Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 05, 2022
“I have the best job in the Police Force” was Sgt Cherie Maclean’s opening. Cherie would easily qualify as the friendliest, yet very professional, Police Officer I’ve ever met. OK, the heavy 9 mm pistol, a taser and whatever other paraphernalia a police officer is required to carry around telegraph that she is ready to tackle whatever Police job might pop up at short notice. But there are no two ways: Her enthusiasm and her positive and outgoing manner leave little doubt that she indeed takes her vocation of managing the Gold Coast Police Youth Citizens Club (PCYC) very seriously.
The organisation has existed for over 70 years, with some 57 clubs in our state of Queensland. What does it do? Well, perhaps if you download her PowerPoint (see Download Files on the right), you get a good, broad picture: As the name would suggest, Youth and Community is the major thrust. Early intervention, Crime Prevention, a program named RUBY, designed to help people suffering Domestic and Family Violence…
A program ‘Braking the Cycle’ [no Henrietta, no spelling error – it’s braking as in slowing down, I did check! Ed. ☺]. They are looking for mentors. To do what? Mentoring young learner drivers, assisting them to reach the required 100 hours of driving to get their P-Plates. “Me?? Sitting in a car with a L-Plater??” I hear you ask. Yes, it is safe. Yes, you will receive training. No, not with your own car – they’ll supply the vehicle. Yes, you can get more info online: where you can also apply.
There is much, much more to Cherie’s story. Click on this link to learn more about this wonderful organisation: (Photo: Chairman of the day, Doug Lipp with Sgt Cherie McLean)