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Andy Bell
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Our first proper meeting back and, like pulling on a favourite jumper, it felt good.  There is something comforting in seeing so many happy, smiling faces on a Wednesday morning.  Our club is like a big, diverse family, as I am sure most active clubs are. Sometimes, members may have different views and opinions (which is healthy) and some may demand – or need - more attention than others.  Some are leaders and some are followers, some are moaners and groaners who are not happy no matter what happens and may be viewed by others as a “pain in the neck” – and vice-versa...  But, fundamentally, everyone has their heart in the right place and only want to do good works and Make a Difference.
On a personal note, I received some very sad news from New Zealand.  My cousin, with whom I grew up with and played most of my senior football with, suffered a massive heart attack and died.  Apart from the grief and sadness you feel at times like this, your own mortality becomes a realization.  I suffered two severe heart attacks and am very lucky to have survived.  They happened very early on ANZAC Day 5 years ago.  If I hadn't been at home and my darling Robby hadn't recognized the symptoms (because I didn't) and called the ambulance, there is no doubt I would have died.   I implore all of you to be aware of your bodies, go and have regular check ups with your GP’s and, irrespective of your age, ask for a ‘stress test’ and follow the directions of your doctor.  A good and really compulsory start is to make sure you get a ‘flu jab’ asap.  It may come as a shock to some, but I really don't want to lose any one of you.
Life is too short to drink bad wine  -------- just sayin
Andrew Bell
President, 2017-18
Planning for 2018-19
Last Wednesday, after a 4 weeks break, was designated a planning meeting.  President Elect Jo Gorman led discussions, which ranged widely from introducing her board and committee chairs to issues of fundraising, general policy and - yes, to put it in Real Estate Agent's terms: location, location, location...
Since this bulletin is open to the public, not all the discussions can be reported.  However, of major interest was a very promising fundraising project proposed by Mario Fairlie, which involves not only our club members but also our volunteers at the Project Shed...  More as decisions are being made!
See in the Download Section (top right) the full PowerPoint presentation of our President Elect - it all makes sense!
Wheelchair Volunteers on ABC National News
Follow up from last month's article on the Wheelchair boys making the ABC National News:
Last Wednesday, Daryl received a parcel in the post with a nice letter written by David Handley AM, the founding director of Sculpture by the Sea (Bondi, NSW and Cottlesloe, WA)), together with a nice book, featuring his exhibitions.
Dear Sir,
I  am writing to congratulate you and your fellow Rotarians on the tremendous initiative of the Wheelchair Trust I have heard on the ABC Television News last night.
In response, I simply wanted to reach out to say well done and thank you. Our country needs more people like you. For my part I created these Sculpture Exhibitions within this book and I would like you to have a copy.
Yours sincerely,
David Handley.
Well, what can we add to that? "Legend" comes to mind...
Snippets of last week's meeting 020518
First "proper" meeting in a month!  Mark Twyford / Neil Thurlow were at the door, Richard Smith was Chairman (for Jim Blackburn) and Tania Laird was Sergeant.
We had apologies from Ray Higgs (who was in hospital - we hope you'll be back on your feet by the time you read this, Ray!), Graeme Isaacson, Jim Blackburn, Des La Rance, Gerald East and Ian Mayberry.
President Andy Bell welcomed all members (there were no visitors). He reminded all who hold award trophies from last year to return them asap so they can be engraved with this year's winners, to be presented at the Club Changeover Luncheon on 17th June.  Andy briefly talked about the Project Shed - there may be wider use possible.
Youth Director Tania Laird advised that nominations for the RYPEN camp (see separate article above) are about to close.  Also, our club will sponsor a Youth Exchange Student (which also means we'll be hosting an incoming student ☺!).
Wheelchair Trust Chairman Daryl Sanderson brought a recent broadcast by ABC TV and Radio news to our attention.  As a direct result, he received a parcel from a fan who sent not only a nice letter but also a number of calendars of the Sculpture Exhibition (see separate report above).
District (and Conference) Treasurer Doug Lipp advised that the conference was not only a roaring success, but indeed turned in a profit.  It will be distributed to various charities decided at District level.
Mario Fairlie and Neil Thurlow distributed some DVD's about the Wheelchair Project, which were produced a few years ago, but which still are as relevant today as ever. They are ideal to show to a prospective member too and of course can be used to demonstrate to potential donors to the project. Mario also came up with a very interesting fundraising idea, which involves not just our members but also the volunteers at the Project Shed.  A steering committee needs to be formed.  More details as they come to hand.
Incoming Membership Chair Charles Thomasson will instigate our club to feature on Instagram.  He will run a brief instruction seminar in the near future.
And last, but not least: Treasurer Mitch Brown advised that there are still some members who have not yet paid their club dues. sad Come on!
RYPEN camp (for 14 - 16 years old) this month
May is designated by Rotary International as Youth Service Month. Only one major youth event in May: the RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment) camp.  Click on this link for details and to book. 
RYPEN is for 14 - 16 year olds. The camp, over three days from 9am, Friday 25th May 2018 to 1pm, Sunday 27th May 2018 is designed to develop skills that will assist them in the transition to adulthood.  Participants are involved in a variety of workshops and activities, which provide an opportunity for them to personally develop, gain self confidence, communication skills, challenge themselves, build friendships, and develop life skills.
Do you know any potential member to nominate?  Contact our Youth Services Director Tania Laird - applications close 10th May 2018.
Last week's Sergeant: Tania Laird 020518
So you thought that if you slaved your backside off to make beds at the Commonwealth Games would make you immune to being fined?  Wrong... The African athletes that did the runner returned to get their go cards and complained that their beds did not have hospital corners! Doup Lipp is still not sharing his racing tips... DG Darrel Brown, wearing trade mark fancy socks and casual shoes. Will have to have a word with Kerrie...  Neil Thurlow, are you contemplating shaving your legs to help get up the hills faster? Peter Morgan was stalking Rosie this morning on the way to the meeting...  Geoff Croad, I understand your new title after putting a really uppity supervisor into her place at the games, now is "Mr Agressor"...? [Groan - seriously!! Ed.]  Col Laurenson, during the meeting, you are supposed to put your mobile at least on silent, if not switched off!
Set your Diary for the District Training Seminar
You don't have to be a Board Member or Committee Chairman to attend the District Training Seminar, but if you are an incoming Director or Committee Chair, it is essential that you attend, even if this is not "the first time round", since the District's policies and directions for the coming year are outlined.  There are two sessions: Boonah on 20th May 2018, but for us Ballina is the better option.
Sunday, 3rd June 2018, 08:30 am - 2:30 pm
 St Xavier College Ballina
2 Redford Drive
Skennars Head, N.S.W.  2478
We'll be sharing cars, so put your name down with incoming President Joanne Gorman.  Put it into your diary now.
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change.  Please check every week:
09th May 2018Simon Brook
Geoff Croad
16th May 2018Adrian CroweMario Fairlie 
23rd May 2018Gerald EastJo Gorman
30th May 2018Fred HamblenBob Harrison 
06th June 2018Graeme Isaacson  Ray Higgs
13th June 2018Des La RanceCol Laurenson 
Inspirations - well, sort of... 090518
With all the recent hype about Star Wars, I couldn't resist this one:
It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. Henry Ford
“The impostor syndrome. I know it well. Inside every self-assured professional lives a frightened neurotic who prays that he can somehow succeed before his clients discover the fraud. It’s the guilty secret that drives us all.”  Richard North Patterson, 'Degree of Guilt'
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