Posted by Franz Huber
”Rotary is the golden strand in the cable of International Friendship”. This quote goes all the way back to 1918: it is attributed to the famous Scottish entertainer Harry Lauder, a “bona fide member of the Rotary Club of Glasgow”. Glasgow? Haven’t we heard a lot about that illustrious town in the past week? But that is another story, and that one certainly wasn’t entertaining, nor promoting international friendship. So, instead, let us look at one of the threads of gold in that cable Harry Lauder talked about…
November is ‘Rotary Foundation Month’. This year marks the 104th anniversary of its formation. If we picture Rotary as a strong cable, then the most lustrous and resilient threads in this cable must surely be the dedicated activities of The Rotary Foundation. Charity Navigator gives it the coveted 4-star rating: 99.4 out of 100 for Financial; 100 out of 100 for Accountability and Transparency. For gold, that is 24 Karat.
Over the years, our club has received support for our projects via various District and Global Grants. (Thank you, Mario Fairlie, for the hours, (nay, days) spent slaving over a hot computer in pursuit of the paperwork!) But TRF goes way beyond this: Peace Building, Disease Prevention, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Maternal & Child Health, Basic Education & Literacy, Environment… … and of course, that Mount Everest of a goal: Polio Plus, the eradication of the Polio virus. From some 350,000 diagnosed Polio cases annually in 1985, to just a handful, and those in regions almost impossible to access in Pakistan and Afghanistan. So, take a moment and bask in the sunshine. Then, let’s get on with it – there’s work to do.