Last Wednesday we had the privilege of PDG Prof Michael Irving presenting his view on Climate Change. OK, so why should Michael’s views be of significance, compared to the zillion of newspaper articles, blogs and social media posts one can read, videos and movies one can watch and reports which go into the hundreds of pages, such as the ones presented by the UN funded Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)? In the humble view of your Editor, two major reasons: (a) Not everyone has the time, inclination or scientific knowledge to evaluate and (b) the vast bulk of them are written by people who get paid for promoting the alarmist view.
Michael, whose background includes professorial appointments in Biomedical Science, as well as Vice Chancellorships in multiple universities, also has spent time on Antarctica on a scientific research project. “I have always loved Chemistry” he declared. But, as a scientist, his concern is that, for a theory to be true, it must be proven. “Yet, the vast bulk of information that is being disseminated is based on Computer Modelling, e.g. knowing what results you want and working back from there” he said. Michael outlined in clear layman’s language how Geochemistry can provide unequivocal, irrefutable data, because of the use of radioactive isotope decay.
“Remember the volcano that went up in Iceland in 2010? That volcano released more Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere than was released since the start of the Industrial age” he said.
Michael continued outlining the scientific tools to measure Climate Change. In summary: Michael emphasised that, indeed Climate Change is happening. It has changed since the beginning of our planet. What caused the changes? In order of magnitude: Volcanic activity, Intercontinental drift, Glaciation waxing and waning – over the last 5 million years, sea levels have changed +/- 350 metres. None of them related to carbon dioxide levels…
In the Download section on the right, you find a copy of his PowerPoint presentation which lists the most relevant facts, including some telling graphsPicture: PDG Prof Michael Irving with Rotaractors, President Charles Thomasson on right.