sale at the Project Shed.  By now, our volunteers have restored dozens of bikes to their former glory, simply far too good to be scrapped for just their frames to make wheelchairs. They were either donated, or were given to us by the Police - unclaimed property. For example: this Scott Racing Bike, light enough to lift with one finger (see picture right). Yes, new, they sell for $3,000. Read that again: Three grand!  They are ready to be sold at very attractive prices to the public, just in time for Christmas. But wait, there will be more! Music, Sausage Sizzle, Tours of the Shed...  
We'll need manpower [no, Henrietta, 'manpower' does not exclude women! ☺], so put it into your diary now.
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
New duty: Fellowship.  What does it entail? Your job is to ensure that all members, in particular new members, visitors and guests, and in particular the Guest Speaker, are welcomed, are introduced to other members and are comfortable. If required, explain the usual procedures, e.g. when we have our meal, when the speaker is expected to be at the rostrum etc.
 31st Oct 2018Chris ThurtellNeil Thurlow  Andy Bell 
 07th Nov 2018N/a (Social meeting)   
 14th Nov 2018  Adrian CroweSimon BrookDarrell Brown  
 21st Nov 2018
N/a (Social meeting)   
 28th Nov 2018
 Gerald East
Fred Hamblen  Mario Fairlie 
 05th Dec 2018N/a (Social meeting)   
 12th Dec 2018Graeme IsaacsonRay HiggsTania Laird 
Inspirations - well, sort of... 311018
the way the stock market has been going lately...
and in memory of the recent Invictus Games...: My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well, and don't regret the things it interferes with. Don't be disabled in spirit as well as physically. Stephen Hawking
But.... If you are in a wheelchair and you are telling jokes, is it still called 'Stand-up Comedy'?

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